Tests show LIME boosts speed temporarily when user complains, but then…

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“This is robbery on any scale”

Good morning Lime team,

I am at my whit’s end with Lime and it’s service.  So if the internet service that Lime has been extorting me for over the past 6 to 8 months is not resolved and my account credited in some way, for the months that the deficient internet service which payment is mandatory, by the end of this week you (Lime) can cancel your less than mediocre Broadband internet service and come to collect your superfluous equipment.

This is ludicrous.  Too long I have been having this issue with below standard internet after having increased my service on this new account since I moved house.   I have called the helpline and reported this issue.  After not hearing anything from anyone at Lime, I called again to be told that there was no record of a previous complaint.  I unwillingly reiterated and made another complaint and was told a technician would contact me within 48 hours.  Well, 5 days went by before someone from Lime called.  Some tests were conducted and the speed surprisingly was up again.  Within a matter of 4 shocking days, the service speed dropped again.  So it appears that I am being charged full price to only receive ‘80% of the 1.5mbps’ service, but only actually getting .59mbps to use on a good day. I am sure this is robbery on any scale.

“After speaking to a few Lime and IT technicians I happened to know, I paid for someone independent to come to my house and perform a few tests on your sub-par Broadband service.”

His summation was that the line attenuation is too high as it should be around the 100 mark, the SNR should also be lower; and that the Ping test to the Lime server is taking too long to return.  You can find attached the screen shots of the tests carried out, pay close attention to the date.  (Speed test, ADSL and Ping). And yes, to date not a damn thing has changed.  I would have to say the internet service that I am mandated to pay for religiously each month is not good enough and a waste of my hard earn money, especially in these economical times.

I recently visited friends in St. Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.  To my disgusted surprise, they pay far less for their internet and get more than we do in Barbados for their personal use. Almost everyday for the 2 weeks I spent in St. Lucia the family was simultaneously Video streaming to the television, children on Kindle and iPad, and laptop played online radio stations.  Now its only myself and my brother at home here in Barbados.  We have very demanding jobs and do not use the system like my friends in the other small islands.  Pray tell me, on an island like Barbados which is more developed, how are majority of Lime’s customers paying substantially more for such a poorer rated purportedly High Speed Broadband Internet Service?

Like I said, if my long-standing internet issue is not resolved by Friday, February 24th, 2012, which would prove even more outrageous, you can then consider this as my written notice to discontinue the internet service provided on (246) xxxxxxx and collect your unwanted equipment.

I am no longer prepared to be duped and robbed by a conglomerate such as Lime.

Yours truly,

(name provided but withheld by BFP editor)


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26 responses to “Tests show LIME boosts speed temporarily when user complains, but then…

  1. Iceman

    Been noticing this behavior on my service too and was thinking something might be wrong on my side. Little did I know that others were having a similar issue…..only thing is that I am paying for 8 Mbps and getting the same 0.59 Mbps that this person was also getting. Well you know I am also going to lodge a complaint too!

  2. http://speedtest.freemotion.bb/

    Call 620-1000 and set up an appointment, been a user since April 2010

  3. X

    it’s because LIME sucks ass and they couldn’t care less about you or your service. as ridiculous as the union’s position may be with respect to the wage increase, I hope they nail LIME’s asses to the wall.

  4. Duped Everyday

    This is just an example of the poor quality of services we receive here in Barbados. I’m also fed up spending my hard earned cash on inferior goods and services. I’m about to carry out investigations of my own– regarding the quality of gas provided by Sol.


    This is what happens when there is no “real” competition. Free motions prices and service are pretty much the same. There is no incentive for LIME to increase speeds since there is nothing we can do about it – and they know it. That won’t change until we actually have a choice.

    Amazing that the current speeds that we have here are what my friends in NY were using ten years ago. I have to laugh when I hear great Barbados is when it come to telecommunication. It’s a joke.

    Anyone who wants to check their speed can go here……


    Just checked mine. The download is pretty much what’s advertised at 1.74 Mbps, but the upload speed is painfully slow at 0.37

  6. Green Monkey

    the upload speed is painfully slow at 0.37

    Traditionally upload speeds have been significantly slower than download speeds, and not just for Lime customers. Here is some background info on this from Huffington Post.

    Why Uploading Is Slower Than Downloading

    If you’re like most of the rest of us, the speed at which you upload is way slower than the speed at which you download. That makes sense if you think of the Internet as a publishing medium, with most of its participants as recipients. It makes much less sense if you think of the Internet as a participatory medium.

    So, I canvassed some friends and colleagues who know a lot about this stuff — I’m leaving them unnamed so my mistakes won’t besmirch them — about whether this asymmetry is baked into the technology or whether it’s a matter of choice and policy. The answer turns out to be complex. But the bottom line is that we download faster than we upload because of economics, not physics. The economics are those of telephone and cable companies. Their business models assumed the value of the Net came from the content they deliver to us. The business models got written into a physical infrastructure that favors downloads over uploads. So, here we are.

    It could have been otherwise. If only the access providers hadn’t built a business and an infrastructure on the assumption that we really just want to lean back, relax, and scarf down gigabits of tasty content.

    More at:

  7. FearPlay

    Suppose, just suppose I wrote a cheque to LIME in an amount of $1,000 for internet service and they contacted me to complain that when the cheque was deposited my bank only credited their account with $600. Can you imagine me giving this response “I’m sorry about that but it must be understood and accepted that if my account is in use by large numbers of my creditors at the same time there will be some fall-off in service from my account in satisfying everyone at the same time. Once the demand is reduced cheque settlement service will return to normal shortly after. Deal with it ’cause that is how it works!”

