Barbados Labour Party and abortions front man… Now there’s a combination!

“It was nice to see Raquel Gilkes behaving professionally for a change instead of cussing opposing views as she does on Barbados Underground or Facebook, but the next time they use George Griffith as a Results Announcer? Make sure he has his contacts in, way too many goofs!”

Ian Bourne will only tackle half the story, but he lets fly anyway in the Bajan Reporter story Barbados Labour Party told to Heal yet no Surgery nor Prescription Offered

Fabulous Further Reading…

So once again we ask… now that it has been proven that Planned Parenthood accepts donations to be used only to abort black race babies, will George Griffith and the Barbados Family Planning Association…

1/ Refute the Planned Parenthood award.

2/ Give back the US$25,000 cash donation and any other monies received from Planned Parenthood.

3/ Publicly sever ties with this racist group.

… from the BFP post Planned Parenthood Accepting Donations From Racist Whites For The Purpose Of Aborting Only Black Babies

Barbados Labour Party Candidate Celebrates His Organisation’s Win “Outstanding Achievement In Abortion”

Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

(Photo courtesy of Bajan Reporter – cartooned by BFP’s Shona.)



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21 responses to “Barbados Labour Party and abortions front man… Now there’s a combination!

  1. Glamboo

    Free Press: you guys are crazy wild and then I step back and I wonder why the Bajan news media doesn’t ever mention that George Griffith is in charge of Planned Parenthood and the Bajan news media never mention the established links between Planned Parenthood and black racial genocide. This is seriously documented real truth just Google it and you will see that most of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are in black neighbourhoods. They target blacks. Griffith got an award for doing a good job aborting black babies.

  2. X

    also google JFK assasination – that will give you the proof that Oswald did not act alone.

    Or google the moon landing and find the proof that it was faked.

    PLanned Parenthood provides valuable and valued health services to millions of people around the world.

  3. Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood are “pro” abortion and that is no conspiracy theory. It is also no conspiracy theory that blacks abort their children at 2.79 times the national average. Why is that?

    If you wanted to destroy a racial community, what better way than to undermine the birthrate and marriage as an institution? It doesn’t matter if what is happening is an ‘accident’ or planned because the results are the same. Tens of thousands of single mothers raising young men who will never know their fathers. Abortion is the icing on the cake that ‘frees’ women to be alone, without men. Without fathers for their children, without committed husbands. black women have sold themselves and their futures so cheaply and Planned Parenthood helps them to devalue their worth to prospective mates. IMHO.

  4. Blax don't know about birth control?

    But WHY do they target Blax? perhaps the blax need the help?

    Can we think of any instances here on this very island
    where black mothers are reproducing ad infinitum,
    dropping her pups for taxpayers to look after
    when she discovers that having children is NOT the money-making proposition she thought it would be?

    THINK…as in ENGAGE BRAIN before posting…OK?

  5. Random Thoughts

    Dear Barbados Free Press:

    I am sure that if you showed up at the BFPA needing an abortion thay would help you.

    And I am sure that they do not go to anybody;s house and drag them out kicking and screaming and compelling them to have an abortion.

    I know I have gone through 489 menstrual cycles in Barbados and nobody at BFPA has ever compelled me to do anything.

  6. For what it’s worth, I was told to leave by two of the lesser mortals at that event – I figure if I am so reviled, then I must be doing my job? 😉 The videos are getting quite a few hits and many a vicious remark is dropped

  7. Random Thoughts

    Quoting whoever wrote “Can we think of any instances here on this very island where black mothers are reproducing ad infinitum, dropping her pups for taxpayers to look after”

    No I can think of no such cases. Black mothers in Barbados are no more likely to have children than white mothers in Barbados, the U.K., the U.S Canada or Europe.

    And black mothers are not bitches, and black children are not pups.

    And if my tax money goes to support black children and their mothers, what is it to you?

    You semi-literate fool.

  8. typical

    Random Thoughts, you have ventured onto a right-wing blog where Muslims and the right of women to determine what is done to their bodies are reviled. What better way of furthering your agenda than sensationalist headlines and stories about Muslim threats and sinister links between an international abortion network and local political parties? Tricks of the trade that BFP has learnt from Fox, Michelle Malkin, Daniel Pipes and those lot.

  9. Random Thoughts

    Yes indeed BFP spends a fair amount of time reviling Bajans, black people, women, Muslims and other non-Christians, and once every year or so I have to come on board to issue some correctons.

    If you are not white or a self-hating black person BFP hates you.

  10. Pookie

    barbados is full of illiterate conspiracy mongering halfwits. god I hate religious nuts

  11. BFP

    Hello Random Thoughts:

    Do you have any random thoughts on the following?

