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Why is Eugene Melnyk smiling?

The Nation headline: “Melnyk helping women to climax”

“ALREADY ONE of Canada’s richest businessmen, Barbados resident Eugene Melnyk has found yet another way to add to his vast fortune: helping women overcome their inability to achieve an orgasm…”

from The Nation article Melnyk helping women to climax

And the Nation called BFP ‘tabloid’ ???  😉


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New Thomas Meyerhoffer video filmed at Zed Surfing Adventures

It says much that bleeding edge surfboard designer and manufacturer Thomas Meyerhoffer left his California base and headed for Zed’s Surfing Adventures in Barbados to shoot the promotional video for his latest longboard line.

Zed Layson, Akeem Grimmit Douglas, Brandon Frazier and Mike Parker appear in this fabulous video that was shot and edited by Nick Welch. How can any surfer watch this short promo video and not want to come to Bim?

Good work guys!

(More videos of Barbados surfing, beaches and restaurants available at Beaches of Barbados)


Zed’s Surf Center is now an official Meyerhoffer Test Center. Now that’s excellent cross-marketing for you. A surfboard manufacturer tells prospective customers that they can try all the boards when they vacation in Barbados. Excellent!

Here’s the press release…

Meyerhoffer Surf Test Center Barbados Opens

We are stoked to announce the opening of the first Meyerhoffer Test Center, located at Zed’s Surf Center at Surfer’s Point, Barbados. You can’t fully experience a surfboard unless you ride it, and Barbados is the perfect place to try out our boards: warm water, good waves year round and Zed’s world-class surf center. The full 2012 Meyerhoffer line-up will be available in Barbados, including the new Horsepill.


Why the Meyerhoffer Test Center concept? Continue reading


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