BLP & DLP Governments’ stupid refusal to pay Al Barrack cost Bajans $35 million dollars

Government’s motto: “Delay, delay – never pay.”

by Nevermind Kurt

We read in today’s Nation that “Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley says his ministry is working feverishly to have contractor Al Barrack paid the more than $70 million owed to him.”

If memory serves, the truth is that Barbados once owed Al Barrack ‘only’ about $34 million dollars for the Warrens office building debacle. The Owen Arthur BLP government refused to pay, went to arbitration and lost large – ending up owing about $50 million dollars after a 2006 judgment.

“For the next two years the BLP government refused to pay, deciding instead to beat Al Barrack through the simple Bajan tactic of lawyering him to death and waiting for him to die.”

The BLP government’s story was that the country couldn’t afford to pay the lump sum and Mr. Barrack was unreasonable for refusing to take a ‘very fair offer’. Mr. Barrack described the ‘very fair offer’ as a dollar now and a dollar a day for the rest of his life. For the record, Mr. Barrack’s version is probably closer to the truth than the government’s.

The clock kept ticking and the interest compounded frightfully as interest does when it’s not being paid. Ask any Bajan fool who has missed a credit card payment – it’s not a pretty sight.

Enter the DLP

The Thompson DLP government inherited the mess when they won the election in 2008, but they too decided that the answer was to keep Al Barrack at bay with years of false negotiations punctuated with court battles to keep him from selling the assets of the National Housing Corporation. Minister Lashley says the government tried to ‘give’ the Warren’s office complex to settle with Barrack, but the truth is the government fought for years to prevent that happening and then changed its mind when the economy tanked and took the building’s value with it.

What’s changed now? Why is the government suddenly appearing so contrite and anxious to keep Al Barrack hopeful? I’m not sure if this is another delaying tactic, or the government has heard the rumours that Barrack is about to go ‘nuclear’ on the international legal scene and that he has found the financial backers to do it.

The times, they are a’changin

As we recently saw with a legal conflict involving the Grenada Airports Authority (GAA), ‘globalism’ is a many-edged sword that sometimes allows people to seek justice internationally when they cannot find justice in their own countries. In Grenada’s case, a Taiwan bank obtained a US Court order that allowed them to seize all the fees normally paid to the the Grenada Airports Authority by airlines flying to Grenada from the USA.

BFP said in a previous post

“Can you imagine what would happen if some court in New York or London ordered airlines to pay all Grantley Adams airport fees to the court over the Al Barrack debt? How about port fees for cruise ships too?

Wuhloss! That would put the mongoose in with the chickens! If that happened you can bet the government would settle with Al Barrack right away – and that just shows how bankrupt our government is: both financially and morally.”

Maybe our master Bajan economist Owen $ Arthur can chip in some money from one of his offshore bank accounts. After all, it’s only fair that he assist to pay off a financial mess that he and his government initially created.

Nevermind Kurt


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7 responses to “BLP & DLP Governments’ stupid refusal to pay Al Barrack cost Bajans $35 million dollars

  1. St George's Dragon

    Can someome tell me whether he can use “financial backing”? I dimly remember the concept of champerty. Does that apply?

  2. BFP

    Hello St George’s Dragon,

    Near as I’ve been able to tell, champerty only applies when the suit is vexatious. Hardly the case here, I think you’d agree!

  3. mason

    lol if wunna feel dlp govment gine pay that before elections wunna lie

    that gine be a election promise. if dem win den maybe, if dem lose, den leave it for the next govment.

  4. POST-IT

    Barrack can’t get a cent before elections. If he does then some of that money will find its way to fund the BLP election campaign. In Bajan parlance, FS going to left them holding a big rock all the while his underlings promising payment. Barrack won’t ever see a cent of that money, NOT once the DLP in power and I agree, it was perverted from the outset.


    The govt build on land that they never paid for to the owner,A trespass , does that mean they have to pay another 35millon again to the owner? ,,?Plus the cost of the land.? NHC takes all the land they want with out pay. Al Barrack use the same lawyer that took the Plantation deeds to get his money. So did the govt buy the land or have use of the land from Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D QC, this lawyer on both ends twice to be paid , So is Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D QC leasing the land to the High Court also? The Deed dont show his name on it ,,
    A man from St Lucy yesterday said the lawyer took over all the plantations.

  6. 158

    Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the Thompson administration but nothing from Arthur. Arthur instead of surrendering payment of some kind to Al Barrack invested 2.4 million dollars of bajan money into a Nigerian Solar Water Heater project. No solar water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars were lost and or unaccounted for. Al Barrack was FIRST Arthur’s problem not Thompson. Thompson, though, contributed something, Arthur nothing. Let us, shall we give Arthur and the gang a standing obation.

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