Disgusting speech by BLP’s Clyde Mascoll: implies dead PM David Thompson was homosexual, gay.

How much lower can Clyde Mascoll go?

I couldn’t care what colour of the rainbow that David Thompson or anyone else is. I couldn’t care if he was gay. Or straight. Or purple.

But if I wanted to call David Thompson “gay” I’d at least have the integrity and cojones to say it while he was alive.

Clyde Mascoll is a pathetic little man.

From The Bajan Reporter…

In Barbados it is claimed one cannot libel the dead, so seeking to what appeared tantamount of capitalising on a cheap Pot Shot at former Colleague David Thompson, the PM who died of Pancreatic Cancer in October 2010, Economist for the Barbados Labour Party – Clyde “Political Quisling” Mascoll – seemed to have implied at least twice that the former leader could have been gay. What bearing does that have on the current Fiscal Crisis which Bajans from all walks of Life are now enduring? The economist needs to stay with money matters…

… Ian Bourne fires a well-deserved broadside at Clyde Mascoll: Barbados Labour Party’s Economist uses cheap tactic of Homophobia on a Dead Prime Minister


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54 responses to “Disgusting speech by BLP’s Clyde Mascoll: implies dead PM David Thompson was homosexual, gay.

  1. RC

    What do you expect from a desperate character like Clyde Mascoll! I had no respect for him before and even less now!

  2. shoot

    he wasn’t ? oh shoot !!

  3. Brudah-Bim

    Even if it were so would it really matter? What if there were a sharp politician who had the competence to uplift the Bajan people but happened to be gay? **For the record, I am well aware that Thompson barely got shit done; but that’s a story for another day.** Would would you shun him due to the sheer fact that he is homosexual?

  4. Sharkman pearly whites!

    Clyde Mascoll has a lot of class.

    It’s all low class,

    But it’s class!


  5. just want to know

    From the time I came to Barbados to live, I have heard that story, so what’s new. There are other people on both sides where there is the same
    said, so one just ignore that kind of gossip. So who ever wrote that piece for BFP know something that we don’t know for sure.

  6. Mark Fenty

    There is a common saying among West Indians in this part of the world, that when you go to Barbados don’t bend-down. West Indian on this side of the world seems, to think that haft of Barbados is Homosexuals, and the other haft is bisexuals.

  7. How do you rig an election; spend seventy-five thousand on your horse and still lose?

    Barbadians recently witnessed the absolute worst of the Barbados Labour Party and as would be expected – St. Andrew Parliamentary Representative and former BLP Chairman, George Payne, was at the centre of the controversy.

    Clearly this “political runt” and “humbug” – cannot have a moral minimum! As a matter of fact, so horrible was his conduct on this occasion (even by his trademark standards) that BLP Leader Owen Arthur, who – since the infamous “Prior Park Accord,” is said to have been turning a blind-eye to such matter, was compelled to call for unity, thereby kicking George in the nuts.

    Just when you thought it could not get any worse, the BLP started a boycott campaign against black businessman, Andrew Bynoe, thereby launching an unprovoked attack on women, the youth and children. Why? Is it because Bynoe invested over $20 million in the DLP’s economy by building the new A1 store at Black Rock?

    In the interest of the women who work at Bynoe’s supermarkets and the children and young people who rely on them and the pay they receive – we in the DLP can only encourage George to continue doing what he does best: ‘seek to become Prime Minister through political poker and create more mayhem within the BLP, as the factions play ‘the high stakes numbers game!’

    But, in the worst smear campaign witnessed in local politics – the only thing that George Payne and his cousin Douglas Skeete did not say about Edmund Hinckson, was that he is a woman.

    Seventy-five thousand dollars later and even with ‘a rigged BLP electoral list’ (according to newspaper reports from both Hinckson and Jerome Walcott) neither George Payne or his cousin Doug, who was seeking the St. James North nomination to replace Rawle Eastmond, can come to grips with the humiliating rejection they receive. It should now appear to George Payne that not everyone subscribes to his brand of politics, and that while food (served through a Thursday Club) and similar gimmicks might work in St. Andrew, the people of St. James have much more pride and class.

