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Disgusting speech by BLP’s Clyde Mascoll: implies dead PM David Thompson was homosexual, gay.

How much lower can Clyde Mascoll go?

I couldn’t care what colour of the rainbow that David Thompson or anyone else is. I couldn’t care if he was gay. Or straight. Or purple.

But if I wanted to call David Thompson “gay” I’d at least have the integrity and cojones to say it while he was alive.

Clyde Mascoll is a pathetic little man.

From The Bajan Reporter…

In Barbados it is claimed one cannot libel the dead, so seeking to what appeared tantamount of capitalising on a cheap Pot Shot at former Colleague David Thompson, the PM who died of Pancreatic Cancer in October 2010, Economist for the Barbados Labour Party – Clyde “Political Quisling” Mascoll – seemed to have implied at least twice that the former leader could have been gay. What bearing does that have on the current Fiscal Crisis which Bajans from all walks of Life are now enduring? The economist needs to stay with money matters…

… Ian Bourne fires a well-deserved broadside at Clyde Mascoll: Barbados Labour Party’s Economist uses cheap tactic of Homophobia on a Dead Prime Minister


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Counterfeit cancer drug Avastin: Barbados in vortex of international investigation

Updated: March 7, 2012 7:29am AST

Two weeks after BFP broke the story of the connections between CanadaDrugs.com and Barbados black-market drug supplier Tom Haughton, the Wall Street Journal publishes further details.

Wall Street Journal says Barbados fake cancer drugs group businessman Tom Haughton is brother-in-law to Kris Thorkelson of CanadaDrugs.com.

Story says Haughton’s companies violated United States laws. Haughton says his companies are legal in the countries where they are located.

More coming.

Updated: February 22, 2012 6:42am AST

Canada Drugs.com associated with Barbados fake cancer drugs group

Barbados Free Press has discovered that CanadaDrugs.com is associated with the Tom Haughton Barbados internet drug empire under investigation for selling fake Avastin anti-cancer drug. The domain name kdrug.net is registered to GDS Licensing Ltd, one of the Tom Haughton Barbados companies.

But when customers attempt to visit ‘kdrug.net’, they are directed to CanadaDrugs.com. Barbados Free Press has video of this happening from kdrug.net and from other Barbados group websites. The same thing happens with RxNorth.com and other domains.

LinkedIn says CanadaDrug.com ‘Director of e-business’ is Brock Gunter-Smith, Alex Herriot is COO, Kris Thorkelson is owner, Peer Allan is Manager of Software Development. Evelyn Mayor is Director Human Resources. CanadaDrugS.com and CanadaDrug.com are the same operation.

Updated: February 18, 2012 5:11am AST

Added some new companies and domain names at the end sections of this post. (Marcus)

Original post first published February 17, 2012…

(above from CBS News: Warrens Industrial Park, Barbados)

Barbados “Rogue Internet Pharmacy*” operation has thousands of online names – sells prescription drugs online – not authorized distributor of genuine Roche anti-cancer drugs

Fake chemo-therapy medicine contains NO active ingredients.

Barbados Free Press new investigation breaks original CBS News report wide open: Tom Haughton’s Barbados-based online drug distribution empire.

ONLY at Barbados Free Press…

Operating “on the fringe”

Does he know yet? Donville Inniss, Minister of Health

Dozens of medical centres and doctors in the United States purchased fake Avastin chemo-therapy drugs that originated from a supposed US operation called “Montana Health Care Solutions”.

But “Montana Health Care Solutions” appears to be one of the numerous front operations for a Barbados-based group involved in unauthorized online sales of prescription drugs worldwide. Addresses in Montana, Alberta Canada, and Minnesota are involved, but those places are way too cold – the real action is in Barbados!

Like it or not, thanks to a man named Tom Haughton and his Barbados businesses, employees and associates – Barbados is about to become known as an epicenter in the dangerous world of black-market fake prescription drugs.

CBS News and the FDA won’t name names – Barbados Free Press will. Continue reading


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