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Tropic Ice loses battle

contributed anonymously by ‘JG’

For all of you who do not know yet, Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. of Salters in St. George, Barbados has lost its battle with the Landlord for outstanding rents for the property from which it operates or used to operate.

This has resulted in the Landlord re-entering the premises, taking possession of the property and changing the locks to prevent all and sundry from gaining access into the building or conducting business with Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. from that location.

As many as twenty (20) employees who turned up for work this morning discovered the Landlord’s actions, which included the above together with the placing barricades around the entire premises and affixing signs (notices) all around the perimeter stating that the property was Private Property and that trespassers would be prosecuted.

This will mean that not only employees but creditors and customers of Tropic Ice Unlimited as well are going to be monitoring developments closely within the next few weeks to see where they stand. Not surprisingly, the customers while affected by this major business interruption can always look for other suppliers of ice and bottle water but it’s the employees and creditors who could and most likely will be be most affected.

The Landlord has been at loggerheads with Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. for the last couple of years as it sought to collect reportedly hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent from the Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. A confidential source has revealed that sometime during the course of this month, the High Court of Barbados granted permission to the Landlord by way of of an Order to re-enter and take possession of the property for the unpaid rents.

The two major beneficial shareholders of Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc., Michael St. John and Chris McHale have been embroiled in bitter litigation for the last several years. These disputes centred around the fact that Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. was operating from property at Salters owned by Michael St. John et al and who for all intents and purposes was (past tense) the Landlord. Michael St. John resigned from the Tropic Ice Unlimited Inc. in 2009 and has formed his own company, Glacial Pure and which now has a majority market share of the bagged ice and bottle water business in Barbados.

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