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The staff and many readers at BFP look forward to the little gifts left here and there on the blog by our friend Colin Leslie Beadon. Sometimes it’s a paragraph or two on some forgotten piece of island or world history – while other times it will be a longer look at society or the environment. Colin’s work is spiced with humour, always a good read and however light-hearted often carries a serious perspective about how people and society do work versus how things should be.

Colin’s latest book is Escapades and Islands, a collection of short stories that are highly influenced by his free-thinking world view and, he’d probably admit, by his rambling and unsettled early life.

He was born in Maymyo Burma in 1935 of Colonial-era parents who were themselves born in India. His mum died early in his life, and his step-mother from 6 years old was Irish-Burmese. Throw in some English Boarding schools, Irish Catholic college in Trinidad where his father became Police Commissioner, and stints as a sailor, aircraft mechanic and oil field rough neck all over the Caribbean and South America and you have some idea of why Colin looks at the world a little differently than people who live, work and die within a few miles of their birthplace.

Fast Fingers has just posted an excellent interview with Colin Leslie Beadon where he talks about his life and his new book…

“The story  ‘First Light’ is based on my arrival in Trinidad, aged twelve, and meeting the first girl I had ever met, who has been my first love ever since. I wrote her as a black girl in the story, but she is of probably blended Irish-Spanish stock, at least her temperament and beauty hinted these bloods, but she is very much a West Indian, though now living in California.  We have never lost touch for long.”

“I started writing aged thirty two in Trinidad, 1967.  Sold my first short story in 1974 , and kept hammering away until the Short Story became  hard to sell by 1995.   So that is about 28 years. But I never stopped writing entirely, doing letters to the Newspapers in Trinidad and Barbados, hundreds of letters I’ve written. And I wrote all the time to friends and family across the world.  Then came the computer and email, then Blog sites…”

From the Fast Fingers author interview – Colin Leslie Beadon: About Me and Writing


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  1. Short stories have been difficult to sell since about 1994. Most of the well known magazines, stopped using them. If that disinclines writers from writing them, it seems to have also disinclined people from commenting on anything to do with short stories, or their writers. Never mind. The Short Story was always said to be the most difficult art form. Perhaps that is why people can’t be bothered to attempt to write them, understand them, or read them. It certainly seems so in the West Indies, when once we had some great short story writers. I keep the book, the Green Antilles, to remind me there were such writers. Shame that Bim magazine, also went through.

  2. BFP

    Hi Colin
    We can’t pay you for writing short stories, but we’d be very pleased to publish any short stories you send us.


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