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Idolatry coming to church at the Globe?

BFP Editor Marcus reminds all readers that the following story and above video came to us anonymously, so take it with some salt. Just because some anonymous person says something doesn’t make it true… (and that includes BFP that is an anonymous blog). Think for yourself. That’s our caution to you. Now… let’s see what this is all about…

Submitted Anonymously…

Dear readers of Barbados Free Press. This guy in the above video supposedly coming to the new church The Globe this summer – the new King.

Thought you’d be interested.

Here is what it says about him at Black Media Scoop

New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King

(blackmediaSCOOP) While most Christians were having regular Sunday services, over at Eddie Long’s New Birth Church in Lithonia, Ga, Ralph Messer, who is part of the Hebrew Roots movement, was crowning Eddie Long King in an elaborate ceremony that included wrapping Long in a Torah Scroll reportedly found at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

In case you’re unable or unwilling to watch: the video shows Messer giving Long the Torah scroll declaring that he’s the first man to look upon the scroll after 300 years. Long is “wrapped in the scroll” and prayed over. Messer asks Long to take a seat, and declares that God gave Long a position of power and authority. He’s given the constitution of God as a king (6:49), the Torah, and then, Messer has four men representing the four corners of the earth, (7:04) pick the chair up. Messer then declares that Eddie Long is raised up from a commoner to a King, replete with music, cheers, and a poorly executed blessing in Hebrew. If it weren’t so offensive to Christian and Jewish sensibilities, it would be laughable.

Here are some comments from the Black Media Scoop article and the YouTube video…

“PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS SOME KIND OF JOKE..!? This is CLEAR Idolatry, something that God commands AGAINST. And the people there at the Church are encouraging it!?? Wow. This is what cracked the Earth and swallowed up the people in “The Ten Commandments” Movie back in the 50’s, lol. This is worse than Steve Harvey pimpin’ the Church the way he does and calling himself “The King”. You all better know what you’re dealing with. And Bishop Long, God help you. You are CERTAINLY NO KING!!”

“Lord have mercy! Jesus the true “King of God’s government” rode in on a donkey. The devil is getting bold he is all up in the church like look at me. Lord have mercy! This things resembles a satanic, cult type ritual to me.”

“This is a perfect example of Satan walking directly into the House of God and mocking the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and using the blind and weak as imps. How can anyone who knows our Savior sit there and give praise to man? Jesus said, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I’ll draw all men unto me!” May the Lord have mercy on all those who took part in that. Those in the congregation who didn’t walk our shall also reap the JUDGEMENT of GOD. You’ve been tricked by the trickster himself!”

“Ralph Messer & Eddie Long. God save these men and make your truth known! May fiction, lies, distortions and false teaching be exposed! Belivers are all royalty in God’s kingdom. Jesus is THEIR king not a man. Teach truth and the Word not fiction and silly drama! Shame on them and their supporters! Mr Messer why make light of another religion’s treasured relics and history? So sad and vain glory for you!”

“Whatever happened to just being an ordinary servant??? “King” Eddie Long and his “Prince” of Praise & Worship Byron Cage, the “Princess” of Praise Maurette Brown Clark…WITW??? What is this nonsense? Without God you are NOTHING and umm its looking to me like you been flying solo for awhile…Pray for the Christian Church! Pray for Salvation! Keep your Pastors lifted in prayers because Satan is BUSY!!!”


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