    Is this not what we are being asked to accept? Fair Trading, Government, BNSI or some other entity need to end this BS (Bad Service of course) and do so quickly. I believe that the UK has recently initiated steps to have this situation corrected to the satisfaction of the consumer.

  8. Shooting fish in a barrel!!

    When I signed up to ADSL from CABLE & WIRELESS, it was $69 a month for 256.
    Since then I’ve been auto-bumped UP twice I think, but I still remain at $69 a month.

    I shall take whatever sourLIME hands out becoz and only because I haven’t the slightest intention of paying them one red cent more than I already do.
    Anyone paying extra for 4 Megs and 8 Megs obviously has loot to throw away, and all now so I LOL at dem,den!

    Yes the service sux, and I glad as RH I don’t NEED to have more bandwidth than what I get, so Iman en diggin nuthin much, but for those of you PAYING real $$$ for extra speed, I sorry fuh wunnuh, Bcoz as long as lil Barbados is only 21 x 14, we shall always have Shite Corps. Inc tekkin advantage of us.

  9. MoovEEEEZ!

    If FearPlay really wants to know who is sucking up his (and my) bandwidth BIG-TIME, it is the downloaders of movies and TV shows!

    You see movies and TV shows were never supposed to be on the internet, which is why we have cinemas and TV broadcast arrangements,
    but recently, there has been considerable incursion by these two technologies into the internet, sucking up huuuuge bandwidth!!
    MY internet bandwidth -and yours too.

    Those making the incursions at our bandwidth expense cudnt give a rat’s ass about the rest of us, as long as they get to watch their stuff.
    Yuh see how it go?

    So when LIME decides to bring the axe down on the Professional Downloaders, we may get what bandwidth we pay for
    but will LIME even man-up to that task?

  10. Mac

    If the speed goes per complaint, internet speed should be permanently lightening speed!!!

    Let’s Vodafone go ahead & buy out Cable & Wireless.

  11. Anonymous

    this is so true

  12. Wily Coyote

    LIME the name says it all……. What does Liming mean to a Bagan “deadbeat sitting around on his ass putting in time”, pretty much describes the telecommunication company LIME otherwise known as Cable & Wireless.

  13. Smeagol

    @Moveeeeez – Have you not heard of internet streaming boxes? Even slime recognizes that delivery of TV shows via the internet is the way to go.

  14. A-Fish

    I always have problems with LIME and their Internet services. The FTC hasn’t done anything to be really honest and yet this company can leech the money and providing lousy service to Barbadians overall.

    It is extensively uneconomical for any client/customer in the long run as far as I see it.

    Where is true competition when you need more?

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  16. Gregory G.

    The small b is bits. The big B is Bytes. 8 bits equals 1 Byte. Make sure you read your speeds correctly. Also, most of this strange bottle-necking is most probably because they rolled out Lime TV without improving the infrastructure.

  17. 96

    lime sucks and my friends in st vincent pay less and get more than i do but this is just how things are we have money to burn and lime has time to feed us shite but by dec 22 i will no longer need or want anything from sour lime no internet no tv no cell phone and no damm landline they have truly turn me me sour

  18. Dave

    LIME in Grand Cayman pulls the same thing. No competition and they are use to being a “monopoly”, therefore just don’t care. Not to mention customer service is absolutely horrible on all fronts.

  19. Fear Play

    Well my friend don’t mind if its “off topic”, I’m just glad to see some activity here as it appears as if the administrator has been picked up by Immigration or some other authority. This blog appears to be DEAD! Must be the Mount Gay.

  20. JeromeMc

    This doesn’t happen only in Barbados, it happens also in Jamaica. We have been paying for under satisfactory server for over 5 years. We have called and told them to upgrade the service from 2011 now it’s 2013 and nothing has happened. LIME is the worst, shittiest and disgusting ISP among all ISPs.

  21. Bob

    This exact thing is happening to us now! 4 months of off and on hanging internet. No one has a clue how to fix this on their end. Magically the speed increases when a tech comes in talks on the phone to head office and then a few hours later back to a hanging crawl off and on. Please Flow..come to our area!!

  22. White Tara

    Exactly the same shit in the Cayman Islands. Am planning to tell them to take their TV stuff and then sue for all fees paid so far for poor/ no service.

  23. Anonymous

    I just tested minutes ago and these are the results in Barbados – Rowan’s Park: August 20, 2014 11:26 am.
    Upload: 0.41

    Wow, that’s slower than the dial up speeds I used to get. Can you imagine if you bought and paid for one pound of beef from the supermarket and they delivered six ounces? Would the supermarket be liable for criminal charges? Willful deception?
    Suppose I wrote a cheque to LIME for my monthly service and affixed a note explaining that when cashing the cheque, depending on the demand on my chequing account at the time, the bank may not be able to honor the advertised value of the cheque, do you think that would fly? And who represents the interest of the consumer in all of this?

  24. Jack BVI

    Yes, it’s true – LIME provide a terrible internet service. We on BVI have similar problems with connection and throughput. Sadly, until there is some real competition in the sector, they will continue to over charge for a crap service. LIAT is a similar story….

  25. lime sucks,i have been on lime internet,far the pass few years,there is not one month i can say i get a good service,i cannot download are upload,try speaking to the operators is impossible,i have wait 1hour before someone comes on line,lime is a total rips off company…

  26. Anonymous

    lol what makes barbados more developed than St Lucia though? The US embassy and a UWI campus?