Muslim supremacists take down Maldives government – Great news for Barbados tourism!

Democracy and Western Tourism ending in The Maldives

President Mohamed Nasheed resigns, announces Maldives “unable to maintain peace and security.”

The President of The Maldives was forced to resign today (February 7, 2012) as the Islamist vision for the country triumphed. The police force sided with Islamic hardliners and rebelled against the first democratically elected government in decades. (CNN: Maldives president resigns after police revolt)

President Nasheed had faced strong criticism in recent months from opposition groups calling for Islam to play a greater role in the running of the country.

In January hundreds of rioters in the capital city of Male said that the Maldives government was under the influence of “Jews” and “Christian priests” to weaken Islam in the country. Last December the government shut hundreds of resort spas as “Un-Islamic”, but that wasn’t enough for the hardliners who said that booze and “lustful music” were the next targets.

All this despite that The Maldives relies almost exclusively upon tourism as the engine of its otherwise barren economy. Sure…take away spas, beer, pork, bikini and offer to renew tourists’ wedding vows with ceremonies that insult them… That sounds like a real plan for tourism success in The Maldives!

But as we pointed out in previous stories, this is good news for Barbados. The Maldives, a group of over 1,100 tiny coral islands, is often compared with Barbados as a vacation and retirement destination. Although far-removed from each other geographically, both countries compete for the same United Kingdom and European travelers.

We think that the choice just became clear for British and European tourists:

Barbados or The Maldives? Let me think about it…

Barbados: Friendly people, great beaches, wonderful food, the best rum in the world and we don’t flog unmarried women for having sex or imprison Christians for possessing a bible.

Honey… forget about the Islamic paradise of The Maldives… book two weeks of party, sun, rum and sex in Barbados – and don’t forget we want to see the changing of the sentries at The Garrison and do some coastal fishing with Shaun Sandiford.


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14 responses to “Muslim supremacists take down Maldives government – Great news for Barbados tourism!

  1. Anonymous

    Well done Slammists!
    Other tourism destinations thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

  2. millertheanunnaki

    So the Calypsonian Chalkdust penned a great number when he wrote “All they got is sea water and sand”! Stupid religious bigots! So what are they going to do now? Migrate to Bim I suppose! Loads of Bajan born of similar cultural orientation looking for spouses from abroad.

  3. typical

    So typical of BFP right wing idiots. The Muslims supremacists brought down the government. The issue is much more than religion. It is about opposition to government economic policies because of hardship linked to the global crisis and an internal power struggle between the opposition (made up of secularists as well as Islamists) and the President that has involved the judiciary. Of course, speaking to all of these factors (which are normal within a number of non-Muslim countries including in Europe) is outside of BFP’s usual mode of operation- sensationalist diatribe to further their narrow-minded right wing agenda. For people more interested in balance check out this BBC article-

  4. YBUH

    ‘Typical’ is so typical of left wing idiots.

    Does everybody notice how the apologists for Islamic fascism never address the human rights abuses that are foundational to Muslim societies? Women’s rights and gender equality don’t exist under any incarnation of Islam. Religious freedom is unknown under Islam. Muslims who leave the religion are to be killed and that is straight from the Koran.

  5. robert ross

    It would be foolish to ignore the threat to civilisation as we know it from Islam however it is packaged here or anywhere else. BUT it makes my flesh creep when I hear that it is all great for Barbados’ tourist industry. At that point the blog becomes morally bankrupt.

  6. Sam Felics

    Excuse me. Pls dont talk about things you have no knowledge of. Im a Maldivian, and i do realise that this would harm our country’s Tourism greatly, but when our “kind” President orders the Police to shoot live bullets at local citizens and they refuse, I’m certainly glad they did!!!

    FYI, every citizen of the Maldives is a Muslim, no matter which party they belong to, so pls dont abuse our religion

  7. millertheanunnaki

    @Sam Felics: February 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm
    “FYI, every citizen of the Maldives is a Muslim, no matter which party they belong to, so pls dont abuse our religion”

    If what you said is true , what a culturally boring place that must be!
    No variety, no cultural differences to spice up the society. Only sea and sand. Tell me I am wrong because I was planning to visit before the atolls disappear because of rising sea levels.

