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Owen Built a State-of-the-art Prison for brother Richard Arthur

Who are the real “WILD BOYS” of Barbados?

What did former Prime Minster Owen Arthur know of his brother’s criminal activities?

Contributed anonymously by “Cripto”

What does Owen Arthur mean when he says that there is nothing that will destabilize the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and that the affairs of that party will never be arranged by any private meeting between individuals? Has he forgotten his infamous: “Prior Park Accord,” when he left home in the ‘dead of the night,’ to sign a deal and the plot that over-threw the then Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley?

If: Barbadians expressing serious concern about the political leadership of the BLP turning a blind-eye to electoral fraud, voter-list rigging and “rigged-democracy” – is now to be described by Owen Arthur as a “mocked division” – then law-abiding citizens have every right to conclude that another Arthur should also be remanded to prison.

The point remains that Owen Arthur and his ‘indiscipline and un-governable gang of five,’ “ousted” Mia Mottley and along with their strategically placed operatives and goon squad – have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond. All of that is the extent of the same rigging Rawle Eastmond warned about?

On the very day the media was reporting that a man was gun-down and riddled with bullets on a Mini-bus, one Arthur was being charged with the illegal possession of 102 rounds of ammunition.

read about Owen Arthur’s brother right here!

This has to be embarrassing, and as a result, the other Arthur might have to quietly change his view about who the real “wild boys” of Barbados, are! Is Barbados now to be run by: “The Arthur Crime Family?” Continue reading


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Cornwall Coroner: “Absolute tragedy” – Barbados-born dentist Dr. Darren Eastmond inspired others, died accidentally

Dr. Darren Eastmond was returning to Barbados to practice dentistry

Our prayers go out once again to the family of Darren Eastmond, who died in December of 2010 in Truro, Cornwall U.K. when he apparently missed an insulin injection and fell into a diabetic episode that left him helpless and dying in his flat.

Darren’s father, Barbados dentist Victor Eastmond, has been attending the recent coroner’s inquest and so has to deal with his son’s death once more.

Darren’s family can take some comfort in the legacy that he left in his short time here on earth. He had so many friends, and he inspired so many to live life to the fullest no matter what.

Goodbye Darren… your friends will not forget you.

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Athlete died at home after omitting to take his insulin

Inquest told of young dentist’s ‘tragic’ death

Water polo contest held in memory of coach Darren

Darren Eastmond was one of the most fun, caring, passionate and full of life people I have ever known; he was “all teeth and smiles and a laugh so amazing that it echoed in your mind long after you had left his company. He had an inner light and shine that made you feel almost blessed to know him.” I was dating Darren when he passed away unexpectedly in December. The causes are unknown, but could be linked to his diabetes. Darren was not defined by his disease, but by his passions in life (water polo, dentistry, family and friends, and Barbados, his home). Darren excelled at everything he did, and was thankful for all the opportunities that allowed him to do so, including his education in the UK.

We are looking to honor Darren and celebrate his life in a number of ways. Over time, we will be selecting and working with a few charities that both help those in need, and are also connected to Darren’s passions. Money donated will go to these organizations and charities, assisting with some of the things Darren cared about: Barbados, education and water polo, to name a few. If you would like more information about your donation please feel free to contact me.

The first project is ‘Camp Pride‘. About to return to Barbados, Darren was going to help out with a camp for young diabetics in Barbados. The camp aims to provide otherwise unattainable opportunities for these children, including education and scholarships. Money raised will be donated to the camp, specifically to fund education for young diabetics in Barbados.


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Caricom: Rihanna shortchanging Barbados on taxes, revenues, jobs

Caribbean Journal is reporting that Adrian Augier, co-chair of the CARICOM Regional Task Force on Cultural Industries, is on the record saying that it’s time Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean took steps to capitalise on citizens who make the big time on the world stage.

Augier noted that Rihanna is not registered with the Barbados Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, that she is a billion dollar business that keeps 15,000 people employed (?!), but little of the benefits flow to Barbados.

Although Rihanna is the biggest of the Caribbean artistes, there are others in the same position.

Does Rihanna pay tax on the monies Barbados pays her to represent our tourism industry?

Caribbean Journal raises issues about where the responsibilities of citizenship and birthright begin and end when Bajans ‘strike it rich’. It would be interesting to know how much revenues Rihanna has brought to Barbados. We’re paying her to be our tourism ‘spokesperson’ but does she still have residency in Barbados? What is the law about taxes and business taxes for Bajans who make millions outside the country? (Never had to consider that issue, myself!)

Head over to Caribbean Journal for a short news article that will make you think and might even make you upset…

Caribbean Journal: Caribbean Could Derive “Significant Revenue” from Artists like Rihanna


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Seven Gibbs brothers: Panama reader looking for Barbados roots

Bajans On Their Way To Panama

Dear Barbados Free Press readers,

I am trying to find information about my grandfather William Gibbs or any of the Gibbs’s brothers (7 in total) that came to Panama to help built the Panama Canal, around 1904. I hear that the seven came together. Could you find out from which Parish they came from and any other background information, on any of them? Thank you very much!

Kenneth Gibbs


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