    But how do you rig an election; spend seventy-five thousand on your horse and still lose? Ask George Payne and Douglas Skeete. It is obvious that Skeete feels so rejected that he is threatening never to run for anything again – not even the bus!

    Somewhere in all this, there has to be a lesson! Intelligent people would grasp it easily but George Payne has always been a political joker and will need a lot more time to come to grips with reality. If he were even capable of shame, it still would occur to him that he has distinguished himself and has created history by being the only “jackass” and “practical joker,” who has served in the office of ‘Chairman of the BLP.’

    And yet, notwithstanding its on-going civil war and blood sport politics, a vote for the BLP in the upcoming general election, will be a vote for George Payne to become Prime Minister of Barbados. We in the DLP are told he holds the cards and the numbers, even if he functions without a brain! In the mean time, it is blunder after blunder. And the BLP continues to make deals and action off Barbados.


    Funny, NOT. SO what if he was or not,,, he not seem to be a crook, so maybe we all need more gays in office , Those who are there now are the ones that is bending over 279,000 Bajans .So now they have to be the ones who knows who doing who from the back,,, Put it where you want, but keep your hands out the People money.Those same names pops up all the time in Key spots in office of the govt key spots,, write then down and see what the papers shows,, FORD, Simmons, Williams, Mascoll,Cummings ,add the rest that you know and see the cover up and Fraud,,, Numbers dont lie , People and words do,, do the Math,,,once a again BLOWING lololol smoke in the peoples eyes with foolishnessssssss.Time to clean the Govt House ,, David leave us before he was done,,, None there now will do it.90 percent of them have to GO.Vote anyone but them and we will do better , The less they talk to more they eat ,,,, guilt = guilty

  9. Dirtbag

    Mascoll is a dirtbag. Thompson, whatever his politics, is deceased and should be treated with some basic respect but respect is not something that some of these people know about it seems. Ask Raquel GIlkes who is always calling the former PM Deadvid on facebook. Her blind loyalty to party and venomous attacks on anybody who doesnt share Owen Arthur position is the sort of thing that leads to violence. Be warned Barbados.

  10. St George's Dragon

    Definitely an election coming then!

  11. The reason I did this video was not only to expose what nastiness happens which the Advocate & Nation won’t touch, but to also show how the same RG referred to is not as current with the BLP’s Twitter, Blog and website as she would have the public believe. Rumour has it she was offered a Shadow place of Communications & Works if BLP was returned to power – if true, that’s like offering Heinrich Himmler a Ministry on Judaic Studies?

    RG has to learn (whether she wants to or not) that maintaining Social Media of any organisation is consistent and constant. Obama hires people to handle his Friendster, MySpace, personal website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Each app must be current, not necessarily the same but up to thte moment – any true Comm’s & Wk’s Minister who is really worth their salt would automatically know that.

    There’s also at the opposite end of the spectrum, an excellent talk from Sir Richard Cheltenham – who advises candidates on how to canvas and also politely tells Owen he is old and needs to listen to Mia even if he does not agree.

  12. Johnny’s video is HERE; http://www.bajanreporter.com/2012/02/former-tourism-minister-urges-barbados-labour-party-candidates-to-go-to-work/

    Also, quite obviously “thte” from previous entry is a typo and really ‘THE’ 😉

  13. Do you read Bajan Reporter in iPad or Playbook or Thrive or Samsung? Wish it followed those formats better? THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER… Coming soon to a Tablet near your fingertips…

  14. Dirtbag

    I know we have corruption problems in Barbados but one thing we have that we can boast about is political stability and smooth transitions of power. Barbados does not have violence at election time. But I am frightened when I read the nasty attacks and venom from people like Racquel Gilkes. This is the kind of thing that incites people to violence. What is wrong with criticising without resorting to personal attacks and hateful language? I am disgusted at how she reacts to any slight perception of disagreement someone has with her or the Owen Arthur faction of the BLP.

