Counterfeit cancer drug Avastin: Barbados in vortex of international investigation

Updated: March 7, 2012 7:29am AST

Two weeks after BFP broke the story of the connections between and Barbados black-market drug supplier Tom Haughton, the Wall Street Journal publishes further details.

Wall Street Journal says Barbados fake cancer drugs group businessman Tom Haughton is brother-in-law to Kris Thorkelson of

Story says Haughton’s companies violated United States laws. Haughton says his companies are legal in the countries where they are located.

More coming.

Updated: February 22, 2012 6:42am AST

Canada associated with Barbados fake cancer drugs group

Barbados Free Press has discovered that is associated with the Tom Haughton Barbados internet drug empire under investigation for selling fake Avastin anti-cancer drug. The domain name is registered to GDS Licensing Ltd, one of the Tom Haughton Barbados companies.

But when customers attempt to visit ‘’, they are directed to Barbados Free Press has video of this happening from and from other Barbados group websites. The same thing happens with and other domains.

LinkedIn says ‘Director of e-business’ is Brock Gunter-Smith, Alex Herriot is COO, Kris Thorkelson is owner, Peer Allan is Manager of Software Development. Evelyn Mayor is Director Human Resources. and are the same operation.

Updated: February 18, 2012 5:11am AST

Added some new companies and domain names at the end sections of this post. (Marcus)

Original post first published February 17, 2012…

(above from CBS News: Warrens Industrial Park, Barbados)

Barbados “Rogue Internet Pharmacy*” operation has thousands of online names – sells prescription drugs online – not authorized distributor of genuine Roche anti-cancer drugs

Fake chemo-therapy medicine contains NO active ingredients.

Barbados Free Press new investigation breaks original CBS News report wide open: Tom Haughton’s Barbados-based online drug distribution empire.

ONLY at Barbados Free Press…

Operating “on the fringe”

Does he know yet? Donville Inniss, Minister of Health

Dozens of medical centres and doctors in the United States purchased fake Avastin chemo-therapy drugs that originated from a supposed US operation called “Montana Health Care Solutions”.

But “Montana Health Care Solutions” appears to be one of the numerous front operations for a Barbados-based group involved in unauthorized online sales of prescription drugs worldwide. Addresses in Montana, Alberta Canada, and Minnesota are involved, but those places are way too cold – the real action is in Barbados!

Like it or not, thanks to a man named Tom Haughton and his Barbados businesses, employees and associates – Barbados is about to become known as an epicenter in the dangerous world of black-market fake prescription drugs.

CBS News and the FDA won’t name names – Barbados Free Press will.

The US FDA issued a flurry of alerts in the last few weeks and things heated up a few hours ago when CBS News broadcast a story with reporting from Barbados. According to the video above, CBS News spoke with the unnamed Barbados company through their unnamed spokesperson, who said basically “Wuhloss! Big surprise to us too! We’re working with the authorities and won’t say anything else.”

CBS and the FDA won’t name the names but Barbados Free Press will. And we’ve discovered some hidden connections that CBS and the FDA haven’t yet mentioned. If the FDA and CBS missed some information that we’ve uncovered, well… you’re welcome, guys!

A word of caution to our readers…

This is a fast breaking story and we’re digging up some facts in the middle of the night that we haven’t seen anywhere else. Just remember that BFP is a little homegrown anonymous Barbados news and opinions website, so use our story as your jumping off point but do your own research before you take anything here as gospel. That goes for anything you read or here anywhere – even at CBS News or the FDA. Hey… don’t forget, Dan Rather used to work for CBS News and we know all about him!

Who supplies drugs to our Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

Although this is a story about the international distribution of fake chemotherapy drugs, Bajans – and especially our Health Minister Donville Inniss – should be demanding immediate answers about the supply of our own medicines. Did our health system purchase drugs from the operations under investigation? Did we purchase any drugs online? Health Minister Inniss is very familiar with internet marketing of teenage pornography, goods and services, international front corporations and secret offshore banking so maybe he can act as a resource during the current black-market prescription drug investigations.


