Horror at Long Beach – another dog tortured to death

Article title controversy: BFP slightly changed the wording of this article to reflect our concern that Bajan Reporter’s title does not accurately reflect the area where the troubles are happening. See our comment and others for this important discussion.

Commissioner Dottin: Where are the promised police patrols?

When Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld was beaten to death on February 28, 2009 in broad daylight at Long Beach, our police, tourism officials and government had to admit publicly that they failed to act to stop the violent crime rampage against tourists at Long Beach for over a year preceding the murder. Long Beach was a robbery and rape “hot spot”, but we Bajans and the tourists were never warned. Neither was there a coordinated police response to stop the attacks even though the police, the Barbados Tourism Authority and the government knew about the crime wave.

Here we are three years later and the lonely stretch of coast at Long Beach is still home to predators, druggies and obviously some of the most evil people on the island. Don’t walk barefoot in the rough behind the dune because it’s nothing but used condoms, smashed bottles and discards of the drug paros. Don’t go there at night. Don’t be parking down there for some quick cuddles either – there are bad people waiting for you and your squeeze.

Ian Bourne has the latest about what’s happening in the area. The photos are not for the weak of stomach.



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  1. Samuel

    From de time I was a lil boy years ago Bajans did treating animals bad. Dem does torture and abandon pets and wunna shud see de crowds at dog and cock fights. Nuff money does get thrown down and de police does be involve. Wunna think Bimmers sweet. Sammy boy like dogs and wunna shud hear how my old girl does cuss muh for keeping them inside. She does be telling me dogs get mek by God to keep outside and I does act like dem white people over and away with my dogs.

  2. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Tudor

    I have not seen the photos as I prefer not to do so – but I continue to be appalled by the savagery Bajans display to their animals. It is a known “secret” that some of the police force are behind dog fighting in this country. Almost every holiday weekend dog fighting occurs as a dog lover I have never been able to understand spending large sums of money on a dog and then allowing it to badly damaged & mauled.
    It is likely that this dog’s crime was to loss a fight.

  4. Zed Layson wants me to take down the Post, even though I specifically identified in my Entry that the area is NOT near his business, I refused – I said something has to be done about the place and it is not by silence.

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    What are you people saying about bajans? Bajans are the most friendly people on the face of the earth. We gave directions to visitors and smile at them when they ask us questions. We take pride in cleanliness and do not litter. We are kind to our old and loving to our young. Our society is built on the precepts that family comes first and thereafter over and away people second. We look after the households of bajans first ensuring that they get the best and have talked quite well about the eradication or alleviation of poverty. Our educational system is next to none and free to which many have benefitted and profited. We do not steal, cheat or engage in any activities that can mar the true image of our great nation. We do not falsify information ot play make belief. Those who are committing cruel deeds ain’t bajans they are Bahbajuns. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

  6. Zed Layson

    Mr Bourne, i never asked you to take down your post, These are my exact words…That would be another Incorrect you have posted
    “I would be most appreciative if you could remove this article and reword it as Inch Marlow Point because that what it really is. I still think the article should be seen, this needs to stop but not only here, it happens all over the island”.

    Surfers Point is my place and the name of my accommodation, this happened on the point, which the real name is Inch Marlow Point in the Seascape development and i am sure it continues all the way up to the end of Long Beach…

    It seems to me as good intention as this article is, and we are actually on the same side, you seem bent or just simply dont care if you have it correct or not….

    Zed Layson

  7. “I would be most appreciative if you could remove this article and reword it as Inch Marlow Point because that what it really is.” Zed Layson

    “clarify where these awful things happen is near to the Long Beach/Inch Marlow area and is in no way connected to nor near Zed’s Surf School but the whole district is known as Surfer’s PointArticle in Question

    My issue not that I have it correct or not, it is known to most Bajans by that reference point (no pun intended) and if I change every single time that everyone is not happy with, then there’s no point in me having the website – I could as well run a PR device like the Advocate?

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  9. In addition; this whole debate for what effect on a business instead of considering the bigger picture shows what is a major problem in this country, image rules – content is only convenient when it aids and abets immediate needs

  10. 83

    It horrifies me every time I see these things happening in this island and whats more horrifying is that these monsters live alongside us every single day, we do not know who they are as they carry no signs warning us of their dark souls, but whats even more scary is to see when they are going to “graduate” to the next step children and women…. Police it seems have become deaf and blind to the goings on on this little gem we call home , sad sad.

  11. Zed Layson

    Do you seriously think I am like that, that i dont care.

    Where do you see in my comment to you that i dont want the article to be seen.
    “I would be most appreciative if you could remove this article and reword it as Inch Marlow Point because that what it really is. I still think the article should be seen, this needs to stop but not only here, it happens all over the island”.


    Real Journalist dont do what you do Mr. Bourne, I am sorry, this is a prime example of why things break down in this country, instead of focussing on the area where needs the attention. like trying to go after the ones who actually do the crimes and not killing the ones who are putting their own time and resources to clean up and keep this area a nice place where tourist and locals can come to and enjoy, We do this daily.

