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American parent on excellent Facebook rant

There’s just something about this that is sooooooooooo American – but I love this guy.

My two children aren’t old enough to understand what’s happening here, but I might show it to them anyway. I haven’t decided yet.

Watch it all the way to the end… it’s worth it!

This man should be made Barbados Minister of Youth. Oh yeah…

Hell. Make him Commissioner of Police. Yup. Tomorrow!


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Self defense or murder? A woman’s life is only worth five years in jail.

UPDATED: February 11, 2012

Our Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock, has a record for going easy on killers of women. We’d like to see a list drawn up that features the worst of his deal-making during sentencing. The DPP’s motto seems to be “Anything to avoid a murder trial”. By now the word must be out there in the criminal world that nobody ever gets convicted of murder in Barbados: you can always do a deal.

Here’s a previous incident, but we wonder how many slip by. Feel free to list some of the other incidents that come to mind…

Barbados Chief Prosecutor: Woman “provoked” her killer by refusing sex, therefore not murder.

The Nation on Tuesday Feb 7th : “Man who killed ex-girlfriend put away for five years”.

I am wondering if there has been any discussion or outrage about this, and I have missed it. It just seems outrageous that the convicted man claims a very suspect situation to be self-defense and has been taken at his word. That the court sees fit to sentence this man to mere 5 years (which in prison time is not actually) is maddening to me! I’m sure this woman, Sonia Phillips’, family is being punished all over again at this injustice.

At the same time we are all discussing Raul Garcia who got 15 years for his offense. So if this murderer had weed in his possession at the time, he would get more time for the weed than for killing this woman?

It seems in this system a woman’s life is worth a lot less than a shipment of drugs. This is outrageous!!

I hope more people speak out about this, not just for women, but for all the murder victims in Barbados whose killers get insultingly low sentences. I speak from tragically personal experience on this issue.

Thank you for your time, and please help me speak out about this issue.

Name provided, withheld by BFP editor


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