Another cry for the Africa that could have been

How Robert Mugabe went from a man of the people to believing that he was God’s own gift to Zimbabwe, with a singular focus on maintaining his own power.

Quotes from the documentary, “Robert Mugabe… what happened?”

“Democracy in Africa is a difficult proposition because always the Opposition will want much more than it deserves…”

…Robert Mugabe

“The man’s hands are tied behind his back with wire.”

…Documentary film maker unearthing secret graves

“What do you do to a hero or to a father who has gone wayward? What do you do? Can you discipline your hero? Can you discipline your father?”

…Trevor Ncube


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8 responses to “Another cry for the Africa that could have been

  1. Could this be the problem?

    Ever looked at the map of Africa?
    Never seen a continent so chopped up into dozens and dozens of little tribal enclaves that call themselves countries.
    Divided and continuing to do so.

    Just recently one African state cut itself in half, North and South.
    Was it Sudan? Can’t remember.
    How many more to follow that lead?

  2. Ping Pong

    Little tribal enclaves?! There are 22 countries in Africa (out of 54) that are each larger than France, which is the largest country in Western Europe. The United Kingdom if it were in Africa would be the 31st largest country. The combined area of just two African countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan is almost as large as the combined area of the 27 countries of the European Union!!!

    If one wanted to find a set of truly tiny enclaves that defy any normal expectation of survival as independent nations, one should look no further than the Caribbean.

  3. Mark Fenty

    In order for democracy to be realized on the Africa continent, the issue of tribalism has to be first resolved in my opinion.

  4. Mark Fenty

    It is worth noting, that most Africans seems to identify themselves through the medium of they tribal affiliations, rather than the country of they birth. In other words, most Ghanaians would prefer to be identified as Ashanti, if they are affiliated with that specific tribe, rather then be called Ghanaians. This perspective is based on documentary evidence, and my personal interactions with people of Ghana.

  5. Mark Fenty

    I’ve always advanced the view that in order for one to authentically understand the contemporary reality, which is transpiring on the African continent. That it is important that one examine meticulously, the historical framework which has given rise to this present reality. As the saying goes, the past lives in the present.

  6. Mark Fenty

    I mean, I believe that any political system of government can work so long as the masses are treated with dignity, and a sense of morality. We have witness examples in our history where individuals who claim to be the defenders of the ideals of democracy; end up treating the masses worse than the dictatorial grandiose leaders they so eloquence preached about.

  7. Mark Fenty

    History has taught us that in order for there to be any permanent change in social, political , and economic conditions in a corrupted political system; it has to be achieved through the collective spirit of the masses. If the African people are contented with the political, social, and economic conditions to which they have been accustomed. Why then agonize over the behavior of those dictators, which decries our democratic ideals?

  8. St George's Dragon

    Africa is still suffering from the effects of being arbitrarily cut up into chunks by the Europeans. Countries were created which did not respect the tribal nature of the societies which preceded them and the effects of that are still being seen.
    That in no way excuses the rampant corruption, naked pursuit of power and lack of respect for human rights which is clear with Mugabe and widespread across the continent.