  15. Dirtbag

    Ian Bourne, I feel sorry for Barbados if someone so cantankerous loud-mouthed and ignorant was to become a Communications Minister. I invite everyone to check out her facebook page to see for yourself. Imagine Racquel Gilkes Mascoll and Owen running Barbados.

  16. Anonymous

    RG is the DLP’s secret weapon.

    I was ready to vote BLP until I discovered the Nation’s facebook page with her noxious comments all over it. (The worst she later deletes or revises.)

    I think she needs to learn (or be told) to shut up.

  17. rastaman

    Same can be said of Maureen Holder.from the DLP

  18. Gotta love Local Politrix!

    Frankly, I now couldn’t give a rodent’s rectum how it turns out because
    as usual
    it’s six of one versus half-doz. of the other.

    ALL HOW..Barbados gone down
    we are definitely, undeniably on the down-slope now.
    Not even Bajans can deny that now. We are a shadow of our former nation
    and our Dollar ain’t worth shit in the supermarket!
    It’s about on par with the Trini Dollar(as spent in T&T)

  19. Dirtbag

    Rastaman, you got that one right. Two cantankerous combative know it alls, one on each side of the political fence. They are like twins in how they act.

  20. [youtube_video id=”ODZOS0Z-650″]

    They’re baaAAaack!!

  21. Moe

    Hey RASTAMAN and DIRT BAG …..I feel truly insulted no comparison with RG of the BLP ….I think the both of you should shut up your selves or call the call in prog ….I hardly ever read these cowardly blogs where people just write rubbish about people for the sake of it or for some self serving agenda …..Dirt bag I can understand; the name says it all; but Rastaman ???..I have some degree of respect for Bob Marley he once said “if ya nah cant say nothing good then say nothing” .. shame on you Plastic rasta …..Hey Dirt Bag was I cantankerous enough for you ? … You guys havent got a clue what you talking about ..you guys writing because you could read and write …..Gentleman raise an important issue ….Maureen Holder-One love brothers

  22. rastaman

    @Moe: Don’t you realise that your answer confirms what we said?

  23. Moe

    Oh it does ? and what point are you trying to make ? ..Sorryy I dont like to disappoint .. Have a great one

  24. Moe

    Rastaman I dont write on blogs. I dont write ridiculous commentary on any FB page not even on my own page . I dont purport any poltical agenda or serve any hidden unecessary agenda.GET that straight ..You are telling lies about me ..You dont know me and you probably dont listen to the call in Prog …So to infer that I am like RG is a GRAVE DISHONESTY on your part ..which you and Dirtbag should consider….I RESPECT men and people who make sense and raise important issues that are worthy of consideration/discussion ..your comments about me are akin to unjustified insulting opinion ….Peace

  25. Dirtbag

    Moe, you are upset and defensive, lashing out. In other words, you are behaving like you normally do. One would have thought that by now, some kind soul, motivated by feelings of pity and repulsion at your inability to construct a simple grammatically correct sentence would have paid for you to receive some English lessons. It is astounding how far you have managed to progress without the capacity to write or speak proper English. Who in the world writes something like this: “your comments about me are akin to unjustified insulting opinion”? Or maybe, you have been offered assistance but you are too full of yourself to accept. After all, you know everything and you are always right. This does sounds a lot like Raquel when I think about it. You two should face off sometime.

  26. Dirtbag

    By the way Ian, I had a look at the youtube videos. They were not very clear so I had to listen very carefully. Those politicians will surely come after you if you keep exposing them like that.

