Bajan Reporter oversteps criticism of Barbados news media

Journalist Ian Bourne

Journalist Ian Bourne of the Bajan Reporter breaks many news stories and covers subjects and perspectives that the old school news media can’t or won’t touch. He’s been inside the professional news industry and knows about the agendas, ethical trade-offs and outright prostitution of the Barbados news media to the political and monied elites.

Ian has been severely handled by news media employers when he refused to look the other way about unethical activities. It takes integrity, courage and dedication to stand for something when you know it will cost you your job. All respect to Ian.

So Ian has the knowledge and the right to criticize the Bajan news media – but this time we’re wondering if he’s off the mark a bit. Not entirely off the mark as you’ll see, but stretching it.

In the Bajan Reporter’s new article Elements of Barbados Media seek to muzzle Bajan Reporter; other segments use story without Permission Mr. Bourne is upset that he asked the Prime Minister a question at a press conference, and other journalists and media used the PM’s answer without attributing the question to Ian and the Bajan Reporter.

I’m not a professional journalist, never claimed to be, but I can’t remember ever reading a CNN, CBC or BBC story where it mentioned something like “President Obama answered a question by a rival news network reporter and said…” In other words, BBC doesn’t say “CNN asked a question and we’re reporting the answer given by the President.”

So Ian is off the mark in thinking that the Barbados Advocate and the Nation should say which rival reporter asked the question. That’s what I think.

Justified criticism of the Barbados oldstream news media

Ian’s latest article makes many good points about the oldstream news media stealing his stories, quotes and ideas (and they do that all the time!). He also makes a good point that the regular news media tries to squeeze out Bajan Reporter and other independents at press conferences.

He’s off the mark though when he says the news media should be crediting him for asking a question where the answer is heard by everyone attending a press conference.

Professional journalists – please tell us about the rules and typical practice…

Should The Nation and the Barbados Advocate have told their readers that Prime Minister Stuart was responding to a question from Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter?



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38 responses to “Bajan Reporter oversteps criticism of Barbados news media

  1. Maybe it’s time they did? You all forgot to list how I credit everyone when due, including yourselves in the same item… I stated it is an ethical situation… Barbados has had a no name status in announcing disputes from the time of Cromwell, if you called so & so a Roundhead you were expected to roast a pig and buy beers.

    It’s documented in the West Wing museum, so from 1652 ’til now! “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting new results” I say, call it out and set to fresh air and broad daylight… Barbados is too much of “– this is how we’ve always done it…

  2. BTW if a media house drops the ball, then other agencies drop faster than vultures, like when ABC stopped criticising tobacco so as to get back Ads from Kraft Foods, an RJ Reynolds subsidiary – everyone all over the planet lambasted ABC and lampooned Peter Jennings scripted kiss-butt apology… So there are situations where Media cite other Media

  3. Son Of Spam

    I know what Bourney means but what every one fail to say is the REAL thing he wanted to ask Freundel? Oh Schmuck!! Check it…

    “Bearing in mind when the late David Thompson was Opposition Leader he kept jousting at Owen Arthur how Leadership apart from Crime & Violence were the real issues… Then as Leader of this country for however short, Thompson while leader told the public that CLICO was a safe investment and keep pouring money into it (you yourself told the House of Assembly that one of CLICO’s key players was not only your client but your PAL) and now many Bajans wonder when, if ever, they’ll see their money as a result of poor leadership (be it Government or CLICO is for Judicial Management, if ever, to ascertain); S&P downgraded Barbados to a pubic hair shy of Junk Bond Status; Bearing in Mind we just had a Crisis in Education which dragged into almost 3 weeks as pupils are set to take mock-CXC or CAPE tests; Unemployment is at 12%; Bearing in Mind how Barbados is under the stewardship of the DLP for the last 4 years – so blaming the Opposition is a poor crutch at best, a deluded means of confusing a small portion of the Electorate at worst … Many Bajans see this as a lack of Leadership on your part, will you do the right thing and hold Fresh Elections? If so, WHEN??” I sorry you did not get to ask that Bourney, I would pay top dollar to see you do it, LOL

  4. Son Of Spam

    Plus wunna vex at Bourney for saying you hate Muslims in this very article, so this pure bias again 😉

  5. WTF?

    I do not see BFP as hating muslims. They like me know that Islam is not only a religion, it is a political and legal system of beliefs, values and laws. Those laws and beliefs as laid out in the Q’uaran authorize and order Muslims to use violence. Mohamed (PBUH) ordered violence and personally murdered people for turning from Islam or refusing to convert if they did not pay the tax levied upon monotheists (Christians, Jews). Polytheists were and are to be given no quarter: no tax will save their lives as the Q’uaran orders their deaths.

