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Barbados Advocate publishes story on Ocean Two resort’s TripAdvisor five-star award.

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Congratulations to Ocean Two!

It has been a month since Adrian Loveridge published an article at BFP urging the Barbados Tourism Authority to pay attention to TripAdvisor – one of the top travel websites in the world. (See Barbados Tourism Authority ignores TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards).

Considering that almost 90% of tourists have some form of internet use when making travel plans, you’d think that the BTA would be big on capitalising on the Internet. Apparently not. It’s been a month and nothing from the BTA on the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards. If we’re wrong, somebody please let us know… but we don’t think we’re wrong.

It’s good to see though that the Barbados Advocate published a little news piece that Ocean Two made a five-star rating at TripAdvisor. Five Stars is a big deal and should boost their occupancy although Ocean Two is doing excellently already. Every little piece helps in this economy.

For the life of me, I don’t know what the Barbados Tourism Authority spends all their public money on. I see the results of the travel journalists’ free trips, but can someone please tell me where the BTA’s hundred million dollar a year budget goes? I might be wrong, but I just can’t see it.


Further Reading

Here’s the story from the Barbados Advocate. Please go to the paper to read it, but we have to publish the entire story here because the newspaper has a reputation for destroying or changing archived stories. A shame, but there it is. Continue reading


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What Alexandra School students learned today…

Thirty Alexandra School teachers receive full pay for illegal 3 week strike

by One Who Knows

With the arrival of their regular pay yesterday, the 30 teachers at Alexandra School who abandoned their students for an illegal 3 week strike learned that the government, school authorities and the taxpayers will tolerate this behaviour. They learned that the DLP government is too frightened of the government workers to take the reasonable action of docking their pay for missed days.

The students learned that the equation ‘work = paycheque’ is as invalid as the concept of ‘basic standards’ in employer – employee relations. By now the students have learned that there is not a hope in hell that the lost 3 weeks will be made up in any meaningful way. The students are not worried because they know that the teachers will pass them on anyway at the end of term. They learned that they must be passed on or the teachers would have to admit that the strike harmed the students and that the lost time was not made up for. So the students know they will be successful at the end of term.

The non-striking teachers also learned a lesson: they should have gone with the mob. The mob are the heroes, the non-striking teachers are the villains and fools: villains for not showing solidarity with the others and fools because there was no penalty.

There were many lessons learned during the illegal strike, but the biggest lesson came yesterday: from the Stuart Government when it sent the regular pay to the striking teachers.

Nation News: Not docked


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