  27. Moe

    Dirt bag you make me laugh so hard that I almost droped of my chair ….you are the one that I was hoping would come out …You poor lost soul …You sound so pretentious, duplicitious,jealous and seething with puss ..Obviously from the time you started your baseless dribble about me …I knew you had axe to grind …you are either white or black or male female ..old or young ( I am guessing young -YUPPIE too) either way I dont care…the point is at least you are aware of me, I dont know you ….hence your comments …… ” Moe, you are upset and defensive, lashing out. In other words, you are behaving like you normally do. One would have thought that by now, some kind soul, motivated by feelings of pity and repulsion at your inability to construct a simple grammatically correct sentence would have paid for you to receive some English lessons ” ……………………My only question to you is; Is that your best shot ?..Is it your intention to reduce me to nothing so that you can feel better about your self ? Awwh!!!, come now, you sound like a scorned child with a score to settle ……I admit to my imperfections can you do the same ?….For Petes sake if you are going to criticise me -DO BETTER THAN ME-set an example for me to follow ….DO YOU THINK an ATTEMPTED INSULT is going to work ..Your hubris and feeble attempts to hide it, is most iratating…….What a pity ..what a hypocrite …please be your self ….Question DB -(this is where my brilliance and “know it all” comes in)…. Are you not also LASHING OUT AND OVER-REACTING ..yet you accuse me of such behaviour …..Your silly diatribe about sentence structure and grammar is a clear indication, that you my friend are not so widely read or else you would not have “nit picked” on something that is so silly and irrelevant ….You pedantic imposter…..PSYCHOLOGY 101 DB ….I can tell you like to give, but cant take. (Typical) …I can also tell that you suffer from an inferiority complex -You cowardly attack some one, they respond; and then you attempt to reverse the attack by pretending that you are the victim ….Another thing you have done is that you assume some moral high ground and pretend to be some noble, eloquent, well intended, above board individual (sickening)…”He that is without sin cast the first stone:” (AND SO YOU DID )…..To top if off, you try to be insulting….. DB there is no insult given or any taken ….What you have attempted to do is called DEFLECTION ….by the way you are not very skilled at it -(the stupid commentary on English lessons) ….Conclusion, you are a pusillanimous, irrational being whom I think is not worthy of any further response from me because I ve got you figured out…. As they say, its all in the name DIRT BAG…My sincere best wishes to you.

  28. Moe

    Ian….I want to make contact with you on the matter we discussed but not by e-mail….

  29. Dirtbag

    Ladies, Gentlemen and Moe, I hereby rest my case. Moe’s response speaks for itself and demonstrates perfectly the point both Rastaman and I have been making. May the good Lord have mercy on Barbados if people of this ilk are our future leaders.

    Ps. Ian, how about you in the vein of a Don King, arrange a rumble tumble between Moe and Racquel? Guaranteed publicity for your site, I assure you.

  30. rastaman

    @Dirtbag:;.Good thing she does not write on blogs and does not purport any political agenda cause if she did our asses would be grass.LOL

  31. Moe

    Thanks Gentlemen….Have a good day ..By the way you guys didnt wish me Happy International Womens Day …Rastaman I like you ..you kool…. Hey Dirtbag did you look up …” the words” …..the English scholar you are…Gentlemen its been a pleasure (white ? black ? lol)..I will be a future leader (wink) and you will support me ..the world needs good strong women around who dont take kindly to unjustified attacks but can defend themselves when the need arises …..Dont get scared ….I will be a good leader by the grace of God …..lol lol

  32. Moe

    By the way what sort of man or adult would want to instigate a cat fight/face off…Have you no respect or shame ….U attack me on this blog .. ..not RG …my beef is with you …RG dont bother me…. be a man ..for crying out loud.. call me on the call in prog ..maybe we can have a debate Dirtbag you seem to be after me and keep letting me down

  33. Moe

    Dirt bag “people of this ilk’ ..are you serious …slavery is over …..blacks are no longer docile creatures with no common sense…. What kind of racists/ classist are you Dirtbag .? ..I suppose you are a better “ilk” than me ..what qualifies you Dirtbag ? The colour of your skin, your family history and background ? ..Lord have mercy on you..

  34. Moe

    Why do you people keep ganging up to make a point ..I dont gang up with any one ..I stand alone …..Rastaman you should use a nother name ….its really shameful and cowardly to denigrate a persons name by using it ….poor black people ..its happening again

  35. millertheanunnaki

    @Moe March 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm
    “……. blacks are no longer docile creatures with no common sense…..”

