We choose to remember Whitney Houston at her best

In loving Memory of Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Aug 9 1963 – Feb 11 2012

The Greatest Love Of All

The world said farewell, they let her go
Her music is the legacy others will know
Every song she sung she did devotedly

God never leaves our side and especially
Reaches out when we go astray
Encourages us back onto His guided way
And embraces us with the mercy we know
Train up the child in the way it should go
Endeavour and although you stumble, your heart
Should return to your humble start
Trust in the power you have within

Love of self, is loving God’s spirit that rids you from sin
Our children are our future, treat them, the songs say
Very earnestly, teach them well and let them lead the way
Every child should learn their depth inside

On the Lord depend and let Him reside
From early in their hearts and know

All you do in life is first processed by God and it will show
Loving yourself should come after you have given God His call
Learning to Love yourself is The Greatest Love Of All

With Deepest Sympathy to Family, Friends and Fans
Written by Khaidji



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3 responses to “We choose to remember Whitney Houston at her best

  1. Your poem is beautiful, thank you. I too will choose to remember Whitney at her best, we all should, simply because she chose to share her precious gift with the world, unconditionally, even when people chose to kick her when she was down. The world was no doubt enriched by her larger-than-life talent.

  2. I loved her, and her music too. Her film with Kevin, I watched a number of times and will watch again. But I know, anybody who throws away her life like she did, is no good example for youth. And too many famous people have done the same thing, and died by their own extremes far too young to acclaim the honor of the world.

  3. Newbie

    Beautifully written Khaidji, for 48 years heaven was missing an angel,