Meet Adele’s musical director: Barbadian Miles Robertson

Hard work and talent

They say that no matter where you travel, you’ll find a Bajan – and last year that would have included on stage at the Royal Albert Hall when Miles Robertson played keyboards for British sensation (and big-time Grammy winner) Adele.

In the above video Miles talks about his career and how he ended up becoming Adele’s music director and keyboardist. You can see Miles on stage throughout the DVD ‘Adele – Live at the Royal Albert Hall’

So here’s another highly successful Barbadian that we’ve never seen featured on the CBC or showcased by the Barbados Tourism Authority. Yamaha seems to think enough of Miles Robertson that they signed him to a worldwide advertising campaign for Yamaha keyboards, but hey… maybe the BTA blew the entire budget on Rihanna.

The Yamaha campaign mentions that Miles is a Barbadian and talks about his musical family, Caribbean jazz and a host of wonderful little facts that make his story interesting. Why is the Barbados Tourism Authority never able to move quickly to capitalise on current events? When Adele took SIX Grammys in one evening and won in every category in which she was eligible – that is BIG NEWS that ties in with Barbados.

Maybe we at BFP missed it, but at the moment Miles Robertson with his Adele connection sure looks like another opportunity missed by the BTA at a time when our country needs all the positive vibes and publicity we can get.

Wake UP CBC and show a few Adele and Miles Robertson videos on TV8!

You can start with this one of Adele and Miles on stage at the Royal Albert Hall…

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19 responses to “Meet Adele’s musical director: Barbadian Miles Robertson

  1. WTF?

    To Barbados Free Press: Good story! Watch how the Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Today pick up on your story and do their own. That happens frequently with BFP and Bajan Reporter and Barbados Underground. The newspapers steal your story ideas and sometimes your words too.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s totally awesome for Miles!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paulie Poo

    Thank you for the very insightful information BFP; I’m definitely sharing this story on Facebook!

  4. 147

    Miles is an inspiration to all of the young musicians in Bim. Keep up the good work Miles ansd always be true to yourself. Barbados is proud of you.

  5. Micah

    Couldn’t tell if that was him playing piano behind Adele at the Grammys on Sunday, but congratulations to Miles on his success with her in the past year.

  6. akabozik

    The Nation did a big spread on Adele and the Grammys but they never mentioned Miles Robertson. HA HA HA HA HA! What idiots they are at The Nation. What a missed opportunity. No politician commented on it. The BTA did nothing. Not a word about the Barbados connection except from Barbados Free Press.

  7. Chicago

    How many millions did we pay our problem child RiRi?

    All the BTA know how to do is spend huge sums of money with no proven results except in a few good strategies. They don’t know how to capitalize on the internet, on viral marketing and social media. The say the words but they don’t really know how to make it work. This story about Adele’s musical director is a good example of a common scenario.

  8. Chicago

    He appears more prominently in two of the other videos at the same Youtube channel (adele’s)

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  10. simon

    Big respect to Miles….LODGE SCHOOL POWER

  11. 48

    THIS IS WHY I LOOOOOOOOOVE B’DOSFREEPRESS!!! The “official” gate keepers in B’dos are really asleep at the wheel!

  12. lowbattery...

    do they even know who his mom was? The only, Janice Millington…..

  13. lowbattery...

    well, Janice Millington-Roberson, with his dad, Raf Robertson…

  14. Anonymous

    He seems really. I wonder how he and Adele would look together… think they’d be cute…

  15. Anonymous

    Really sweet that is..musicians are so attractive..he seems so genuine…you kno..

  16. Anonymous

    Really sweet…musicians can be so enchanting.

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  18. Andrew Watson

    I just wanted to ask miles a question

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