United Nations: Barbados has pretty good citizen security compared with Jamaica and Trinidad

Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security

The United Nations sums up Barbados like this: lots of thefts, but relatively less violence than in Jamaica and many other Caribbean countries.

That sounds correct to me: Bajans prefer fraud to violence any day!

But we have a problem with our youth using weapons of violence…

“The highest proportions of reported youth violence occurred in Saint Lucia (2.7 percent with weapons and 4.3 without), followed by Guyana (1.4 percent with weapons and 4.2 percent without), Trinidad and Tobago (3 percent with weapons, and 2.6 percent without) and Barbados (4 percent with weapons, and 1.3 percent without), despite the country ́s reputation for low levels of violent crime.”

DLP Manifesto makes for some sad reading at the United Nations

The UN reminds us about what the DLP said it would do if elected in 2008…

Manifesto of the Democratic Labour Party, Barbados, 2008

Royal Barbados Police Force

• Provide better remuneration for police officers

• Improve or build new police stations in designated areas

• Permit the police force to function free of political interference

• Increase the ranks in the police force and create more promotion opportunities

• Upgrade the government forensic sciences centre to help solve outstanding crimes and restore confidence in law enforcement agencies

Barbados Defence Force

•    Expand the career prospects, training opportunities, and counselling and welfare services available to all ranks

• Develop a scheme of resettlement training for persons leaving the force

•  Review and simplify the procedures dealing with pensions

• Provide new options within the pension plan for soldiers that would allow better provision to be made for the surviving spouse of a soldier who dies after retirement

• Improve the intelligence and security information-gather- ing capabilities of the Barbados Defence Force and forge closer ties with the Royal Barbados Police Force

Social Services

•    Convert Glendairy Prison into a modern, publicly funded drug treatment and rehabilitation centre

Address the following issues

•  The trade in illegal drugs

• Escalating crime and violence

• The threat of terrorism

• Preparation for and appropriate response to natural disasters

Some interesting reading at the United Nations. Once again, take it with some salt because the report is based upon the stats… and Barbados is a master when it comes to manipulating crime stats. Who could be better at manipulation than Commissioner of Police Dottin?


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5 responses to “United Nations: Barbados has pretty good citizen security compared with Jamaica and Trinidad

  1. Name

    All those promises listed!!
    99% of them have materialised as HOT AIR!
    Maybe even 100%

  2. rhubarb

    And what about the DLP promises of freedom of information, integrity legislation, declaration of assets etc.? Strange, that with elections coming up next year, not a word is heard from either party as to their plans for that vital legislation..

  3. Anonymous

    second to none i would say. no affence please

  4. Anonymous

    and highly blessed too. tek it from me

  5. millertheanunnaki

    @ Anonymous: February 27, 2012 at 7:03 am
    “second to none i would say. no affence please
    & February 27, 2012 at 7:06 am
    “and highly blessed too. tek it from me”.

    Anonymous, could please elaborate a bit and explain your comments within a context. If your are attributing these characteristics to Barbados in which ways do they apply?