  8. Four witnesses for rape

    “FYI, every citizen of the Maldives is a Muslim, no matter which party they belong to, so pls dont abuse our religion”

    Every citizen of Maldives is a Muslim because that is the law. One cannot be a citizen unless you are Muslim. All other religions are forbidden. All other religions are abused by The Maldives. Bring a bible to the country and go to jail. Mr. Felics says “please don’t abuse our religion” when the Muslim religion has no respect for any other religion. Human rights are nothing to Islam. Women’s rights are nothing to Islam.

    Mr. Felics is so blinded by his own sense of religious superiority that he doesn’t even realize how evil and oppressive Islam is. His ‘prophet’ has sex with a nine year old girl. His ‘prophet’ murdered and hated. His ‘prophet’ was a violent fascist and now those chickens are coming home to roost. Maldives? They used to have tourists, but those days are done thanks to the fundamentalist Muslims who are so superior that they can prohibit any other religion and they stupidly think people will still come. It is over sucka!

    The Maldives whips women in public for having sex before marriage, but the men are given a warning because sexual misbehaviour is always the woman’s fault. That’s Islam for you! The prophet (piss be upon him) said that a woman needs four witnesses to prove rape. The Maldives: heading back to the 7th century and proud of it!

  9. Newbie

    The followers of Islam do not want outsiders in their country, their aim is to spread across the world and force their doctrines on other nations. That is one more part of the world that they can now add to their list of achievement.

  10. Rayyithu Ahanmadhu

    The whole thing has nothing to do either with Islam or terrorism or previous regime who ruled the country for 30 years, it was totally due to A President who violated the Constitution of the country. Arbitrary arrests, by Armed forces, Non execution of Supreme court orders, forcing the police & armed forces to obey to unlawful Orders, People came on the streets, peaceful demonstrations for 20 days, It was PEOPLES POWER. People of Maldives took their constitutional power in to their hands. The Police and the armed forces had no choice but to join the people. It was not planned ‘coup’, it was just when the government didn’t listen to supreme court and high court rulings, and openly denied the constitution people had no choice but to bring down the government they elected.

  11. wait

    Rayyithu Ahanmadhu, do you think these people care about facts? It is a one way street for them. Scoring cheap points by alluding to Moslems. All the other factors are conveniently ignored be because to acknowledge them would delegitimise their ridiculous claims.

  12. Vagabond

    Lolz! All the attempted whitewashing of this episode as some sort of “revolution” by no doubt people “yearning to breath free” will not take away the facts…as “facts” don’t lie! The govt of the deposed Pres. Nasheem was the first democratically elected one in 30yrs. The people in the streets were demanding MORE not less Sharia law (as opposed to rice and flour), the new president has just formed a coalition with the Adhaalat, or Justice Party The adhaalat by the way are salafist muslims…yes this means they are very progressive. With these facts, and not otherwise, we can safely say; score one for BIM!!!! Oh, by the way…notice how NONE of the apologists have attempted to refute the state of play in the Maldives vis a vie religious intolerance, masogyinism, homophobia, or downright violence! The facts dont lie…but they do hurt.

  13. learn a bit about maldives. maldives is a south asian coutnry. our culture and traditions came from south asia ,coast of arabia and east africa. we have 1000 years of written history and civilization, in terms of ethnicity we have a diverse origin. we are masters of the sea. we rule 96000 square kilometers of indian ocean, which is bigger than united kingdom. we have 1990 islands. we have 2000 sand banks, we have 3000 lagoons. we are what we are. our tourism industry is a brand. we started tourism business half a century ago. today our tourism sector is the most developed and sophisticated industry in south asia where the larger and bigger countries are learning lessons from us. the reason people visit maldives is to spend honeymoons and to enjoy the peacefulness,calmness and the cleanliness of maldives. the beauty and serenity similar to Maldives would only be witnessed in haven.

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