If the above embedded video isn’t working, here are a few more links:

CBS News video at CBS

CBS News video on YouTube (embedding disabled)

CBS News story: Fake Avastin tied to small Montana distributor

Here is what BFP knows so far about Fake Avastin

February 17, 2012 – 1:01am AST Bridgetown Barbados (12:01am EST, Brooklyn, New York)

For the last month, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and other authorities in the UK and Denmark have been investigating the black-market supply of fake Roche Avastin – an intravenous chemo-therapy drug.

The drugs are dangerous fakes because unlike counterfeit drugs that at least try to copy real products, the current Avastin black-market fakes contain no active ingredients at all. Patients treated with the fake drugs receive no benefit.

A couple of dozen US medical centres and doctors purchased fake Roche Avastin chemo-therapy drugs that were distributed by a US operation called Volunteer Distribution in Gainesboro, Tennessee.

The source of the fake Avastin is described as a “foreign supplier” called “Quality Specialty Products” (QSP) also known as “Montana Health Care Solutions”.

“Montana Health Care Solutions” is supposedly based in Belgrade, Montana, USA and involved a man called Paul Bottomley – who told CBS News the company was closed in 2010.

It is interesting that Mr. Bottomley told CBS News that the company closed in 2010, because we found that on May 21, 2011 the Bozeman Daily Chronicle interviewed Mr. Bottomley as “business development director at Montana Healthcare Solutions”. Hmmmmmmm… it looks like Mr. Bottomley lied to CBS News about Montana Healthcare Solutions being closed in 2010. Imagine that!

CBS News continues…

“But in March, 2011, one doctor’s office we contacted received a price sheet from the company, showing Paul Bottomley as the company’s “Business Development Director”

click photo for larger

Barbados Free Press noticed that the CBS News price sheet shows two 800 phone numbers and an email address.

Phone: 1-800-844-1390

Fax: 1-800-844-2074


That price sheet email address “” leads right to a Barbados company called Rockley Ventures LTD, a chap named Tom Haughton and a woman named (NAME REMOVED BY BFP EDITOR CLIVE upon request) listed at LinkedIn as “Accounts Administrator at Rockley Ventures Ltd”.

“Barbados Free Press connected almost 4,000 Internet domains and websites with Mr. Haughton and his Barbados operations. So far all that we’ve been able to visit are involved in the dark world of the distribution of prescription drugs over the Internet.”

Yup, that MTCHCS.US domain name was transferred in February 2011 to:

Tom Haughton, Rockley Ventures LTD, Suite #41, One Accord Plaza, Warrens Industrial Park, St Michael BB23027 Barbados BB +1.2464240434

You can check out the domain registrations for yourself at

And then it started to get more interesting…

Here’s some of the almost 4,000 internet names and operations associated with Mr. Haughton and his Barbados online drug supply net. As soon as I list a few I’m going to post this at Barbados Free Press – and then I’ll be back putting in some links and photos.

Add to the Knowledge Base in the comments.

Let’s see what our readers can come up with to fill in some of the blanks about this important breaking story.

click photo for larger

A few of the Barbados names, domains, addresses, companies we’ve stumbled across in this story…

Websites & Domains

There are so many associated with Mr. Haughton – thousands – that we’ll place only a few here.

* (* Called a “Rogue Internet Pharmacy … drugs come from India and routed through Barbados” in a report “Yahoo! Internet Pharmacy Advertisements: A closer look at rogue Internet pharmacies sponsored by Yahoo!ʼs online advertising program. A joint report by legitscript and knujon August 17, 2009”)

Companies or Businesses


“Distributor/Wholesaler Pharmaceuticals, Non Rx Meds, Medical Devices Unit 2-28 Warrens Industrial Park, Annual sales US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million

Mr. Tom Haughton CD (BARBADOS) LOGISTICS CO LTD Unit 2-28 Warrens Industrial Park Warrens St. Michael Barbados BB22026 1-246-4387243 1-246-4248360″  (source:

GDS Licensing LTD

GDS Licensing LTD

Unit 2 – 28 Warrens Industrial Park

St Michael,  BB22026 BB

GDS Licensing LTD

Tom Haughton

Unit 2 – 28 Warrens Industrial Park

St Michael,  BB22026 BB

Phone: +1.2464240434  (source: domain info for

Global Drug Supply Ltd.

