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Barbados must move from service to production

Barbados: We must choose our own future

by Caleale Goodridge

This is an appeal to you constructed on behalf of the Barbadian people and the security of their economic future.

Outlined is a strategy that the government can implement in order to revamp our country’s production capabilities by switching from a service-based economy; while keeping the cuts to essential sectors and welfare programs to a minimum.

I’m urging all Bajan citizens to please examine this piece for it offers ways in which the government can salvage the Barbadian economy.

A comprehensive measure that the government should take in order to ramp up our agricultural sector is to first and foremost invest money into a major upgrade of the country’s irrigation systems as well as its current infrastructure for renewable energy companies in a cost effective manner. Not to mention that: Continue reading


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Meet Adele’s musical director: Barbadian Miles Robertson

Hard work and talent

They say that no matter where you travel, you’ll find a Bajan – and last year that would have included on stage at the Royal Albert Hall when Miles Robertson played keyboards for British sensation (and big-time Grammy winner) Adele.

In the above video Miles talks about his career and how he ended up becoming Adele’s music director and keyboardist. You can see Miles on stage throughout the DVD ‘Adele – Live at the Royal Albert Hall’

So here’s another highly successful Barbadian that we’ve never seen featured on the CBC or showcased by the Barbados Tourism Authority. Yamaha seems to think enough of Miles Robertson that they signed him to a worldwide advertising campaign for Yamaha keyboards, but hey… maybe the BTA blew the entire budget on Rihanna.

The Yamaha campaign mentions that Miles is a Barbadian and talks about his musical family, Caribbean jazz and a host of wonderful little facts that make his story interesting. Why is the Barbados Tourism Authority never able to move quickly to capitalise on current events? When Adele took SIX Grammys in one evening and won in every category in which she was eligible – that is BIG NEWS that ties in with Barbados.

Maybe we at BFP missed it, but at the moment Miles Robertson with his Adele connection sure looks like another opportunity missed by the BTA at a time when our country needs all the positive vibes and publicity we can get.

Wake UP CBC and show a few Adele and Miles Robertson videos on TV8!

You can start with this one of Adele and Miles on stage at the Royal Albert Hall…

Hat Tip… give thanks to a friend


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Looking for Lisle of “My little island home”

Dear BFP

I was wondering if you had any information on a man who called himself “Lisle”. I met him in 1979 in Barbados. He recorded a record called “My Little Island Home”. I was just thinking about him and wondered if he was still kicking it?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, “B”


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