    These truths about what is ordered in the Q’uaran are not up for debate, at least not in Islam. The Western apologists can debate subtle meanings and delude themselves all they want because you can look to Islamic societies to see the results of Islam. Saudi Arabia. Pakistan. Indonesia. Iran. Egypt. Afghanistan. Syria.

    These countries and others are the crop that the seed of Islam grows.

    There are many “moderate” or “nominal” or “former” Muslims who keep quiet because to question Islam is to invite death and disaster. There are many moderate Muslims as I am sure that BFP is aware, but there is no “moderate” Islam.

  6. clickclack

    Bourne. BFP.

    Wat the difference?

  7. Morlock

    Why peeps keep trying to say Mr Bourne and this rag are the same? Does the man not have his own enterprise? How would he have time to do here and his own place? Where is the funding?

    This is so sad, peeps even said Mr Bourne’s late father was involved here at BFP and yet Mr Bourne says his father was not oh fay with computers far less the Net – if people have proof they should bring it or stop the theories!

  8. Journalism 101

    With reference to the specific issue at hand, BFP is correct – Ian is way off base in his suggestion that a question asked in an open/press conference type setting should be attributed to a particular media person or media house.
    It is not standard practice and never has been. The only time a distinction is made is in a formal press conference where specific journalists in the room are identified by name, media house or both is when they are being allowed to ask a question of the main speaker(s). In such scenarios media persons who are not not already well known may be asked to identify themselves and their media house before they ask a question.
    In understand how Ian may feel, in that he asked the question and the other media outlets “jumped on the bandwagon” but that is how it works unfortunately. Some journalists will often go to a press conference or Q&A with a long list of questions and find themselves in a situation where every question on their list is asked or alternatively in a situation where other media houses seize on a potentially juicy answer that comes out of one of their questions. It is what it is. In Ian’s case, one could possibly argue that one of the other media representatives was planning to ask a similar question and simply did not bother because Ian already asked it. While Ian may argue that is unlikely it is still possible. That is the frustration of a press conference/open question setting as a journalist because it is devoid of exclusivity.
    Perhaps what Ian should have done instead was to save his question until after the event and pose it to the Prime Minister one-on-one. As it is, I don’t see it as a slight of Bajan Reporter or Ian.

  9. So am I unusual in accrediting data when other than myself? I listed a number of examples where I was forthright about who said or asked what, am I too ethical? Is it it not time for rules of engagement to change? ‘Gay’ 75 years ago meant only happy and now …. ?? Why not methods of data acquiring?

  10. ac

    i meaning if all news paper did that can’t imagine how many reporters names would have to be accredited to everynewspaper they work for in a news conference when asking a question . the reporter job is not to be part of the news but to report the news.

  11. That is how it was, well, I guess we all have to disagree – me going against grain and being solo is nothing new, I will continue to attribute and be honorable while all others can make sharks apply to the Vatican for beatification… If that’s the case then BFP should not even bother to say where they get their pictures from, just lift them and move?

  12. Roger Belle.

    Ian has a fragile ego and is at heart a glory hawg. If he concentrated on getting his job done and not whining when he thinks his “due” is not forthcoming, he’d do better as a journalist. Man up, you whimpering brass bowl of jello.

  13. I’ll do that when you reveal your real identity, got far more courage than you – punk (since you dropped into name calling and getting personal, pendejo)!

  14. Roger Belle.

    Ian, the only thing you got far far far far far far far far more of than me is avoirdupois and a lifetime’s obsession to continue grazing at the buffet table…kontly.