Company Name:    Global Drug Supply Ltd.
Business Type:    Distributor/Wholesaler
(We Sell):    Pharmaceuticals
Address:    Unit 5-28 Warrens Industrial Park
Contact Person:    Mr. Tom Haughton
Company Name:    Global Drug Supply Ltd.
Street Address:    Unit 5-28 Warrens Industrial Pk
City:    Warrens
Province/State:    St Michael
Country/Region:    Barbados
Zip:    22026
Telephone:    1-246-4387243  (source:

Gelbrundt GMBH

Gelbrundt GMBH
Contact Person:    Tom Haughton
Job Title:    President
Location:    Barbados – Christ Church
Companies from Barbados
Trade Leads from Barbados
Products from Barbados
Classification(s):    Health & Beauty – Drugs & Medications
Primary Business Type(s):    Distributor / Wholesaler

Rockley Ventures Ltd

Rockley Ventures Ltd

MTCHCS.US domain name was transferred in February 2011 to:

Tom Haughton, Rockley Ventures LTD, Suite #41, One Accord Plaza, Warrens Industrial Park, St Michael BB23027 Barbados BB +1.2464240434

Willyn Management Services Inc

Company Name:    Willyn Management Services Inc
Address:    Unit 2-28 Warrens Industrial Park, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados
Tel:    1-246-2569091
Fax:    1-246-4248360
Contact Person:     Mr. Tom Haughton

We are a pharmacuetical distributor for the caribbean and nearby countries. We source and sell high quality medications at fair prices. We are located in warrens industrial park-in Barbados and currently have 8 staff.

Main Products:    Pharmaceuticals, Non Rx Meds, Medical Devices
Business Type:    Distributor/Wholesaler
No. of Employees:    5 – 10 People
Estimated Annual Sales (USD):    US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million
Year Established:    2006 (Source – Date: Dec.05, 2006 From:


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17 responses to “Counterfeit cancer drug Avastin: Barbados in vortex of international investigation

  1. Peazle

    A year of two ago I obtained some medicines locally that I had been prescribed and been using overseas. The local medicines had little or no beneficial effects and no side-effects (the overseas version had the known side-effect of knocking you out for the night and the local ones had no sleepy effect at all). I raised the possibility with the pharmacy and informally with the Ministry that the medicines might be counterfeit but no-one wanted to hear.

  2. WordSong

    OMG!!! Yet another scandal with international implications. I say no more.

  3. Ganja Gangsta

    How I get de medical grade ganja I be needin’ so bad when my regular supply been cut by de BIM police?
    Do I got to write to de internet or can I jus’ stop in de office and pay wit cash?
    Dis gansta needin help by end of day since a big party brewin’ da weekend.

  4. cg

    Ganja Gangsta, GROW YOUR OWN.

  5. Bystander

    My research shows that there is a corporate connection between the Bdos and the UK company in the form of common directors and shareholders. However, the local company is an IBC and hence comes under the Ministry of Intl Business. The Barbados Drug Service does not regulate them as they are not selling any products in Barbados nor does the BDS buy any products from them.
    However, concerns were raised before about their presence here (came under BLP time) as they risk to Bdos name on the intl market and the BDS has sought to monitor them.

  6. clipper

    What a terrible thing to do to a cancer patient. Can you imagine going for chemo and getting fake drugs that have no medicine in them? A person who would do a thing like that needs to be put away at Dodds for eternity never to see the light of day again.

    With thousands of online drug stores this Mr. Tom Haughton is in some different reality. Clearly the company or companies don’t test the drugs they pruchase. I wonder if they take any steps to verify the origin of the drugs?

    Is this Mr. Haughton a Barbadian? Surely not!

    I am surprised that the cbs news staff didn’t go a little further and discover what BFP did.

  7. clipper

    Bystander, what company are you talking about in the UK? Do they have a website? What is the official company name and address?

