Looking for Lisle of “My little island home”

Dear BFP

I was wondering if you had any information on a man who called himself “Lisle”. I met him in 1979 in Barbados. He recorded a record called “My Little Island Home”. I was just thinking about him and wondered if he was still kicking it?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, “B”


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  1. Tony Webster

    Lisle, would be Lisle Ward, brother of his late brother Percy, (also a serenader) and could be found at Christmas parties, birthday parties, cheering up everyone at Old Folks Homes etc banging out ballads with his trusty guitar. Ward family from Mt. Gay, St peter/ St lucy. Should be in phone book.

  2. what will they think of next

    He might be playing at Lewis drug mart Rockley today as he usually does on Valentine’s day every year.

  3. Anonymous

    Not related to the Wards from Mount Gay

  4. We met Lisle Ward about 20+years ago in Barbados. He gave my husband and I a tape he recorded because I love the song “Maryann, not sure of the spelling). What a wonderful gentleman and his family is beautiful as well. We went back again 5 years ago and saw him again. I have his old email and was wondering if anyone would have his new email address. He is also known as the “one man band”. Wow what a small world!