Trouble with BFP’s Open discussion forum?

Hi folks,

We’ve had two people report problems posting comments in the Open discussion forum. They type their comments, but the words disappear with no indication of what happened. The comments are not going to the spam bucket, and there’s no reason we can see for this to be happening.

BFP has been unable to duplicate the problem. Clive suggests that readers try clearing their cache, resetting their browser (you can clear your cookies without erasing your bookmarks) and let us know how that works out. If the problem continues it might be because the particular thread is reaching the end of its comments capacity with over 500 comments, but we’ve seen 1000 comments on a thread before we had to archive it before.

Anyway, please clear your cache, dump your cookies and give it another try. Let us know how that works out.


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One response to “Trouble with BFP’s Open discussion forum?

  1. I have commented, but don’t know how to clear cache and dump coolies. I’m a confirmed moron about such things. Colin