Time to vote Independent: BLP ripping itself apart, DLP divided

UPDATED February 3, 2011

BLP Executives for St James North constituency locked out! (Nation News)

Taan Abed: Will he or won’t he?

Have things gone too far in both the DLP and BLP?

The last two months have been nothing but “excitement” on the Bajan political scene with the Mottley vs Arthur fight heating up nicely and the Freundal Stuart vs everyone else punch-up happening in the DLP.

Even if the representatives of both parties settle down, the public won’t believe it because this pot has been simmering in public for too long.

Yesterday we had Owen Arthur standing around waiting for his date to show, but Rawle Eastmond decided he wanted to lunch with someone less cranky. Before that Owen Arthur shut Mia Mottley down in public by refusing her public request for a meeting. Mottley didn’t really want a meeting though: otherwise it would have been a private request, so she was grandstanding. We understand that.

A few weeks ago it was the Magnificent 11 trying to publicly take down Prime Minister Stuart in an awkward sort of mess that proved the old saying that there is only one thing worse than trying to overthrow the King: that’s trying and failing.

Like children when the teacher leaves the room

The politicians probably think they are impressing the hell out of everyone with their manoeuvrings and tactics – when the truth is the public views this chaos as a fistfight on the bridge of the good ship Barbados by irresponsible officers who are supposed to be looking after the ship.

The coming election may be the best chance that independent candidates have had in a long time. Voters are ripe for change but can’t stand the two old parties. There’s no time to raise a third party before the election – but any reasonably sane talking independent candidates will be in a position to gather some heavy support by default.

Rumours persist that former DLP candidate Taan Abed might play the wildcard and stand as an independent. Now that would be a story!

For the record, we repeat our strategy for the coming election:

The only way we can change things is to depower the DLP and the BLP – so here’s the plan…

Take their money. Say nice things to whatever party you normally support. Don’t do a thing differently until election day…

Then, walk in and vote for Anybody but DLP and BLP.

No, we’re probably not going to send many independents to Parliament (but if we could, that would be wonderful!) – but what we can do is to disrupt the circle of corruption, upset the “predicted” results and take comfort that you’ve spoken far louder than if you simply hold your nose and vote DLP or BLP.

Time to punish the DLP and the BLP: take their money, dance and party – then vote for “Anybody BUT”


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12 responses to “Time to vote Independent: BLP ripping itself apart, DLP divided

  1. RC

    I do not think that Taan is correct when he says that the D.L.P. situation is the P.M. against everybody else. No-one knows what goes on behind closed doors! We can only speculate that because the P.M. has not had a Cabinet reshuffle after that Newspaper tried to overthrow the duly elected Government that maybe the P.M. has met with his colleages and they have come to a reasonable solution. On the other side, I truly believe that if Mia was not a Mottley she would have already crossed the floor or followed Hammie-La in first becoming an independent. But Politics, Taan is a very intriguing, back-biting exercise…remember your last Campaign Manager during the previous election?

  2. FearPlay

    I presume that the Prime Minister has been advised not to take any action against the Magnificent 11 so as to convince the voting public that all is well and unified in the Party. Perchance, let them win the election and you will see the disunity that really exist within. Conversely, let them lose and you will see unleashed what lies just below the surface. Be reminded that this same disunity plagued the party for many years before they were elected.

    Now, on the other side we are seeing some of the old arrogance starting to resurrect itself and the perpetrators aren’t even in the seat of power yet! Heaven help us should that happen. Choosing not to vote because we are disgusted will not help, neither will voting to replace one set of political cannibals with another set be of any use. Heaven help us. Looks like we are between a hard place and a hard place.

  3. what will they think of next

    This piece dont make any sense at all.


  4. “This piece dont make any sense at all.” While the writer of this comment is
    obviously a DLP supporter and I voted DLP last elections, herein lies the problem. They are just too many dumb ass schmucks in Barbados, thus both DLP/BLP will continue to crap on us.

  5. A little Birdie told me

    Owen Arthur’s brother got busted
    for having 120 rds. of ammo wot he shun’t have had in de house.

    Must’ve mash somebody toes. How does that happen to BigUps?

  6. rastaman

    He is a BIGUP????

  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The implosion of both political parties and their lackies jostling at the treasury hoping that the deals will continue so the bread may flow

  8. robert ross

    @ BFP

    Couldn’t agree more. We are such a small country and those who lead us remain in short trousers and navy knickers. Totally sad.

  9. http://www.bajanreporter.com/2012/02/barbados-elections-no-payne-no-gain-arthur-does-not-bite-the-bullet-no-truce-running-scared-by-george/

    …If Owen Arthur decided to bite the bullet and hold a peace summit with former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley would George Payne and the other ‘gang‘ members withdraw their support for the St Peter MP?

  10. Greg

    “A plague on both their houses”, to adapt Shakespeare. What has Barbados come to? None of dem deserve my vote.

  11. Save our coasts

    It IS time to vote independent.

    This is the only way we can show our disgust with the Bees and the Dees.

    I agree with BFP: Vote Anybody but a bee or dee.

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