Cable & Wireless CEO paycheque: up 45%. Service reliability? That’s something else…

Cable & Wireless paycheque alright for some!

Now is the time when BFP juxtaposes

1/ Letter from a Cable & Wireless business customer in Barbados…

Due to a Cable and Wireless problem we were unable to receive or send emails for the entire working day yesterday (Monday).

The customer services number rang and rang unanswered until after 2 hours we were able to get through, to be told they had no idea when it would be restored.

This is the second time in a month and it is costing businesses like us, thousands of Dollars.

No apology, no compensation.

Just take it or leave it.

2/ Cable & Wireless CEO gets 45% pay increase!!!

Cable & Wireless stock is down 17% – but some folks are doing just fine…

Cable & Wireless chief collects £2.7m
Tony Rice receives pay and bonus package under private-equity style incentive plan for top executives

The chief executive of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) collected more than $4.3m (£2.7m) in pay and bonuses last year after the telecoms company’s highly controversial £30m private-equity style long-term incentive plan (LTIP) made its last payment.

Tony Rice collected basic pay of $1.08m, cash bonuses and benefits of $466,000, pension contributions of $270,000 and $2.6m from the five-year LTIP plan. Rice’s total payment was 50% higher than the previous year, while the shares lost 17% of their value.

Rice’s salary, cash bonuses and pension payment rose by 45% to $1.82m, while the amount he collected from the LTIP rose to $2.6m from $1.6m. The LTIP payment was larger this year because half of Rice’s payment for the previous year was deferred.

Other Cable & Wireless executives collecting bumper pay packages included…

Cable & Wireless CEO explains everything he thinks you need to know!

“The Caribbean region has suffered more due the economic downturn than anywhere else…”


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6 responses to “Cable & Wireless CEO paycheque: up 45%. Service reliability? That’s something else…

  1. X

    New company slogan: “LIME – Suck on it!”

  2. 27

    Ah, that explains it! I too could not send or receive email for the entire day yesterday (Monday) and today the internet is as slow as Government is in implementing Integrity Legislation. I was getting a little annoyed but thanks to BFP I am now a lot happier with my service. knowing that my meagre contributions are going toward a worthy causes. I just hope that “my boys” here in Barbados are getting a little piddling too for their great work and outstanding customer service. My phone service was out for over 30 days during the December/January period.

  3. Green Monkey

    A relative and LIME internet customer called me this afternoon (Wednesday) asking for some computer help because she couldn’t login to send an email since yesterday evening. When I established that she could surf the net ok to other sites, it was only emails that were a problem, I told her that this was probably either a new LIME email problem or a continuation of the previously reported problem from two/three days ago. A few minutes later she called me back to say her sister in law had just called her from Canada to tell her that another overseas Bajan had reported that nuff, nuff LIME customers in B’dos were having problems with their email not working today. Anyone else heard anything more about this?

  4. 2323534.8

    It’s island-wide, GM….has been for the last 3-5 days and shall be for the forseeable future, until worker demands are met or are crushed or whatever it takes to bring relative stability back to this cursed corporation.
    EVERYone having probs. with email and surfing

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    The 12 working hours that Cable and Wireless quoted to fix one of our phone lines (Ref # 2012 022 100 120 852) turned out to be EIGHT DAYS so we must assume they work 1 and 1/2 hours per day.
    Would any company in their right mind award a 17 per cent pay increase based on this level of productivity.
    Plus the engineer left with the phone line having so much static on it, that it is virtually unuseable.

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