  8. Glaucoma AND Asthma patient!

    I too be needing med.grade cannabis to address two ailments I suffer wid
    See my name above. Cannabis addresses both ailments very well yet it has been illegalized by USA, and Barbados and the rest of the world fall into lockstep, post 1937.
    Does Government realize how much asthma and glaucoma is being held in check by people using this “drug” on the side?
    If Cannabis were entirely eliminated from this island, asthma rates would soar, glaucoma rates would soar and Min.of Health would find itself in a terrible bind! because they cannot assist that many people BigPharma-medically
    Btw I hear the Police is who making the real big money on de good ting, now that prices on the street are sky high.
    Seems “taxation” levels have recently soared. I glad though coz govt wouldnt pay the Police properly and so some of them get into the trade in order to get rich quick. Good reason to sign up for the Force, no? so why are applicants lacking?

  9. Ganja Gangster

    G&A patient, I don’t want or need no carnabis! Ain’t dat the waxy s*** what you put on leather to make it soft? I be needin’ GANJA, dammit. An what fool be tellin me I need to GROW it?? How I goin’ do dat overnight, fool!?
    An, on top all dat, my pesky theivin neighbors, Willy & Rib Bone jes’ goin’ to sneak over to my patch in da middle of de nite and harvest all de work and swet of my brow cause them fools be too lazy to grow dey own.
    And hoo de police offiser I needs to reach out to for heppin me out in da hour of my need? Me and de Road Gang Posse be needin’ our trash TONIGHT.
    Plese gimme da number you mobile so’s we can hookup an be makin’ a lifetime frendship.
    You NEW bud-Ganja Gangster

  10. 59

    If this sh#¥ got anything to do with my mother’s death in 2010 a 5 year cancer patient of the QEH. Somebody got to pay. I aint going letlet this past. Somebody tell me this aint true

  11. Anonymous

    Clipper. Go have BFP do the research. They are so hell bent on promoting any nasty lies about Barbados and Barbadian politicians that they dont have the time to go do serious checks.

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  13. Miss Observer

    What people don’t know is that man Tom Haughton is a terrorist. He terrorizes his staff into submission. I am currently employed there and all of the staff are bullied and threatened with job security if they speak out against his wrong doings. People have even being fired for having a voice. If he ever hears that you are planning to join a union you are definitely out. He changed our job contracts with out our approval. He said that we will be fired if we do not turn up for the Xmas party. These are just a few of the things the man have done. I am of the strong view that he is racist and thinks that because we a a third world country he can rub sh….t in people’s face and we have to take it.

  14. Pingback: Barbados internet drug companies accused of ‘playing russian roulette’ with patients’ lives and health | Barbados Free Press

  15. Anonymous

    Miss Observer, are you serious? Prove it.
    Show me your picture with him or your work garb. Don’t believe you

  16. Michael Saunders

    Name: Michael Saunders
    Message: I have been investigating this matter for the past two years. I realize that your government has taken a hands off approach to Mr. Tom Houghton but what has raised my interest is to just why????? In going over the numerous bank transactions that are controlled by (or where controlled by when this was prevalent) I have been able to find numerous amounts of monies that were transferred to your country but no paper trail was evident (or non that I could find), With just over $1,750,000.00 USA suddenly going missing (being withdrawn) with no apparent paper trail raises immediate red flags. It was shortly after that when Mr. Haughton had the investigation stalled and numerous items overlooked. It was also when official decisions relating to this matter suddenly changed and numerous investigations suddenly ceased…… What I would like to find out is just how many people in influential positions suddenly had inflated bank accounts????? It is a well-known fact that Mr. Thorkelson and Mr. Haughton has utilized their inflated bank accounts to make investigations suddenly become a non-issue,,,,,is this the case with what transpired in your company. They did not choice Barbados as a place where they could do business by chance……they knew that with the proper spreading of graft that they could operate without any interference from your authorities……But I wonder just how high up did this influence migrate??????? As i stated I do not have a defined paper trail and with the numerous levels of interference in my investigations I can see just why this cannot transpire. Last month I was informed that I am stepping on the toes of people who I should not look at…….and this warning has come from three different people directly connected to your government…… I just wonder who has their knickers in a knot when I have made inquiries concerning this case. M.N.Saunders

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