    This is the reason nothing gets done because when the like minded with good intentions are hitting each other over something they agree, the wicked are laughing and getting away with murder…

    So it goes


  12. BFP

    Barbados Free Press weighs in on this discussion by changing our article.

    We’ve changed our sentence “Ian Bourne has the latest about what’s happening at Surfer’s Point.” to end “… about what’s happening in the area.” as we believe that is a truer reflection of the reality of the situation.

    ‘Surfer’s Point’ has come to mean the area around Zed’s place and that is not where the problem is. Zed’s place has lots of activity, lots of good people and that keeps away the problems. The problem as far as we see is the overgrown area behind the dunes at Long Beach and that is not ‘Surfer’s Point’ or near Zed’s place.

    We encourage Ian Bourne to reconsider his article title as it is not quite accurate with the colloquial use of the term ‘Surfer’s Point’ and even if it was ‘technically’ accurate for the large area, the term ‘Surfer’s Point’ unfairly targets a responsible business that arguably keeps a large area of the coast safe and clean.

    Let’s remember what we’re trying to achieve here: getting some police attention to bad actors who are nowhere close to Zed’s place.

    How about it Ian? Will you please reconsider and change your title?




    “in no way connected to nor near a popular business there but the district is close to where an annual concert is held…”

    “I have just come back from my daily walk with my dog {by Inch Marlow}.”

    Having just had another set of idiocy to deal with, I also feel I am diminishing the Integrity of the story, but I hope this is now anonymous enough so everyone can pretend nothing happened? Any further views on the matter I may have, I would save for when I see Herr Layson in the flesh…



    While I’m sure your intentions were good by trying to shine a spotlight on the problems, your headline did need to be changed. You should really think about who your affecting “before” posting. Anyone googling Surfers Point Barbados is going to find this and maybe think twice before making a reservation – even though Surfers Point and Zed have nothing to do with this.

    While I do agree that there continue to be some problems at Long Beach, being a resident of the area I can tell you for sure that as far as crime goes, it’s been very quiet the last couple of years since the Schwarzfeld incident. I walk there nearly every day and have been doing so for years without any problems. Yes, I would like to see more of a police presence there, but sensational headlines which hurt the small businesses in the area are not going to get the police over there. It’s really up to everyone in the neighborhood to do that. Enough phone calls from enough people might help.

  15. So why not set up a Neighbourhood Watch?


    Been there, done that. We had something going for awhile, but everyone lost interest. On paper it’s a good idea, but trying to get people involved is hard. The only time most people seem to be interested is when something bad happens. Then they yell and scream how the police should do something. Well, the police can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s up to us to look out for each other.

  17. Aaahhh Apathy

    Our old friend Bajan Apathy…

    “We had something going for awhile, but everyone lost interest. ”
    When it gets too bad, we all move to the USA, you know?

  18. BFP, the item’s title changed – Business wins out and f**k the country and how it treats animals, once we has our dollars? Why gives a sh….

  19. Ran a google, only thing appears under Long Beach which is Terry Schwarzfeld – those are your articles not Underground… Inch Marlow & Inch Marlowe have no “bad” references and “Surfer’s Point” is oh so shiny and clean, ain’t that sweet, let’s praise the almighty Yankee dolla’ y’all!

  20. BFP

    Ian, we’re quite surprised and a little disappointed in your statements. Perhaps you’ll see things differently in the morning. If you wish to revise your statement, please let us know.


  21. yatiniteasy

    Ian Bourne cant surf.

  22. I do apologise, it’s just that having specifically stated at the outset that no business was connected in this story which I see as important and also taking time to show my Disclaimer which I researched from the beginning when I became a website as opposed to a blog; to have been accused (not by wunna) of Slander and this is 2nd time now (other occasion was July 2009 by a spoken word poet) it makes me wonder why bother?

    The whole incident also exposes part of the dark side of the Internet – amorphosity… If it keeps changing all the time to please various interests, then what good is it in the first place?

    So when I vented it was not really directed at BFP if you look back in this thread I just had to deal with another similar incident so it makes me feel like … BLEAH! You know?

  23. So I cannot surf, and this has WHAT to do with dead animals, used condoms and the original point of the story? SMDH & BHOW

  24. harry

    dem bushes want cutting down every since and a ncc officer put up dey.
    and police should do a raid at night and day every so often to get rid of these crazy people hanging out in de bushes.
    simple really.
    was it act of witchcraft or voodoo or obea.????????

  25. yatiniteasy

    Ian also has no sense of humour.

  26. When folks are kidding, as I understand Internet etiquette – if it ever gets used – folk usually add a Smiley or the ultra-tired “LOL,” but at this point and if you followed the comments here as in READ 😉 then NO … sense of humor at this point is like a Quagga. But it seems the internet these days is like an anonymous sledge-match and when folks have a visible target (as in I do NOT hide) they are sniping more than “DOOM” or “CALL OF DUTY” wow, you all are so brave…

    NOT! 😉

  27. robert ross

    It’s a pity the post has been side-tracked by a matter so simply remedied.

