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Reader: NIS should invest in Barbados Four Seasons project

Lest we forget some of the reasons for this project…

Submitted by BFP reader WL

Me thinks that people have perhaps become a little too bogged down in the trees of politics and grandstanding and everyone is tired from looking at this too long to see the forest – hopefully this might refresh people’s memories of why this journey began in the first place.

Why has the project taken so long to restart?
Why should the NIS invest?
Why would the Four Seasons project be good for Barbados?
Why does Barbados need Four Seasons?

Did you know…?

1.        Four Seasons predict that this will be one of their premier resorts – great kudos to Barbados

2.       Four Seasons themselves are investing in the project as a sign of their belief in the project and Barbados – they usually never invest in the development stages of resorts.

3.       In the US alone in 2011, over $137 billion was spent on travel  and one of the fastest areas of recovery in this sector is luxury travel so the sooner the Four Seasons project is up and running, the sooner Barbados will be able to tap into this market.

4.       The new company, Paradise Beach Limited have put into place the following social initiatives Continue reading


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Canadian Muslim family guilty in mass honour killing

Keeping women in their place. Words of the father…

“May the devil shit on their graves,”

“They committed treason themselves. They betrayed humankind. They betrayed Islam. They betrayed our religion…they betrayed everything.”

“I say to myself, ‘You did well.’ Were they to come to life, I would do it again.”

“There is nothing more valuable than our honour.”

… Mohammad Safia secretly recorded talking about the murders with his wife and son.

The victims: Geeti 13, Sahar 17, Zainab 17, Mohammad 52

Father, mother, brother guilty of 1st degree murder of three daughters and co-wife

Worldwide, Muslim honour killings of women and girls are so common that if North American or European papers were to cover every reported case there would be little room left on the front page for any other stories. But when a Canadian father, his second wife and a son plot weeks in advance to murder the family’s three teenage daughters and wife number one – well, that makes the news.

We like to believe that everyone wants the same things in life. This is just another reminder that not everyone shares the same values, and that some cultural values and religious scriptures may not be compatible with a free and democratic society.

National Post: No honour in ‘cold-blooded, shameless’ murder of Shafia girls

BFP’s original post July 24, 2009: Muslim Honour Killing In Canada: Three Daughters & “First Wife” Murdered By Father, 2nd Wife, Son


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