Name removed from BFP’s story about counterfeit cancer drug Avastin

Never let it be said that Barbados Free Press or our readers would unfair anyone…

What kind of lawyer is in the office at 4:13am?

At 4:13am today BFP received an email from a B’town lawyer, Satcha S-C. S. Kissoon, Bsc, LLB of the Attorneys-at-Law Weekes, Kissoon, Deane.

Well… are we impressed or what! 4:13AM in the morning some lawyer is in the office working away for their client and sending emails. Okay, I guess they could have been sitting at their kitchen table having the first coffee – but whether at the office or kitchen table this is some different kind of lawyer to be working hard at 4:13am. That got our attention and our respect right away.

The story is this: In our post Counterfeit cancer drug Avastin: Barbados in vortex of international investigation we mentioned some folks who are associated with the Barbados drug sales group under investigation. Satcha Kissoon’s client is one of those people we mentioned, but according to Attorney Kissoon the client was only an employee doing computer entry, and they were made redundant in June of 2010. BFP found the client’s name on LinkedIn as a current employee, but Attorney Kissoon says that information is way out of date.

Attorney Kissoon asked us to remove the client’s name from our article because like any low-level employee the person had very little to do with anything and it is unfair to associate them with something they had no knowledge of and that is way above their pay grade.

We at BFP talked about it and decided that we believe Attorney Kissoon and that fair is fair enough – so we’ve removed the client’s name from our story and we won’t even mention if it was a man or a woman. We feel we owe our readers an explanation because anytime the media removes a name or changes a story they should be accountable to their readers and explain the change.

This is only the third time in seven years that we’ve removed a name from a news story. We were right to include the name, but now that we’ve heard additional information, well… fair is fair enough.

Another thing we’d like to mention is that Attorney Kissoon didn’t come on like gang-busters or threaten lawsuits or behave like some lawyers we’ve all heard about. We just received a respectful email that provided some additional information and politely asked us to consider removing the client’s name from our story.

So that’s what happened folks.



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6 responses to “Name removed from BFP’s story about counterfeit cancer drug Avastin

  1. akabozik

    What kind of lawyer is in the office at 4:13am?

    That’s easy: a kind of lawyer who I would hire!

    To BFP thank you for doing the original story and thank you for telling your readers why you removed the name.

  2. robert ross

    Readers have not rushed to respond to this.

    Does this mean I am not the only person to feel uncomfortable about it?

  3. Beefcake

    Maybe readers are afraid they’ll get letters from attorneys at odd hours over their posts too…

  4. yatiniteasy

    What about the other individual named in the original story…are the police looking for this crook?