Finance Minister Sinckler: How much money did the DLP receive from CLICO?

Leroy Parris and good friend Chris Sinckler share champagne

It was no surprise when Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler refused yesterday to talk to The Nation reporters about the leaked CLICO auditors report. That’s fair: I wouldn’t expect him to answer two ambushing reporters about something he just read in the paper. The strange part is that the reporters didn’t then hand him a copy of the leaked report so they could come back later.

But maybe it’s not so strange that Bajan journalists always keep their questions deferentially weak. As we’ve seen time and time again it’s not healthy for a journalist’s career to be too aggressive (or should we say “professionally curious”).

Here’s a question that is very relevant considering that the DLP and the BLP before them allowed CLICO and Leroy Parris to get away with murder of the financial standards… How much of policy-holders’ monies did CLICO donate to the DLP and the BLP?

At this point our finance minister undoubtedly knows the answer to that question: but the gutless Bajan news media won’t ask it.

So we will…

Minister Sinckler: How much money did CLICO give to the DLP over the last 10 years? How much did your personal campaign receive?


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10 responses to “Finance Minister Sinckler: How much money did the DLP receive from CLICO?

  1. Hocus Pocus

    I bet that DT is now sitting on Cloud Six-Hundred and Sixty-Six (Whatever and Wherever that is?), happy enough for checking out at an appropriate time! My condolences to the family.
    What I want to know is if certain culpable persons’ passports have been seized and assets frozen and if not, why not? Examine how the Madoff situation was handled and know what needs to be done here. Hiding assets behind friends and family members’ names and in offshore accounts does not work. It is way past time to retrieve ill-gotten gains and lock up guilty parties ….. additionally, put these people in the stocks in Trafalgar Square every Saturday morning for a year and, being conservative, have the people pelt them with rotten eggs and vegetables!

  2. 2396534.66320

    Hocus P.

    Thank you for parallelling the Madoff scam with the Clico Parris scam
    but if you think that the RBPF Fraud Squad is going to operate anything like the FBI and the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
    I wish you luck!

    We doan live so. Dah en we culture.
    We duz let duh get away wid de money!
    And den spend nuff time crying coz tings en good.
    We en good at adding two en two…


    Head of Police runs the Fraud Squad , They will find truth and then hide it , This Minister is a crook him self, the new Party will put the light on the cock roach . All of them have to go the Bajan Free Party will run and show them all up ,, What do we have to loose? when they took all ,, All we can say for sure is who took it..The 2 parties of the same body slap slapping around the people like fools , If you want the truth a FULL AUDIT MUST BE DONE

  4. 194

    but if you think that the RBPF Fraud Squad is going to operate anything like the FBI and the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
    I wish you luck!

    I wouldn’t necessarily hold the SEC and US regulatory authorities as role models for the RBPF to follow. The SEC certainly knows when it is expedient to look the other way or to hand out “wrist slap” fines when the criminals and fraudsters they are allegedly pursuing should be lined up against a wall with a blindfold and a last cigarette or at least have a chance to explain to a judge why they should not be spending the next 15 to 20 years pounding rocks with a sledge hammer.

    Matt Taibbi: Bank of America is a “raging hurricane of theft and fraud”

    There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of America.

    The first is that it’s corrupt. This bank has systematically defrauded almost everyone with whom it has a significant business relationship, cheating investors, insurers, homeowners, shareholders, depositors, and the state. It is a giant, raging hurricane of theft and fraud, spinning its way through America and leaving a massive trail of wiped-out retirees and foreclosed-upon families in its wake.

    The second is that all of us, as taxpayers, are keeping that hurricane raging. Bank of America is not just a private company that systematically steals from American citizens: it’s a de facto ward of the state that depends heavily upon public support to stay in business. In fact, without the continued generosity of us taxpayers, and the extraordinary indulgence of our regulators and elected officials, this company long ago would have been swallowed up by scandal, mismanagement, prosecution and litigation, and gone out of business. It would have been liquidated and its component parts sold off, perhaps into a series of smaller regional businesses that would have more respect for the law, and be more responsive to their customers.

    But Bank of America hasn’t gone out of business, for the simple reason that our government has decided to make it the poster child for the “Too Big To Fail” concept. Because it is considered a “systemically important institution” whose collapse would have a major, Lehman-Brothers-style impact on the economy, two consecutive presidential administrations have taken extraordinary measures to keep Bank of America in business, despite a staggering recent legacy of corruption schemes, many of which were simply overlooked by regulators.

    More at:

    You could also try Googling “Madoff warnings ignored by SEC”.

  5. Green Monkey

    FYI, anonymous post above about Bank of America was by Green Monkey.

  6. 128

    By Tim Slinger | Wed, February 22, 2012

    “We also reviewed supporting documents for payments such as cheque copies and vendor histories from the accounting system.

    These payments were made by CIL on behalf of CHBL to different associates and related companies of Mr Parris, such as David Thompson, Thompson & Associates, Branlee Consulting Services Inc., PFS, as well as payments to Antigua Commercial Bank.”

    Has anyone noted that payment(s) were ALSO made direct to David Thompson in ADDITION to the 3.3M to Thompson & Associates ???

  7. BFP

    Not a bad observation, 128!

    That is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately and sadly.

    Thompson’s legacy might be written largely in the rubble of Clico.

  8. 788

    Is Bank of America a tool of Goldman Sachs, then?
    Sure sounds like it..


    Finance Minister Sinckler: How much money did the DLP receive from CLICO? answer ALL we wanted
    Finance Minister Sinckler: How much money did the BLP receive from CLICO? answer more than ALL we wanted.
    Finance Minister Sinckler: How much money did the policy holders receive from CLICO? answer NONE OF WHAT THEY WANTED ,
    But Why Finance Minister Sinckler answer All the Money gone.

  10. Sebastian Bermudes

    Clico and baico started selling those investment in 1998 People trusted clico and baico because they thought it was the same company who has been operation for over 75 years but they were operating with little money, see since they saw a way to take big payments they collapsed.