  15. I can lose weight you still remain a coward, rather be me anyday, L8R spineless! Excuse me while I do stories and list full attributes…

  16. Maverick

    Barbados has no culture of criticism. The think it is better to say nothing. This is very bad for the individual, for the people and for the development of the whole country. Do you know why America and Europe is so far ahead and so successful? People criticize themselves to become better, make things better. If you are not criticized, how could you improve? How can you make things better, tell me? If you are not criticized, then you stand on the spot. Barbados stands on the spot. You celebrate heroes but there are no heroes there are only prevention. No progress without criticism. You go so often in the movies, you can see it there, why you can not learn it?
    Criticism is the spice of life improvement. Without criticism, no progress.
    Think about that.

  17. Journalism 101

    Final comment on this. Ian you are confusing two different things. If a journalist, whether broadcast or print media, produces an original story that is published and excerpts of that story are utilised by another media house or journalist, the media house or journalist who has taken the excerpt is duty bound and in some cases legally bound to attribute the source of the extracted material. The same rule applies for photos that are reproduced or video.
    However, the same rule CANNOT apply in a scenario where a journalist simply asks a question in an open forum, no matter how fantastic that question might be.
    For argument sake, lets say there were four journalists from four different media houses in attendance. Based on the answer given by the speaker, those four journalists can possibly leave that event and write four completely different stories arising from the answer. That is where the originality comes in. The more experienced journalists will be the ones who can usually identify the real story arising from the given answer, while the less experienced journalists, or rather, reporters, are the ones who will very often lead off their articles with fluff and bury the real story at the bottom because they did not notice it.
    Attribution for an asked question is unheard of in journalism. As I said in my previous post, the only scenario where that occurs is mainly in live broadcasts of major press conferences, where it is typically done for identification purposes by the persons who host the press conference.

  18. Maverick and 101 have reasoned rebuttals w/o histrionics which I respect but do not fully agree with, however since they were stated plainly – and without rancour – I can use that knowledge for future reference.

    Much appreciated, back to Maverick – I agree Bajans don’t like criticism but I feel you are pasting me under the same stroke, do I not have the right to make a counter if I deem it?

    I expect those I critique to deliver reasoned ripostes like St George’s Dragon or you or 101, not engage in a hissy fits like spoken word poet Adrian Green or be venomous like the reputed “Roger Belle.” while critiques are necessary, there’s always room for those who are under the microscope to provide a defense however efficacious or invalid it may appear to be… Thanks again for the input!

  19. Roger Belle.

    Erm, Ian…have you EVER lost weight in your entire life? You are utterly incapable of doing so because you clearly lack the courage and tenacity it requires…as may be seen at a quick glance (seriously, who’d want to spend time looking at the more you are?) of your panoramic profile? The only counter you can make to my criticism of your lardy self is show us…drop 150 or 200 lbs and you’ll make a believer out of me. But right now bubble-butt, you are a BIG pumpkin waiting for Halloween.
    PS….your writing may improve with your weight loss, but we’ll be the judge of that. Don’t you wish you had my prosaic flow?

  20. Sorry, did someone break wind? Was reading the intelligent entries when the odour emerged… Anyhow back to topical comments, etc.

  21. Son Of Spam

    What does Bourney’s weight have to do with anything? He has more courage than you me or Jack Bowman – at least he says who he is… What does anyone’s appearance have to do with debating a point? You need to eff off hard “Roger Bulle.” All full figured people should find you and sit on your skull to see how many it’d take before your head (not brains, none there) would crack, you troll. But then DEM’s get vex when Bourney talks, what DEM fail to understand is Bourney don’t like NONE of y’all – he swipe at Owen too, but Gilkesy you suck the DLP’s schlong too hard, eh?

  22. Morlock


    This is Oct last year, he is quoting and attributing as he states… “On the matter of the cost of living and the Democratic Labour Party’s administration promise to make this its priority and bring it down during the election campaign in the lead-up to the January 2008 General Election, Sinckler said that “all of us have had to swallow a good dose of reality”. Cost U Less near start-up BY ERIC SMITH | TUE 01 NOVEMBER 2011

    He even includes the person asking on video, incl. a heated exchange between Pat Hoyos & Sinckler, so you all should apologise to Bajan Reporter 😛

  23. Roger Belle.

    Son of Spam, Ian’s courage is revealed every time a whole shoulder ham guzzled by him does not prevent his immediate attack on a second one after the first has been rendered pure bone….n.b. bonehead SoS, there is a difference between “full figured” and lardissimo figured folk like our ham hawg Ian. I don’t like Ian needah, why you think I am giving him a reality reminder? De full guts, gully sow, long jaw, squint eye, puppy dicky, pig pooch overdue for one, truth.