    1/ Why are we black communities are aborting our children at double the rate of other communities?

    2/ Why are the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics located disproportionately in black communities?

    3/ Have you ever read any studies on fetal learning in the womb?

    4/ Have you ever read any studies on fetal pain?

    5/ Do you know the medical/scientific differences between the following terms? P.O.C., fetus, baby in the womb. (Hint: The usage of the words is a social construct, dependent upon whether the baby is wanted or not.)

  12. Owen Built a State-of-the-art Prison for Richard Arthur

    What does Owen Arthur mean when he says that there is nothing that will destabilize the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and that the affairs of that party will never be arranged by any private meeting between individuals? Has he forgotten his infamous: “Prior Park Accord,” when he left home in the ‘dead of the night,’ to sign a deal and the plot that over-threw the then Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley? If: Barbadians expressing serious concern about the political leadership of the BLP turning a blind-eye to electoral fraud, voter-list rigging and “rigged-democracy” – is now to be described by Owen Arthur as a: “mocked division” – then law-abiding citizens have every right to conclude that another Arthur should also be remanded to prison.

    The point remains that Owen Arthur and his ‘indiscipline and un-governable gang of five,’ “ousted” Mia Mottley and along with their strategically placed operatives and goon squad – have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond. All of that is the extent of the same rigging Rawle Eastmond warned about? But, on the very day the media was reporting that a man was gun-down and riddled with bullets on a Mini-bus, one Arthur was being charged with the illegal possession of 102 rounds of ammunition. This has to be embarrassing, and as a result, the other Arthur might have to quietly change his view about who the real “wild boys” of Barbados, are! Is Barbados now to be run by: “The Arthur Crime Family?”

    It was only last year when Arthur told the horrible lie in Parliament that he was not at Cabinet when the matter of VECO and the Prison at Dodds was discussed! He may now have to comfort his brother because the very prison that Owen awarded VECO a contract to build – will become home for his brother! And if – like Arthur – Mia Mottley practised ‘the politics of spite’ – she would now join the chorus of the hundred of thousands of Barbadians who feel that another Arthur should now be behind bars.

    Mia Mottley will find support within the DLP. We know that it was Arthur who run-up a huge national debt even during the time of plenty. It is he who has saddled the DLP and its Minister of Finance with a $93 million Statutory Fund Deficit at CLICO, plus hundreds of millions more in those Annual Flexible Plan Annuities; left millions being owed to Al Barrack and a huge BNOC debt. Such fiscal recklessness really deserves jail time.

    Every political crisis has its totemic moment; a decision that even at the time defies logic and in retrospect – will be seen as an act of gross stupidity. Yet, it takes more than one individuals (no matter how powerful) to manufacture a crisis and when sensible people review the facts pertaining to the destruction of Grantley Adams’ party and legacy – the list of guilty will include more than the “in disciplined and un-governable gang of five” and that Infamous “Prior Park Accord.” Imagine! Owen and his ‘in-disciplined and un-governable gang of five’ stabbed Mia Mottley in her back and have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond by stealth and yet – Owen Arthur is some-how able to call for “healing!”

    When the BLP behaves as though it has flexible positions on serious issues, such dithering will continue to raise justifiable concern in the minds of the public, as to how it could ever be ready or rather: “ready for what!” The BLP will lose because it has become: “a party of deals.” Take the issue with Rawle Eastmond, as an example! That fiasco spiralled out of control because the re-cycled leadership of the BLP – ‘dare not tackle’ the serious complaint of: ‘election rigging; voters-list-padding and rigged-democracy,’ which Rawle Eastmond complained about way back in 2010 – when somebody (widely agreed by BLP members to be George Payne) went into Rawle’s St. James North Constituency (unknown to him) and paid $560 for 56 delegates, who were to vote for George Payne and against Mia Mottley in the then race for ‘Chairman of the Party.’ Jerome Walcott stated recently that people were removed from the St. James North voters-list, while the winning candidate himself – said he canvassed those “he could find living within the constituency.”

    Owen Arthur could not and cannot deal with voter-list-padding within the BLP because that will anger George Payne and has serious implications for him being “leader” so he has to turn a blind-eye and remain silent! Nobody in their right mind will ever vote-out – even an inexperienced DLP government (led by Freundel Stuart, who is easily the most decent and honest politician since Bree St. John) and replace it by a BLP led by Arthur, who: (1) continues to turn a blind-eye to the electoral corruption within his party and (2) put thousands intended as BLP campaign funds – into his personal bank account. Was that money intended to buy and stock-pile BULLETS?