    On Bajans and animals…in the small village where I live there are three households I know of where dogs are kept on chains 24/7 and one is kept in an abandoned car. I have threatened to inform the RSPCA about that one. But then I say that if I do that the dog will be taken away and after a short time destroyed. How wonderful that organisations like THE ARK are here too. BUT please note that cruelty to animals is common everywhere. I don’t understand it, and of course am tempted to say that treatment similar to that afforded to the animals should be the fate of their tormentors. But….

  28. Thank you Mr Ross, you have placed it in a Nutshell!

  29. yatiniteasy

    I apologize to Ian, I will henceforth use “smileys” if making a joke or offering a sarcastic comment so that he can understand it is a joke or sarcastic remark.

  30. Mr Ross – I have seen Bajans hit a dog and they are grumbling how they just got bodywork or one time I was in a cab and the driver laughed as he ran over a dog! I banned that Belmont service since (God forbid I should call the name, I may have the Bajan Gestapo at my door before you can say TAXI)

    I called the Police to give my name and number when i hit a dog in late 2000 and the officer was like “WHY ARE YOU CALLING?” He could not believe someone had a conscience and would confess… I suspect most Bajans look at dogs as cheap alarm systems and cats as a way of controlling rats & mice?

  31. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks,

    I’ve got to admit at the outset that I only read the headline to this item. I didn’t read the text of the article. I didn’t read it because the headline alone told me that if I actually read the article, I would have to take to my bed for a day and a half.

    And I have to say this near the outset: I’m very aware, probably more aware than most, that nightmare things happen to actual people in all parts of our benighted planet. Been there, done that, still doing it, did not buy the T-shirt.

    But something urges even me, a confirmed atheist, to hope that there really is a hell. And to hope that a special corner of that hell, a place of special torment, is reserved for the eternal anguish of those humans who torture animals.

    When I was younger (and I’m still not old), extreme cruelty to animals was regarded as one of the MacDonald triad of symptoms of psychopathy. The triad has been questioned in some of the more recent literature, probably quite rightly.

    That said, it’s still an indicator of early psychopathy to me. If the boys or young men who did this are still at large (and you can bet your life that whoever did this is a young male), and if they are not stopped, then you can also bet that they are going to kill a human in the next few years.

    I abhor violence. Understood? But if they ever get the person(s) who did this, I would happily, without hesitation, without a shred of guilt or shame, go to their holding cell and beat their testicles into cou cou with any implement at hand. Therapy simply doesn’t work for some people. That’s clinically proven beyond doubt.

  32. Never saw me doing this, but – thank you Mr Bowman! 😀

  33. Jinx

    And did the person/s who discovered this grizzly scene ring Animal Control, Rspca , Police? If not, why not if so what was the response?

  34. Hi Jinx (could not resist);

    The reason the item was sent to me is because they got no response from RSPCA, Animal Control, SSA etc. They were hoping a dose of sunlight would clear up the evil, as it is the owner of the house had to bury the dog as prospective buyers were soon visiting for an inspection.

    I also learned that dog fights here can have as much as $100,000 passing around and that males who compete are sold for as much as $3,000 to $5,000? That was all I was told when I asked for more the source went mum.

    I pressed and asked if politicians and other Certain Officials Participated and they got a real strange look in their face and then they claimed they had to go and buy a drink (this was at Polo).

  35. Jinx

    I believe that when persons call any of these departments seeking assistance, names ought to be noted and held to account in the event such a situation as this occurs. Outrageous!

  36. John

    I have come across dog fights in the early morning in Newcastle Woods, on top of the cliff overlooking Lancaster (long before it was developed), in parts of St. Lucy, in a grass piece close to Blackman’s Tenantry in St. Joseph …..

    …… but you would never guess they were dogfights as you approached.

    In fact, I never saw dogs fighting as I approached, never saw dogs chewed up and bleeding.

    I once met a guy walking his dog to the location where there was what I guessed was a fight. Wasn’t difficult to reach the conclusion, ….. the dog was not like an ordinary dog, … the guy however spoke and looked quite normal, but kept his eyes down.

    People behave like it is a normal gathering and they are simply a group of dog lovers out for the fresh early morning air.

    They say very little and avoid eye contact.

    Common sense says it all and you try to get out of the area as quick as possible. It is like stumbling on a patch of ganga …. you get out of the area post haste!!

    By the time it is reported people and dogs are long gone.

    Many years ago I spoke with an acquaintance (not at Polo) who told me he attends dog fights. The location is usually divulged just before the fight with some attendees on the road early in the morning waiting for the call.

    I would have thought that by now with the intense development that it is well nigh impossible to hide the locations … but the practice seems to continue.

    Most people have a camera in their cell phone now and I find it surprising photos have not surfaced.

    I can only surmise that it is a very close circle and not just anybody attends.