  24. Morlock

    How would you know Ian’s equipment? I know for a fact his wife left another man to marry him because Ian’s was far sweeter, went from one side of the island to the next just for him, wow!

    In fact, I wish I could have gotten Ian before she did, he is cute with those dreamy green eyes! He likes a nice full dark lady too, so it’s clear you are an idiot who can’t appreciate the value of Bajan Reporter, it keeps government on their toes.

    Maybe you offered Ian some butt and he rejected you? Poor thing, go and jerk while adults talk now, ya hear?

  25. Roger Belle.

    Morlock, whenever guys like you zero in on one mention and talk out yuh homo business it makes the rest of us heteros shame shame…the only thing Ian keeps on its toes is the hawg industry, they wake up in fear of his 5 or 6 daily meals. Maybe its time for you to realize wishes are all there is for you, yuh triple belly roll, double dewlap, whiskered, frowsy hoggess yuh.

  26. boarcat

    Buhwaitt doe…dis Roger got wunnah skinning cuffins doe neh. he like he got wunnah butcher up fine while he ringing he belle…hahahaahahaaha.

  27. LegalEagle

    Belle seems to have the right approach for the sorts found on BFP. I would rather read his stuff than Bourne’s wishy washy tripe.

  28. MFenty

    Maverick, I see where you’re going with your hypothetical construct regarding the concept of Criticism. It is important to note however, that not all criticism is positive, sometimes it does more harm than good. Yes, you are correct in advancing the view that criticism is responsible for some of the development in America, but so as inventive ingenuity. Maverick, any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, but 99.99% of the time these antagonists can’t provide a logical solution to the existing problem.

  29. J. Shandinac

    Bourne and myself do not agree many times in person, but based on what has been offered by his own admission or other’s defence, it seems all sides posing intelligent arguments have credence – there is no clear answer, so IMO the Mod should close comments here… I also suspect Bell, Boarcat & Legal are same person “astroturfing” as BFP likes to say

  30. BFP

    ASTROTURF ALERT: LegalEagle, boarcat and Roger Belle are all posted by the same person.

    Warning to this person: stop it or be blocked.

    It’s called honesty. Oh… You aren’t by any chance Owen Arthur, are you?

  31. The Spy

    BFP, thanks for outing uncle owen. I hope that he does not run to the bottle after being exposed. Ian is a man to be feared in the media. They can’t call an editor and fire him. More is to come, Just wait.

  32. LegalEagle

    O LAWD O LAWD O LAWD! I gine stop den…buh everyting I say is true.

  33. boarcat

    Oi stopperating too…buh everyting oi say is de troot.

  34. Roger Belle.

    Dear me, I shall desist.

  35. theghostie.

    Me too.

  36. Son Of Spam

    This is stupid now, dunno what Bourney did to “Bulle.” but if this was another thread, BFP woulda done ban them – is it because Bourney calls them on Islam all de time? Is BFP the troll itself and only pretending for Astroturfing?

  37. Roger boarcat

    ok, i admit…i am a Muslim, BFP and Owen too.

  38. They say if you’re bisexual, you’re confused. If you’re gay, it’s a sin. If you’re skinny you’re on drugs. If you’re fat, you look nasty. If you’re dressed up, you’re conceited. If you dress for comfort you’re a slob. If you speak you’re mind, you’re weird. If you don’t say anything, you’re a punk. If you are sweet to strangers, you are fake. If you cry, you’re a drama queen. If you have male friends, you’re a whore. If you have (too many) female friends, you’re a player! YOU can’t do anything without being labeled. We live in a society where people can’t survive if they’re not judging the next person.

    If you are proud of and love yourself, then it’s all water on a duck’s back. Do you baby!

    BTW, this astroturfer may well be an idiot who overreacted with me on Facebook when I asked a question and did not make a statement, if he continues to post, then I will call out the name of the suspect and state why I believe so.