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Shocking mathematics of the Barbados Court system: Thousands of cases will never reach conclusion

Chief Justice Marston Gibson: Court chaos threatens Barbados international business sector

Marston Gibson describes massive backlog, missing case files, deliberate delaying tactics by unscrupulous profiteering lawyers

Chief Justice Marston Gibson arrived last September with little more than a smile and a message that it was great to be back home in Barbados. He did a series of fairly benign press interviews where he offered few observations, lots of tributes to the justice system and an appreciation of our record as a stable democracy with a court system that could use a little work but was healthy enough to do the job.

We thought he was a light-weight – an old friend of David Thompson selected more for show than go. Someone who would back the establishment, toe the line and not make too much trouble for the DLP government that appointed him.

We might have to revise our assessment of the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Gibson just delivered a verbal broadside and expose against the status quo of the Barbados justice system that reads like a Jan Hus sermon from the pulpit.

Whether or not the status quo will provide Gibson the same treatment it provided to Jan Hus remains to be seen.

Whether or not Chief Justice Marsten Gibson has the strength, integrity and courage to really change the system also remains to be seen.

What we do know is that Chief Justice Gibson blew away the pretenses of the previous Chief Justice, Sir David Simmons – whose failed and putrid legacy as Attorney General and Chief Justice is exposed more and more with each new revelation. Continue reading


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Introducing Amelie Amaya

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