Caricom: Rihanna shortchanging Barbados on taxes, revenues, jobs

Caribbean Journal is reporting that Adrian Augier, co-chair of the CARICOM Regional Task Force on Cultural Industries, is on the record saying that it’s time Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean took steps to capitalise on citizens who make the big time on the world stage.

Augier noted that Rihanna is not registered with the Barbados Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, that she is a billion dollar business that keeps 15,000 people employed (?!), but little of the benefits flow to Barbados.

Although Rihanna is the biggest of the Caribbean artistes, there are others in the same position.

Does Rihanna pay tax on the monies Barbados pays her to represent our tourism industry?

Caribbean Journal raises issues about where the responsibilities of citizenship and birthright begin and end when Bajans ‘strike it rich’. It would be interesting to know how much revenues Rihanna has brought to Barbados. We’re paying her to be our tourism ‘spokesperson’ but does she still have residency in Barbados? What is the law about taxes and business taxes for Bajans who make millions outside the country? (Never had to consider that issue, myself!)

Head over to Caribbean Journal for a short news article that will make you think and might even make you upset…

Caribbean Journal: Caribbean Could Derive “Significant Revenue” from Artists like Rihanna


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11 responses to “Caricom: Rihanna shortchanging Barbados on taxes, revenues, jobs

  1. what will they think of next

    These people are just targeting Barbados and Barbadians. What about the other West Indians who have doing this for years and not paying a cent?
    We need to tell them to put their advice where the monkey put the nuts.

  2. FRAUD cost us all more when you cover up and pay off with money PM/Sink

    What agreement did she sign to pay taxes to Barbados? Tell All the Ministers in Office to pay all the back taxes they owe to Barbados and the lawyers. Or pay Her taxes on all the Money she brings to Barbados World wide.Barbados tax every things . VAT VAT VAT.. Just look at the road tax VAT,, $400, $900, $1600 BDS for a year on a car, Where else in the World you pay so a year to drive and the VAT on a new car PLEASE..

  3. Sarah Daniels

    What is the Money Laundering Agency doing about this? The very government agency set up and maintained to police these wrong doings – and getting fat pay cheques are=doing nothing. Who are the losers. The public because the lost reveneues could have ploughed back into the system to provide social services for the elderly, the infirmed and the vunerable. Please tell me who or what govt Minsters or Agencies will right these wrongs.

  4. Newbie

    @ Sarah Daniels
    Government Ministers or Agencies would have to clean up their own houses first before trying to clean other peoples, wouldn’t want to be seen as hypocritical now would they? While they are at it they could also try looking at some of the foreign owned businesses that give them nothing but hot air in relation to VAT and other tax issues. This Government is owed millions in taxes because we must not upset the foreigners, we will die without FOREX.
    They may create jobs here and there (cheap labour, it’s a reciprocal process, we need money, they need workers) but then the bulk of their money is sent out of this island. All it takes is a little bit of CREATIVE ACCOUNTING.

  5. Stewpzz

    This Augier fellow is a certified idiot like he taking orders from Boo Rudder and Sach.

  6. Anonymous

    I would like the BTA to show me one tourist that came to Barbados because of Rhianna. The only one would most likely be Rhianna herself.She should give back every cent that they are paying her

  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Rihanna has not made any significant contribution to her troubled economic Barbados. The girls said she gone bad and that means bad talking her birth place and saying that her people do not like her. I would figure that a meaningful investment into the future of Barbados in some enterprise or business endeavour could contribute to job opportunities or even a nice RiRi musical studio located right in her homeland with a nice label to help the wide variety of talent we got here. But no this bitch just show her fronts, wuk-up pun ole men, do all sorts of new age illuminati devil sign shite and tell people that she is more cunt then people really realise. But she is still my girl….

  8. Passerby

    Rhi most likely is paying mucho ntaxes to the USA government, I’d beit. Also, more likely than not she has copyright protection via USA, so why would she need it in Bdos as well?

    Although I never cared for her singing, I believe in giving credit where it is due. Rhi has a manager who takes care of her financial affairs. I doubt she has time to review all her financial statements. It would be up to the IRS in America to audit her.

  9. Smiles

    Beauty fades; dumb is forever. I just hope Rhi Rhi puts aside $$ for years ahead because I’ve noticed others in the entertainment field are on top for a while and then off the radar, sometimes never to return.

  10. mason

    coscap is a racket. call them and ask them the mechanics of copyrights and how artists get royalties. no one can answer.

  11. ^ ^ ^

    Loving that statement that COSCAP IS A RACKET