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Reader’s rant about “The absolute worst of the BLP…”

This delightful piece of anonymous political rant reached BFP from a remailer in Austria. Its arrival portends the opening of the 2012 Barbados election campaign where the two major parties will attempt again to convince Bajans that the other party is a worse choice. The DLP and the BLP are both so badly discredited that they can only throw rotten fish at each other because neither have any fresh fish to hurl.

Take it away, “Mixmaster from Austria”…

How can you rig an election and still lose? Ask some BLP members…

submitted anonymously by “Mixmaster remailing service from Austria”

Barbadians recently witnessed the absolute worst of the Barbados Labour Party and as would be expected – St. Andrew Parliamentary Representative and former BLP Chairman, George Payne, was at the centre of the controversy.

Clearly this “political runt” and “humbug” – cannot have a moral minimum!  As a matter of fact, so horrible was his conduct on this occasion (even by his trademark standards) that BLP Leader Owen Arthur, who – since the infamous “Prior Park Accord,” is said to have been turning a blind-eye to such matter, was compelled to call for unity, thereby kicking George in the nuts. Continue reading


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