    Since when this change occur? You are NOT referring to blacks in Barbados, are you?

    The situation on the ground does not corroborate your assertions. If you wish me to produce the evidence to substantiate my rebuttal of your claim I will gladly do so to show how blacks in Bim are just “glorified” slaves aka servants and not masters of their own social and economic fates.

  36. rastaman

    It is really amazing how “Moe” can come to the conclusion that “we” are MEN.But then again she is always right and must have the last word.

  37. Dirtbag

    Moe, my dear, you are hilarious. You are so riled up. You keep taking the bait and reinforcing the public perception of you as an argumentative, combative know it all. How did you manage to draw race and gender into this? For all you know, I could be pink. Calling your programme would be a waste of time because you would do your usual call termination tactic when in Bajan cricketing parlance, de licks get too hot. As for you or indeed someone of your ilk being my future leader, it will never happen. I would pack up and leave first. The benefits of dual citizenship my dear Moe. I think living under Canada’s farcical multicultural policy would be much more bearable.

    Ps. Moe, I am not after you. Please do away with the false sense of importance. I merely find it entertaining the manner in which you keep exposing yourself here in full view of the public. Oh, and surely someone with your level of intellect can distinguish a typo from a grammatical or spelling error.

  38. Samuel

    Wait how wunna do my girl Maureen so bad nuh? I know she does be a bit abrasive sometimes but how wunna cud want to see she in a fight wid Racquel? Wunna see how Racquel look? She wud beat down poor Maureen even wid de lil extra pounds Maureen add on recently. But all de talk I wud not mind seeing de two of dem wrestling in some mud. Mek a brudder turn he mind foolish.

  39. millertheanunnaki

    @Dirtbag: March 9, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I like you style of writing. Bitingly sarcastic but tempered with euphemism to blunt the sharp and crass sophistry of the mooing Moe.

    Poor Moe, unable to match your ‘sophisticated’ style of writing or strength of argument!
    Then again, she might not have benefited from the luxury of English Literature especially at the “A” level.

    Let the poor soul go on her way with a misplaced sense of importance in the grand scheme of things. You must always keep in mind that Bajans who have not had the fortune of living in a more ‘interesting’ cultural environment all feel among themselves that their copycat 21×14 or 2×3 or whatever coral atoll is the hub of the planetary wheel around which the entire world must revolve.
    Let her be before you bag the intellectual dirt for final disposal.

  40. Wow, I had no Idea this tussle was going on – Moe? Stop bickering, ppl does talk about me here too and I do not always go on {for the majority, certainly not with the Politrix most times nor the SSA when I was there 😉 } Those who did watch the video, I apologise for the audio quality I was 12 feet from the speaker, I really need to look at purchasing Vid-Cam with a a Directional Mic

    I expose this kind of behaviour since it is unnecessary in this day and age, if Arthur and Mottley can handle issues alone and only use quotes to be acerbic or make points (OSA does Cromwell and Joyce, while Mia uses Buju Banton & Li’l Rick – Sir Richard uses Lenin) then why can’t they? Raise the bar, man! But I appreciate…

  41. Moe


  42. Moe

    Ian no horrors I understand how it can be with the technonlogy..your postings do attract much discussion ……I guess it goes with the territory. Thanks its been a pleasure, I am gone ….let these guys continue to expose me and beat me down …..”STILL I RISE “..lollol as they say CANT KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN…bless

  43. rastaman

    All I can say to Moe is “wuhloss”.Just as we expected.

