Breaking: ANOTHER mass casualty bus accident – 11 injured near Globe Drive-In, Christ Church

UPDATED: Sunday, March 18, 2012  12:17am Bridgetown

Everybody is alive. ZR van went onto its side, car spun upside down along the road. Some injuries. More information at The Nation.

Saturday, March 17, 2012 – 8:12pm Bridgetown

We’ve lost count of how many public transit accidents there have been in the last week. Is it three or four? The most serious so far was last Thursday when a mini-bus overturned and left 37 injured. Five passengers are critical, including Troy Codrington – the last remaining adult male in the Codrington family of the Arch Cot disaster.

The toll of ruined lives, broken bones and faces destroyed continued this Saturday evening with the crash of a route taxi near the Globe Drive-In. All we know so far is 9 children and 2 adults injured.  (Nation News: Report of serious accident near the Globe Drive-In.)

File photo of ZR taxi by Shona


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18 responses to “Breaking: ANOTHER mass casualty bus accident – 11 injured near Globe Drive-In, Christ Church

  1. gee

    Sadly Barbados has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen , speed kills, also I’m amazed police do not do stop checks or breathalise drivers. I was there last year and they had the breathaliser kit in a school, where was the logic in that. ?

  2. Name

    I quite agree with Gee.
    Our local drivers are bad, and some of them mad.
    Either they’re going too-slowly (drunk? chosseling? music? inattentive? in a daze?)
    or they’re going too fast.
    Few of them pay attention to what they’re doing
    …it’s like Bajans don’t need to pay attention to their driving:
    they think driving slowly will compensate for the lack of attention: wrong!

  3. Wake up people

    When is all the long talk going to end and some action actually taken against these terrorists of the roads? It was just a year or so ago that I saw a ZR on its side in near that same spot, no other car around just the van!!! I told my wife several times, if at all possible don’t travel on them, I also told her my children are not to be using them period!
    Drivers here, are showing their true selfishness more and more, I have to get where I’m going be damned about anybody else!!!
    Ten years ago there wasn’t near the amount of vehicles on the road, it was quite common for someone to let you out, now aggressive driving is sometimes the only way to get out.

  4. theone

    a know what? all the potential zr driver has to do is go to the pine and apply for a permit to drive a public service vehicle. so what do we expect?


    Must have been another oil slick to blame. Or perhaps the driver was distracted while reading the Clico report that the PM cannot locate. The stunning ignorance exhibited on the roads by these for-hire public conveyance drivers is only compounded by the Government and Police force apathy to their daily life and death antics. From the drug running scrambler bikes to the yellow bus thugs to the ZRs to the delusional “I’m a Formula One Driver” road racers, this country only succeeds in showing its worst side and brain dead reasoning skills to the rest of the world. THERE WILL be a mass casualty with multiple deaths unless someone shows some sanity and fixes this disgraceful national problem.

  6. 247

    Are you expecting the Police to leave the stations and do some actual WORK??

  7. Laughing

    I have to smile at some people. But I am going to stick my neck out on this one. Slow drivers in Barbados cause way more accidents that fast drivers. Should I add slow incompetent and inconsiderate drivers.
    If you check it, very little is wrong with the roundabout at Warrens by Chefette, I use it every day, I plan ahead every single second I am driving so I am seldom in a lane I dont want to be in. I dont drive in the lane next to people on the ABC highway, who might be on the phone texting or worse talking and holding the phone with their right hand, which creates an automatic blindspot. Driving slow looking for a friends house while on teh phone, they say ‘I can see you’ and you just stop, no indicator, hand signal, nothing.

    Yes I know fast drivers cause a lot of problems, but they are by far way more (in numbers) slow, incompetent and inconsiderate ones and by the simple laws of probablility and I posit reality they cause far more accidents.

    I know people are going to say, but if you driving fast the damage is greater true, but let the physicists tell you what happens when a vehicle travelling at 50 mph (legal highway speed in Barbados) collides with a 10 mph car that pulls out in front of it. Or a 50 mph car that has to change lanes to avoid a rogue 20 mph lane changer (same highway) in an accident avoidance maneuver and slams into another 50mph car coming up in the next lane followed by several 50 mph cars. Can you say chain reaction?

    Several years ago there was talk about police patrolling to ensure minimum speeds were maintained, we need that as well the maximum speed maintainence

  8. Anonymous34

    Laughing is entirely right!
    Slow drivers cause way more accidents than they even know!

