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Government, BTA, too busy spending $100 million dollars to plan how to spend it

Minister Sealy: How about some action?

Our Tourism Minister seems to believe that words equal action. How many years have we been waiting for the long promised ‘White Paper on Tourism Development’, a ‘Tourism Master Plan’ and the restructuring of what is arguably the most important part of our economy?

Tourism Minister Richard Sealy was in the papers over a year ago in February 2011 talking about how promised “restructuring” of key tourism institutions is ‘still on the cards’ and talking the usual politician excuses for accomplishing nothing. We have to move slowly and carefully, doan ya know! Otherwise we might make a mistake.

Minister Sealy’s words over a year ago…

Speaking to the Barbados Advocate recently about plans for 2011 as it relates to the tourism sector, Sealy suggested that all plans for the restructuring of aspects of the tourism sector are still on stream, though progress has slowed a bit.

“Obviously the White Paper and the Master Plan would give us the appropriate policy framework, as well as a blueprint, but we have to get the institutional arrangements correct. So Cabinet has been considering what is the future with respect to the public sector institutions that govern tourism. The much talked about restructuring, as slow as it has been, it is still very much a work in progress,” Sealy said.

Tourism Minister Sealy over a year ago on February 8, 2011 Restructuring of tourism institutions still on

According to Mr. Sealy in 2011, we had to get the numbers up prior to restructuring. Really? I thought that restructuring was supposed to cause the numbers to increase, not that an increase in tourist arrivals was to be the reason for restructuring.

So here we are a year later and what has happened? Nothing – that’s what. The Barbados Tourism Authority will spend BDS$94.4 million according to the 2012/2013 estimates but there is no new plan and no comprehensive national strategy for our most important economic activity. Continue reading


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“They cut my brother’s neck. I saw it.”

KONY 2012 – Invisible Children

4 days, 59 million views on YouTube

Couldn’t stop watching. Not for a second.

Give thanks to an old friend for sending the link.


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