  44. Dirtbag

    Moe Moe Moe, how sensationalist: use of caps lock, “whipped into submission, “flogging”, “slave child”, “troops”, “decimate”. A person venturing onto this blog may believe this is some war journal or tabloid article. Do you actually believe that you are being subjected to the same type of barbarous beatings a slave in Barbados would have had to endure? This makes absolutely no sense. I can understand your need to convey the impression of being attacked innocently, but can you not find a better analogy to put forward to the reading public? This “attack” you believe you are under does not mean you will be a great person in 166 sq. mile Barbados. I can’t speak for the others, who contrary to your assertion about me bringing in my troops I do not know, but I am just having some fun with you. I finished a project I was working on earlier than expected and have some downtime on my hands. I need some entertainment and at the moment you are providing it for me. It has nothing to do with your level of importance but everything to do with an uptight person who responds in the most irrational manner to a bit of banter. A word of advice: it would work wonders for your work and personal relationships and for your quest to be a fixture in the public eye if you would simply shut your mouth sometimes and listen.

    Ps. I must admit, the “whipped into submission” thought is quite exciting, but in quite a different context.

  45. millertheanunnaki

    @ Moe March 10, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Hi, Moe!
    Just want to say hello. Now, don’t get your “knickers in a twist” over the perceived ganging up to rob you of your intellectual innocence and virginity.
    We know you like to punch above your weight (and height) when dealing with local pseudo academics and brainwashed religious nutcases.
    But when you attempt to enter the intellectual heavy weight division you cannot come with kid’s gloves on.

    You must be prepared to take some good punches, some occasional dirt thrown at you and even some hard grinding from the miller. Hope you can handle it, every inch of the wood we would be putting in your fire to keep you boiling.

    Welcome, Moe, to the parliament of hard knocks. Glad to see you stepping up to the plate and representing that other half of Barbados in whom much has been invested since 1962. “To whom much is given much is expected!”

    Your contributions are greatly appreciated but just wear some leather or rubber to protect your soft and thin skin from the stroking and jabbing while carrying the bag of dirty grist to the mill.

    Stay in touch!
    From Secret Admirer (the miller’s son)

  46. Samuel

    But wait Sammy just was by some buddies liming and my main man dat tell me bout dis here blog tell me to check out de latest thing bout Moe. Wunna want to give Sammy boy a heart attack? Wunna know what thinking bout Moe and Racquel and whips and leather does do to a man? Oh gosh put muh in de middle of dat dere whipping session. Oh my gosh if my mistress come in hay now and see muh all excited she gine throw a fit.

  47. Moe

    FACTS .
    1) Rastaman and Dirt bag calls me a cantankerous know it all …
    2) Rastaman and Dirtbag accuses me of thinking I am more important than I really am ….
    3)Rastaman and Dirtbag accuses me of being abrasive, defensive and exposing myself to the public…
    4) Dirtbag pretends to proceed on some pseudo eleoquent intellectual high to scold and mock me about spelling on grammar on this medium that really isnt important…(the style of a journalists or former journalist)
    5) Dirtbag criticised and condescended to me while making reference to my “ilk” suggesting that he is of some priviliged class and stature that I am not of ….
    6) Dirtbag attempts to insult me by calling me poor and unsophisticated…
    7) Dirtbag claims to be more mature and of a higher intellectual class and creed tcompared to me ……
    8) Dirtbag resorted to the use of deflection to the extent that he even went as far as to instigate some uncivilised cat fight betwen me another human being…..
    9) Millertheanunniaki calls me “dirt” inspired to take sides by the writings of Dirtbag ….
    10) Dirt bag claims he fears being cut off the prog if he should call me ..of course that depends on what he wants to discuss .

  48. Moe

    Since I am exposing my self to the public let the public be aware..One thing have I, on myside is that justice and fairness always prevails for me…He that is first to present a criticism seems right; until another steps forward to prove him wrong .
    1) Who started this silly nonsensical critique ?
    2) What is the purpose and rationale for such actions?
    3) Did I make public self agrandising statements or compared myself to anyone here on this blog ?
    4) Do you know me ?… how then do you accuse/describe me of being prideful; thinking myself to be more important than I really am; cantankerous know it all; unsophisticated and of no particular class or creed; immature; unschooled in english grammar; unintellectual (yet a “know it all’); and being nothing of quality and substance to be a future leader
    5) Do you know the above to be true of my character ?
    6) Did I complain about the opinionated words used to describe myself and did I not offer an adequate response in my defense to my attackers,
    7) Did I attack anyone for who they are or offered a critique on the individuals and more importantly do I know any or all of you ? Yet I find it so profound that you know me
    8) Is it not the right of a person to defend themselves when they face adverserial, malicious and deceitful commentary about themselves based on some else’s complex ?
    9) Where is the shame or when it is shameful for an accused to defend one self in the face of public duplicitious critisms ?
    10) Since when are persons under attack forbidden to respond to their accusers in a manner that is equally proportioned to the attack ?