    The country is now being told that even sitting BLP MP’s have to participate in a nomination process. But the country knows that the real issue within the BLP, as it relates to elections, is: “RIGGED DEMOCRACY!” They are also aware that when Rommell Marshall went to St. Joseph seeking that nomination, Owen Arthur had a lot to say, then? Why! Was it because of the provisions of the “Prior Park Accord” and one of the conditions of the deal that in order for him to be leader – Owen Arthur has to protect George Payne, Dale Marshall and the Gang of five?

    Even if Rawle Eastmond had indicated that he was not running, he can change his mind. Did Owen Arthur not give up the leadership of the BLP “and changed his mind” when he realised that David Thompson was terminally ill? And what is this hog-wash about somebody not turning-up for a meeting with Arthur? Is it not true that for three whole years, Arthur did not turn-up for Parliament? What ill-health? Is Rawle Eastmond’s health any worse than Owen Arthur’s, the latter of whom looks really shaky these days?

    What madness about somebody sending Arthur a request for a meeting by a “Text,” on a phone! Is the BLP’s geriatric brigade so obsolete as to be so intimidated by technology? What froth about a request for a meeting via the Press? And what ‘a load of rubbish’ and ‘horse-shit’ about disrespecting the office of Opposition Leader! Did Arthur not call a press conference at the UWI to cuss former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and to tell Barbadians to find her unacceptable? Did Former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley not learn of an attempt to oust her from office as Barbados’ first ever female Leader of the Opposition – via a letter in the papers? Isn’t that the precedent set by Arthur that Mia, used? Disrespecting who or what office? Did Arthur not use the Office of the Leader of the Opposition to cuss Mara? Did he not try to give the impression that files and money were stolen by Mia when she was Opposition Leader! Why do bullies always behave like the victim?

    It is clear and the entire country can see that there is a war within the BLP: those who want to stamp-out corruption and those who have sworn to keep it. And, with Rawle Eastmond’s forced retirement – it seems like the forces of bad are winning. The BLP is about factions and DEALS and three BLP factions are killing themselves! Arthur’s power-hungry- geriatric-brigade; George Payne’s comedian out-fit and Mia’ crusaders who are seeking to stamp-out corruption and defend Grantley Adams’ name and his legacy. If this is how the Owen Arthur faction and the George Payne faction are behaving in Opposition and have declared open warfare on Mia Mottley, Rawle Eastmond and anyone who can be linked with Mia Mottley, heaven help those public servants or anyone who crossed those deadly bees, including those responsible for sending Arthur to Jail..But Arthur is deadly because he has access to bullets and lots of them.

    The Owen Arthur’s camp and the George Payne camp forcibly retired Marilyn Forde; Joey Harper (thereby declaring war on persons with disabilities) and now – Rawle Eastmond, thereby declaring war on senior citizens’ right to work. But if the BLP is hunting and treating their own so – Barbados’ 28,000 public servants should be scared, especially since Arthur has already been telling us in the DLP to cut cost or reduce expenditure, a term Arthur uses to mean: “send home people.”

    But, even with a rigged voters list – George Payne’s cousin: Doug Skeete, lost. The reason is simple: “Respectable Barbadians do not like corruptions and what George Payne stands for,” even if he and Arthur feel that a little corruption is necessary to grease the wheel. And yet, a vote for the BLP in the up-coming general election – will be a vote for George Payne to become Prime Minister of Barbados. Despite however good the BLP purport to be, the bottom-line is that the best brains of the BLP are all DEMS.

  13. Random Thoughts

    1. We black communities where?
    2. Because Planned Parenthood does abortions at a cost that poor women of any colour can afford. Rich women of all colours go to private gynaecologists for their abortions.
    3. No I haven’t read any studies of fetal learning in the womb. I was and am too busy raising and teaching real living children. Dear BFP I am not wet behind the eara, I have spent many, many decades raising children. I hear people talk foolishness about how much children nowadays know as soon as they are brn. That is arrant nonsense. My broad and dep experience or raising real children since the 1950’2 until now tell me that children born in 2012 have learned as little in the womb as childen in 1950, and regardless of what you may believe about fetal learning, some serious teaching and learning must take place after birth in order for these newborns to become fully human.
    4. As I said I spend my time raising real, real children, not reading about fetal pain. However I have held enough children on my lap to be immunized that I know that even children who are months old cannot anticipate pain, and that their reaction to pain is transitory.
    5. Dear BFP: No need to give me hints on the easy exam you set for me. The differences between products of conception, fetus, baby in th e womb are NOT social. The differences are used to describe the different biological stages from conception to birth. Nobody except right wing nuts believe that a 2 day old product of concetion is the same as a 40 week old pregnancy, not even mother nature believe in the sameness, because mother nature herself, or you may say God routinely discards 2 day old and 2 week old pregnancies and the man and the woman who caused the pregnance are completely unaware that this has happened except that the woman may notice a period a little heavier than usual. It has happened to me and I certainly lost no sleep over a completely natural occurance.

