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One thing Owen Arthur will NEVER say…

“I have never had an offshore bank account while a Member of Parliament.”

Good old Goin’ wid Owen is challenging the DLP to “hurry up and bring integrity legislation to the floor of Parliament.” I guess somebody finally told him that the DLP are four years late with their promise. Of course, four years late with Integrity Legislation is nothing compared with the BLP never doing anything about it themselves for the 14 years they were the government.

Former Prime Minister Arthur is also upset that David Thompson accused the BLP of corruption and diverting money to offshore accounts but never charged anybody with anything – it was all show and shouting for the election…

“The members of the Barbados Labour Party and I went through an election with harsh charges of corruption being levelled against us. And we had to endure a lot of nastiness about offshore accounts and a lot of foolishness.”

… Owen Arthur in The Nation article Bring it on!

Now you’ll notice that Owen doesn’t deny that he or any of his fellow BLP members had or have offshore bank accounts. Do you see what I’m talking about? Saying that talk about offshore bank accounts is ‘nastiness’ and ‘a lot of foolishness’ is not the same thing as saying “I have never had an offshore bank account while I was a Member of Parliament.”

So let’s hear from Owen $ Arthur. Let’s hear him clearly say to the press…

“I have never had an offshore bank account, whether in my name or another name, while I was a Member of Parliament.”

Go ahead Owen. Let’s hear you loud and clear…



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