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Four Seasons high profile buyers sue for deposits as Barbados NIS invests $60 million

Aidan Heavey, Lucian Grange file lawsuits in Barbados Supreme Court

One day, two headlines

From The Independent…

Tullow Oil chief sues developers as work on Caribbean resort is halted

TULLOW Oil chief Aidan Heavey is suing the developers of a luxury hotel and villa complex in the Caribbean after construction stalled following the credit crunch…

…The Irish Independent has learned that Mr Heavey and Universal Music’s Lucian Grange have both filed legal actions at the Supreme Court of Barbados; Mr Heavey and Mr Grange are demanding to recover deposits they put down for luxury homes at the planned resort.

The site now resembles “a half-built ghost estate”, according to some Irish tourists who recently visited the area…

The Supreme Court of Barbados confirmed to the Irish Independent that it has received a series of lawsuits over the stalled project, which has angered many local Barbadians who fear taxpayers may have to pay for any bailout if it fails. (Full story at The Independent)

From The Nation…

NIS funds going to build hotel

Every cent of the $60 million to be invested by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in the Four Seasons project will be used to construct the luxury hotel.

Furthermore, Professor Avinash Persaud, who is heading efforts to restart the stalled project, insisted that Barbados’ debt to gross domestic product (GDP) would not be affected in any way by the NIS investment in the hotel and villa project.

Persaud made these statements on state-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation yesterday as he responded to public concerns about Government’s involvement in the West Coast entity. (Full story at The Nation)


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Time to vote Independent: BLP ripping itself apart, DLP divided

UPDATED February 3, 2011

BLP Executives for St James North constituency locked out! (Nation News)

Taan Abed: Will he or won’t he?

Have things gone too far in both the DLP and BLP?

The last two months have been nothing but “excitement” on the Bajan political scene with the Mottley vs Arthur fight heating up nicely and the Freundal Stuart vs everyone else punch-up happening in the DLP.

Even if the representatives of both parties settle down, the public won’t believe it because this pot has been simmering in public for too long.

Yesterday we had Owen Arthur standing around waiting for his date to show, but Rawle Eastmond decided he wanted to lunch with someone less cranky. Before that Owen Arthur shut Mia Mottley down in public by refusing her public request for a meeting. Mottley didn’t really want a meeting though: otherwise it would have been a private request, so she was grandstanding. We understand that.

A few weeks ago it was the Magnificent 11 trying to publicly take down Prime Minister Stuart in an awkward sort of mess that proved the old saying that there is only one thing worse than trying to overthrow the King: that’s trying and failing.

Like children when the teacher leaves the room

The politicians probably think they are impressing the hell out of everyone with their manoeuvrings and tactics – when the truth is the public views this chaos as a fistfight on the bridge of the good ship Barbados by irresponsible officers who are supposed to be looking after the ship.

The coming election may be the best chance that independent candidates have had in a long time. Voters are ripe for change but can’t stand the two old parties. There’s no time to raise a third party before the election – but any reasonably sane talking independent candidates will be in a position to gather some heavy support by default.

Rumours persist that former DLP candidate Taan Abed might play the wildcard and stand as an independent. Now that would be a story!

For the record, we repeat our strategy for the coming election:

The only way we can change things is to depower the DLP and the BLP – so here’s the plan…

Take their money. Say nice things to whatever party you normally support. Don’t do a thing differently until election day…

Then, walk in and vote for Anybody but DLP and BLP.

No, we’re probably not going to send many independents to Parliament (but if we could, that would be wonderful!) – but what we can do is to disrupt the circle of corruption, upset the “predicted” results and take comfort that you’ve spoken far louder than if you simply hold your nose and vote DLP or BLP.

Time to punish the DLP and the BLP: take their money, dance and party – then vote for “Anybody BUT”


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