American parent on excellent Facebook rant

There’s just something about this that is sooooooooooo American – but I love this guy.

My two children aren’t old enough to understand what’s happening here, but I might show it to them anyway. I haven’t decided yet.

Watch it all the way to the end… it’s worth it!

This man should be made Barbados Minister of Youth. Oh yeah…

Hell. Make him Commissioner of Police. Yup. Tomorrow!


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12 responses to “American parent on excellent Facebook rant

  1. Barbara

    I applaud this parent. Bravo! I wish all parents would discipline their children in this way but unfortunately they say that would make up excuses and say dear little Johnny or Sally couldn’t handle the punishment. Parents today wake up and do something now because it wii only get worse.

  2. mary j

    Awesome! I love this man. I would marry him tomorrow.

  3. You realise the only cursing was what he recited from his daughter’s rant? He did not hit her, so she cannot report him to Social Services – wow!

  4. 2 million hits on YouTube so far, man has 964 Friend Requests, the entry was shared 13,800 times

    The video on FB has over 13,000 comments and 29,800 people like the item on FB

    Is there a stage beyond VIRAL? He reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones with a beard and he pulled a Chuck Norris, phew!

  5. 114

    He appears to me to be an ignorant, gun toting , tobacco chewing Redneck.Like so many other a holes, he thinks shooting off a gun is so Macho!
    Surely he does not believe that his teenage daughter will now be a nice quiet girl, do her chores, and love him for being such a supportive and loving father.

  6. 15


  7. 114

    Typical American-“family” dysfunction!

    I couldn’t even watch it to the halfway-thru point.

  8. Model Parent?

    He was clearly not doing his job if his daughter at 15 was acting like he described. How did she become like that?

  9. de hood

    February 11, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Typical American-”family” dysfunction!

    I couldn’t even watch it to the halfway-thru point.
    I am certainly not an American and I could just visualise doing the same exact thing if one of my children tried that stunt with me! Some childre n really need to know quick time which lines not to cross. I would put it to you that she would think nuff times before she tried that with her father again!

  10. 114

    And I would put it top you my darling that
    as contributor “ModelParent?” quite rightly asks
    how the hell did his mouth-y, brattish 15 yr.old get like that in the first place?

    I know that my child or your child wouldn’t be trying shirt like that
    because our kids are brought up differently.
    Our kids get to That Line at about age 3 to 5 and are stopped THERE -at that point.
    We don’t wait until the hormonally-charged mid-teens to start trying to gain control! By then it’s waaaay too late!
    (as he has discovered, by having to resort to firepower).

    Discipline of children begins as early as AGE THREE MONTHS, my friend
    by which old age they have already figured out some basic manipulation trix to get what they want!
    By discipline, I do not mean physical licks, but other methodologies.

    Also please bear in mind that I did not watch the whole thing, and said so.
    I was commenting on what I’d seen up to about 40% thru
    and realized I was watching American family-dysfunction,
    for which there is little that can be done (having entered the teenage years).

    Moral of the story: START EARLY,
    doan wait til dum feel dum is big man en woman!

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