    They often cause accidents, and yet are rarely involved in the accidents they cause! How ironic is that?
    They also cause much frustration in other drivers!
    As for the incompetent and inconsiderate drivers…
    we’ll leave that for another time.

    Minimum speed limit? Are you kidding, Laughing?
    You and I can wait for that (and breathalysers!) standing on one leg,
    holding our breath, til we turn blue in the face
    because after decades of the local Police brainwashing Bajans into thinking that Slow is necessarily Safe
    there is no way on god’s earth that Barbados will ever enact and enforce a minimum speed limit!
    That move would make us a more efficient nation, and we certainly don’t want that!

  9. John

    When I drove on the Autobahns in Germany way back when there were three lanes, one with no speed limit (!!), another with a minimum speed limit (80 kmph), The third one I believe had an upper speed limit but I could be wrong ,,,, it has been a long time.

    I remember driving at 80 kmph and watching cars in the outside lane just whiz by as though I was standing still.

    Fine for a developed country with money to invest in a six lane Autobahn, stringent automobile testing and the force of law.

    I agree slow drivers can drive you apoplectic … but there is no space to give them a lane of their own and keep them from causing accidents.

    Just means everybody needs to be careful on the roads and drive defensively … not necessarily slow.

    Relax more and they won’t drive you mad.

  10. 57

    The ZR culture is based on hustling everyday. If it’s not speed racing to pick up the next person before the next van or trying to put too many people into the van.

    Its the driver’s responsibly to provide a safe and comfortable ride to all passengers, however this is a joke with the ZR culture.

  11. Laughing

    Here here anonymous…I didnt even go the breathalyser route, but yeah…quite a few drunk drivers drive slowly and weave all over the road…dont talk about ‘high’ drivers.

    Someone recently posted a cartoonish pic on facebook regarding merging on the highway and the fact that Bajans dont like people to merge in front of them. It was funny, but I am adding a caution. If you are in traffic let people in, but dont pull up at 50mph to do so.

    I do agree 100% that all of us as drivers have a responsibilty to protect the lives of all road users within our power to protect. So to the public service drivers (generally) because you are big if you pull away from a bus stop in front of us our first instinct is to stop, but think about the car behind us with the driver with the slower reaction time…use your energy to look into the rear view mirror instead of using it to ‘flip the bird’

    And to be fair not only the ZR’s are bad. We need to educate some of the Transport Board drivers coming out of the Fairchild Street terminal exactly how long a bus is, so that they know it cant slip through the same space used seconds before by that Mini or Toyota LandCruiser.

    Just saying….

  12. 34

    Expecting the average Bajan driver to think about you
    (and the guy behind you) an exercise in futility, my son.

    The average Bajan driver drives in isolation.
    He is not
    part of a larger entity: he is not just one cell in a long “blood-flow” along the nation’s veins and arteries.
    That would require a whole different upbringing to the one he had
    and probably very very different to the upbringing you and I were lucky to have.

    Please be more realistic in your assessment of average Bajan (ZR) drivers.

  13. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I want to ask one question

    Can anyone here explain to me why the authorities in Barbados continue to tolerate idiots in the form of ZR drivers, always in a hurry Taxi Drivers and last but not least everyday drivers who think they in a a rallly?

  14. millertheanunnaki

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine: March 20, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Because the authorities are cut from the same idiotic cloth. Birds of a feather flock together: “Who will guard the guards”!

  15. Name

    “All cut from the same idiotic cloth” indeed!

    Are you saying then, that all o’ we black people is one, den ?
    regardless of whatever station in life is held by the individual?


    Symptoms described could also be a manifestation of our severe overcrowding
    here on the island where nearly 300,000 people
    are confined to a small island of just 166 sq. miles.

  16. peter dodds

    april 2012 09.30 hours
    PDI Investigations
    i have just completed a report finding into the recent accidents in bridgetown and st georges, and have identified the problems that excist in which bus operators and drivers are breeching safety laws, and where the people identified in the report are repeat offending due to a lack of law enforcment by the Royal Barbados Police Force in clamp down on these illegal operators, both the Barbados Minister responsible and the police need to take immediate action to resolve these issues before more innocent passengers are seriously injured or killed as a result of their failings.
    report by p dodds
    accident investigator

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