  49. Moe

    Gentlemen I know I said I was done …Dirt bag with all the eloquence in the world, who you are, does not remain hidden from me, even though you attempt to camouflage it with style and flair in writing….Your true self comes to light and it takes someone with wisdom and understanding to see straight pass it to get to you ..You could learn a lot from a dummy…I think you more than anyone else here exposed your self….Yet I feel I know who you are; but be that as it may …You DIRTBAG are the one who is combative . You Dirtbag are the one who is full of hubris and think more highly of yourself than you aught to..You Dirtbag are whose conscience is dead and you are the one without any sophistication and moral fibre. Need I say more
    Remarkably the sad thing about it all of this is that you are a COWARD with little or no relevance, and no contribution left to make to this society; except to publicaly and scornfully decry or insult and ridicule those who might have some potential.
    You and your ancestors have a debt to answer but for now you can only satisfy your inner conscience that you have prevailed in “bigging up your self” at the expense of another human being; whom you fear ..It is something that you and your ancestors have done for a long time …..I think you should start packing to move to Canada to join your family, it is as you said; you would stand a better chance finding relevance there than you would here …However I hope that you and the plastic Rastaman and Millertheanunnuaki live to see the day when your commentaries are nothing more than mere wasted thoughts, expressions and energies expounded to no significant end ….You probably didnt think that when you and Rasta man made your comments about me that it would go this far ..Wrong !….Its time people started taking on cowards like you who make such comments about people that you dont know …Have long lives gentlemen, please dont die .

  50. millertheanunnaki

    @ Moe:

    You are really steamy! We love you so; passionate, wet and dripping with intellectual sweat, assertive and prepared to match any man word for word. That’s what I like in an educated woman!
    One thing I must say really stands out about you is that you do NOT play the “Gender” card. You stand up like a real woman and take your licks: woman to man.
    If Dirtbag implied any thing about his racial superiority and ancestral advantages, I don’t think he meant it that way. He is too intelligent to stoop so low to the dirtiest of levels.
    Anyway Moe, keep up the passion that the miller has ignited in you. You see, that long piece of wood has really stoked that fire inside of you. Now don’t let down the miller. We have put a lot of ironclad confidence inside of you and we expect you to reach that phase of intellectual ecstasy when you would say “I have arrived!”

  51. Dirtbag

    Millertheanunnaki, I wish I could write like you. I disagree about Moe being an educated woman however. She certainly does not articulate herself like one.

    Moe, you lost the caps in your latest rantings. I see your interaction with us has succeeded in some improvement. Obviously, the improvement has been minimal because nothing else you wrote indicates otherwise. Apparently my ancestors, who came to Barbados on the same slave ship that Moe’s ancestors came on, have a debt to pay. Moe, pray tell, what debt is that? I was not aware that our people had to pay the English to be brought across the Atlantic.

    Keep playing the victim card my dear. Just make sure you keep on being as Millertheanunnaki says, steamy, wet and dripping. Oh my, this passion of yours is starting to have an unexpected effect on me. I might just call the programme to ask you out on a date. Hope Racquel doesn’t get jealous now. We don’t want to have a scene outside the station now do we? Although the thought of you two ladies engaging in a cat fight over moi sends shivers up my spine.

  52. boarcatrules

    The fact is Deadvid get bull by CLICO after he help CLICO bull everybody.

  53. BFP? This last entry is what the infamous & so-called “Philosopher King” always refers to the late DT as…

    I thought they had a Lifetime Ban? Really Grungy! If you know what I mean?