  14. Random Thoughts

    Quoting Owen Built “It is he who has saddled the DLP and its Minister of Finance with a $93 million Statutory Fund Deficit at CLICO”

    This is a lie. Wasn’t it your favourite DLP dear dead Prime Minister David Thompson who was Clico’s lawyer? Wasn’t it Hartley Henry David Thompson’s right hand man who when David Thompson was discovered going to a meeting in Trinidad on CLICO’s jet wasn’t it Hartley who said “The Prime Minister is accustomed to living large.”

    I asked then and I ask now living large offa who?

    And why did CLICO need a jet anyhow when between LIAT and Caribbean Airways there are about 6 flights a day between Barbados and Trinidad, and why did my Prime Minister have to humilate us by asking CLICO for a lift when he could have paid $260 BDS and gone on LIAT and kept his dignity and ours intact?
    I asked then and I ask now living large offa who?

    A bunch of hard working elementary school teachers who were financially inexperienced enough to put their life savings into the hands of the Leroy Parris/David Thompson/Hartley Henry trio (I almost said mafia, but I won’t insult the Mafia because as far as I know the real real mafia does not rob retired elementary school teachers) and now David is dead, Leroy and Hartley are lying low or just lying and now the DLP expects the tax payers to pay CLICO’s debts?

    Not fa shite. We will throw their sorry rasses out of office first.

  15. robert ross

    As a matter of interest, how many abortions are carried out in Barbados annually? And is there firm evidence that abortions are performed illegally? And are there figures in respect of the number of abortions carried out annually on women with a disposable income of, say, less than $15,000 annually?
    Actually, I’m not quite sure what this story is about. It seems to me an incoherent mish-mash of ‘asides’ cobbled together to make a nonsense.
    @ Random…nice to see you

  16. passin thru

    I think this story is about the BLP have embraced in George Griffith a candidate and party worker who is the senior man in the abortions industry in Barbados. Don’t forget that Owen Arthur and the BLP involved Barbados in human body parts trafficking through the Villa Nova clinic. This story is a reminder. That’s what I think.

  17. Randon Thoughts

    It s hard to perform abortions in Barbados illegally since abortions have been legal in Barbados for poor women and all women since 1976 and this is as it should be, since rich women everywhere have always had access to abortions and adoptions across borders to hide their unwanted pregnancies.

    And if abortions (for poor women) became illegal in Barbados again tomorrow rich women will catch a plane and go where ever in the world abortions are legal.

    And besides people who advance these silly anti-abortion arguments do not want to tell an even greater truth. The daughters of rich men have much greater access to marriage than the daughters of poor men. And when rich women lose their husbands by death or divorce they have access to insurance moni and to alimony and to daddy’s moni.
    Rich womennever have to get up in the morning to look into the eyes of hungry children.
    Ask thes people on BFP how many poor black Bajan children they have adopted or plan to adopt, but then they and thier friends think that black children are pups, which no doubt makes poor black mothers dogs.

  18. Random Thoughts

    And rich dadies have the power and the money to extort marriage for their pregnant young daughters from even the most reluctant suitor.

  19. Random Thoughts

    I don’t want to be nasty. But the Villa Nova clinic was owned and run by rich white (sorry European) people

  20. So sick of the “oh they’re aborting the black babies” stop with that and look at the BIG picture, why is society NOT working out for Blacks huh, ask yourself, you have a set of people not doing well enough to want to bring children into their mess, let’s work to FIX the mess – But watch out people, either abortion now or after 13 or 18 years those same sweet babies gonna be warehoused in your nearest prison! Yeah I bet you prefer that. Yes that is the truth while all of the nuts scream – fry em or hang em aka late term abortion!!

  21. just want to know

    Didn’t Barbados need a new prison? Did the prisoners themselves burn down the old prison? Didn’t a white man not so long ago shot his own son, and never had a day in Jail. So pray tell me what does Owen Arthur have to do with his brother being in jail. Didn’t this man get jail? What about the gun tooting MP in Parliament that pulled a gun on another MP, has anything been don about that, or is it brushed under the carpet? Whatever you may say many of our influential people who have done wrong, and should be in prison are not there, so maybe you will be next.