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The shared legacy of Chief Justice Simmons and Commissioner of Police Dottin

Missing and incomplete police court files

Submitted by ‘JW’

Sometimes when things go wrong with the court or with the police, it is a money issue for which the blame should fall squarely on the BLP and DLP politicians who starved the courts and police budgets for two decades.

Sometimes though, what goes wrong is not a money issue or an equipment issue or a lack of laws issue.

Sometimes it’s all about poor leadership and unprofessional management.

This is one of those times.

When court and police management don’t set standards and monitor compliance and performance you can expect exactly this to happen: just as it has been happening for years…

Chaos in the courts

If this sounds like chaos to you, you’re getting the picture. For years Chief Justice Simmons was obsessed with building a shiny new court, and he ignored managing the process in the courts. For years Commissioner of Police Dottin was obsessed with arresting criminals and he ignored managing the prosecution procedures – what happens to the criminals after they are arrested.

The end result is what we have today in 2012: a broken system that could be fixed with a little top-down attention in the courts and the police. It would take leadership and management skills to fix this, and not much of anything else.

I hope our new Chief Justice is listening.

Submitted by JW

Editor’s note: We encourage our readers to visit the Nation News website to read the following newspaper story, but we have to reprint the entire story here because the Nation has proven many times that it deletes or modifies stories to suit political agendas.

Please read The Nation story Call for new police procedures

Call for new police procedures

A lack of files with which to prosecute matters has left the newest magistrate on the Bench upset and calling for new procedures by police.

Magistrate Graveney Bannister said there was no reason why matters from 2009 should be without the relevant documents. Continue reading


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