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HarleCon.net asks a simple question of Harlequin Properties

“Given that Harlequin Properties is not currently making any profits, how can the Caldora Harlequin Income Fund pay investors 6% annually by investing in Harlequin?

Could it be that the 6% is coming from new investors’ capital alone? If so, isn’t that a Ponzi scheme?”

Fire Sale too!

It just keeps getting stranger and stranger over at Halecon.net where we are also told that Harlequin is holding a fire sale on villas. What used to sell for 325,000 pounds is now selling for 195,000 pounds. I’ll bet that makes previous purchasers pass wind!

Full story at Harlecon.net


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Uganda: Thrilling morning visit from gorillas

One of our regular readers sent us the above video shot last December. I don’t know if I would have the courage to film as these tourists did.

I once said I would trade my house for a low orbit flight on Sir Richard Branson’s new space line. Forget that… I’d trade my house to be the guy who got the kiss and grooming from the troop.


Thanks so much to an old friend.


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