New Thomas Meyerhoffer video filmed at Zed Surfing Adventures

It says much that bleeding edge surfboard designer and manufacturer Thomas Meyerhoffer left his California base and headed for Zed’s Surfing Adventures in Barbados to shoot the promotional video for his latest longboard line.

Zed Layson, Akeem Grimmit Douglas, Brandon Frazier and Mike Parker appear in this fabulous video that was shot and edited by Nick Welch. How can any surfer watch this short promo video and not want to come to Bim?

Good work guys!

(More videos of Barbados surfing, beaches and restaurants available at Beaches of Barbados)


Zed’s Surf Center is now an official Meyerhoffer Test Center. Now that’s excellent cross-marketing for you. A surfboard manufacturer tells prospective customers that they can try all the boards when they vacation in Barbados. Excellent!

Here’s the press release…

Meyerhoffer Surf Test Center Barbados Opens

We are stoked to announce the opening of the first Meyerhoffer Test Center, located at Zed’s Surf Center at Surfer’s Point, Barbados. You can’t fully experience a surfboard unless you ride it, and Barbados is the perfect place to try out our boards: warm water, good waves year round and Zed’s world-class surf center. The full 2012 Meyerhoffer line-up will be available in Barbados, including the new Horsepill.


Why the Meyerhoffer Test Center concept?

You can’t fully experience a surfboard unless you ride it, especially ours which might take a few sessions to get used to. From the beginning one of our main goals has been to promote demos because when you try a Meyerhoffer surfboard you’ll feel the performance advantages, you’ll see improvements in your surfing… Barbados is an amazing place to try out our boards warm water, good waves all year round, and Zed’s world-class surf center. Meyerhoffer surfboards are a perfect fit for Zed’s as we have a full spectrum of boards suited for beginner-level surfers all the way up to high performance surfers.Surfers can come to Barbados, try out a board, get some tips from Zed, improve their surfing, try out another board, and just keep improving and having fun.

Who is Zed?

Zed Layson is a very experienced surfer. Having competed professionally in Barbados he’s also an excellent instructor who comes in contact with hundreds of surfers each year who stay at his Surf Center, Zed’s Surfing Adventures. He’s been riding my boards since the very beginning and invited me to to stay at his surf center at Surfers Point. It was one one of the best surf trips I have ever taken and we decided to open the Test Center together. I value his feedback and Zed will be part of team developing the next generation boards. We are working on a new longboard model at the moment and I will be back in March to test with him.

How was your experience at Zed’s and Surfer’s Point?

Amazing. Wake up in the morning with the best coffee and an egg sandwich. Surf the left out front in 80 degree water with just a few people out, or there are plenty of other good waves really close by. Everyone is them self, openminded and friendly, and Zed really leads by example creating a mellow atmosphere at Surfer’s Point. Some of my favorite times were just cracking a few beers with Zed and the crew at sunset, discussing how we can improved the shapes…or life in general. Can’t wait to go back.


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5 responses to “New Thomas Meyerhoffer video filmed at Zed Surfing Adventures

  1. Canajan

    I’m no surfer but this would be a great link for BTA to exploit.

    Wonder if they will

  2. Green Monkey

    Glad to see Zed and his surf school are doing well and making a name for themselves in the surfing world. Zed is certainly one of those Bajans we like to describe as a “bit of a character”.

    Anyone thinking of renting one of the apartments that Zed runs at his operation at Surfers Point, make sure to tell Zed you want the apartment with the deluxe toilet that has an ocean view.

    A few years ago my sister and her family had come in from overseas for a holiday and they were staying at one of the small apartment hotels not far from Zed’ operation at Surfers’ Point. Her teenage kids were renting surfboards and kayaks from Zed and my sister noticed he also had a few small apartments that he rented out, mainly but not exclusively to surfers. She thought that she and the family might like to rent one of Zed’s units after their time was up at their current location for the week or so they still had left in their holiday before they were to return home.

    This was in the off peak summer season, so fortunately Zed was able to confirm that he could accommodate her request and took her around to show her a couple suites that were available. In one suite in particular Zed got very enthusiastic as he explained the best feature of the unit. It had a shutter over a window on the bathroom wall which when opened up allowed anyone sitting on the “throne” and conducting business thereupon to look right out through what was a head high window in the bathroom wall and then through an open front door entrance way to view and meditate on the wonderful aquamarine and turquoise Surfers’ Point Caribbean sea beyond. Of course since this was on the ground floor anyone walking into the unit or even walking by the open front door would be able to look in on you and say “hi” as well.

    My sister had a good laugh at how enthusiastically Zed described to her the serenity one could generate for oneself by sitting on the WC and absorbing through the open window the vibes of the endless blue ocean stretching out to infinity and beyond. They took the apartment, but I don’t think anyone in the party availed themselves of the special ocean view feature from the toilet. Maybe it is a feature only a true surfer could appreciate.

  3. Yes, Zed is a cool guy and good neighbor. We all work together and help each other out to bring business into the neighborhood. The Inch Marlowe section of the island is definitely the place to stay if your a surfer. Here’s another surfing video that I just put together to promote our little B&B. Enjoy!

  4. Zed Layson

    Thanks BFP for posting this article.. I am pleased that Thomas Meyerhoffer found favor with our spot and our boys riding the boards. He thought it was such a unique atmosphere and beautiful location that it would fit perfect with his unique design surfboards. Many Thanks for posting.

    Green Monkey, I hope your sis couldnt resist taking a look through the time warp window out to the turquoise waters of Surfer’s Point…
    Very Relaxing…

    If she wasnt a true surfer before the stay here, i am sure she left as one.

  5. Looks Awesome. I would love to sample that long board. Great, fun looking surf.