Crime and Punishment: Drug smuggler LIAT pilot gets only a fine for 65 pounds of weed

International drug smugglers usually rot in prison for years. Why was the court so easy on Keith Allen?

Admitted drug trafficker and smuggler Keith Richard Otway Allen (above) is a lucky man today because he’s walking free when all reason and legal precedent says he should be in Dodds Prison for years.

Allen spent less than two months in jail after being arrested last November smuggling 65 pounds of cannabis into Barbados. Somebody paid a fine of US$125,000 and Allen walked out a free man. Many men rot away in Dodds for years for far less a quantity of drugs and would love to pay a fine instead. I guess those international drug smugglers aren’t as ‘LUCKY’ as Mr. Allen.

There’s no indication that the judge or Allen’s attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham asked any questions or demanded proof about where the money for the fine really came from. Yup, Allen is one lucky drug smuggler, alright. I wonder if he appreciates how very lucky he is.

Oh yes… Allen is or probably “was” a LIAT pilot, so his drug smuggling involved a certain breach of trust. Of course he got caught during his first time. Everybody gets caught during their first time, don’t they?

Will attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham assist Raul Garcia?

I wonder if Allen’s attorney, Sir Richard Cheltenham, would be so good as to assist Raul Garcia who’s been rotting away in prison for almost 20 years? Mr. Garcia is currently into day 12 of a hunger strike because he is being unjustly held in a maximum security prison on an immigration matter 2 years after being released from serving a 20 year sentence for drug smuggling.

How about it, Sir Richard? Will you take some time to try and assist Mr. Garcia? Please?

Further Reading

Here’s the article from The Nation. Please read it at their website, but we have to put it up here because the Bajan press has this terrible habit of adjusting history when they feel like it…

Pilot pays up

January 27, 2012

LIAT pilot and admitted drug trafficker Keith Richard Otway Allen escaped a long prison term and should be back home in St Vincent and the Grenadines today after paying fines totalling $1/4 million yesterday.

The fines were about twice the value of the 65 pounds of cannabis which Allen was arrested for smuggling into Barbados on November 23.

The sentence, handed down by Magistrate Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell in the District “F” Magistrates’ Court, brought an end to a matter that featured two Methodist preachers appearing as character witnesses for the pilot, and several adjournments after Allen’s guilty plea.

Through his attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham, Allen (pictured here leaving the court) paid the fines as is evidenced by the receipt from the court.


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15 responses to “Crime and Punishment: Drug smuggler LIAT pilot gets only a fine for 65 pounds of weed

  1. jrjrjrjr

    Sending the wrong message to smugglers

  2. rastaman

    Would also like to know who paid the fine. Maybe some investigative work by BFP will find out whose account number was on the cheque?

  3. Fast news is bad news, get the FACTS first

    A very good business for Barbados. The plant is made by God .Not By Man. So it not a drug. They can find no injured Party or who he sold it to .They dont seem to want to know go down the line. Barbados will make more than 27.50usd airport fee just to walk to your plane.If it was the white powder then yes for Jail time for the Man made stuff. He have a good crook of Plantations Deeds from Violet Beckels In Sir Richard Cheltenham Q.C.The Judges are the inside crooks and Sir Richard Cheltenham the out side crook.. Most words have at least 3 different meanings when said , need to know the meaning in law and not just jump at the what you hear first. Grammar and wording needs to be decoded.Sir Richard Cheltenham need to be in jail also for Massive Fraud for the Plantation deeds he was to Assent and held as his own and the renter of the land for where the Hight Court sits is also Violet Beckles from her Aunt Beatrice Henry of Barbados ,,

  4. poor people governor

    Morning, wunna bright!!!!
    Why don’t the members of BFP collect some money and take it to Mr Cheltenham, and ask him to represent Mr Garcia, I find this post hilarious, ,why he dont help him stupse Sir Richard does do pro bono
    Who cares who paid the man fines point is them get paid , the man aint KILL no one accidentally or not, the man aint buggering little children, and the man aint no rapist
    Big up all the hustlers and all the strugglers, and all the man who try to make a dime

  5. NORML

    The sooner we legalize it, take it out of the Wrong Hands, and start earning serious Government Revenue from taxes
    (rather than ugly underworld types making all that Lovely Moolah!)
    ..the better of the entire society will be!

    First huge sigh of relief accompanied by applause will come from the Police Force
    (the good ones,that is: the ones involved will be pouting, along with the present dealers).

    The second huge sigh of relief accompanied by applause will come from your neighbours and from your friends who you thought all along were ‘straight’ and didn’t touch the stuff….lol

    Those who don’t want it legalized are those currently making huge money from it..
    * The Urine-testing industry
    * The Dealers,. who make more money than Cow and Kyffin (if that is even possible!)
    * Every little brown-skinned household currently being financed by the ganja trade -and there are MANY!
    * The Lawyers who get to represent the accused.
    * Last but by NO means least: The Alcohol Industry,
    who have already lost a sizeable slice of the ‘intoxicants’ market!

    But..we do so enjoy Prohibition Two!
    We are willing to put up with tons of social inconvenience
    in order to suffer what the Amerikin Mj Tax Act of 1937 has inflicted upon this world
    but then Bajans are good at that —putting up wid nuff nonsense.

    Yeah yeah we are signed to various UN Drug Treaties, I know
    but if we ‘wanted out’ on the Cannabis sections we signed, we could..
    but we just Like It So!

    I keep hoping that Cuba, Jamaica, Dominica and St.Vincent come together to find the balls to tell the rest of the world that We-4 have decided to legalize Cannabis(only) within our borders,
    perhaps simultaneously with the IL-legalization of Tobacco,The Real Killer Weed.

    Think that’ll ever happen? Wish me luck!

  6. Tareddy

    I have a strong fealin that dope was ta help spruce up the BLP HQ

  7. forreal

    what is also important is investigating where he got the drugs from and who he was selling them to here? does the poilce care about this?

  8. discredited

    But this is the Christian way in Christian Barbados is it not?

    BFP, how about finding out who Allen’s father is? That may reveal why he got off so lightly. Well, besides the fact that in Christian Barbados these things are the norm.

  9. "Christian Barbados"

    What a hypocritical laugh!

  10. Simple

    The pilot from St. Vincent deserved 10 years in jail plus the quarter million dollar fine

  11. Responder

    CSME does not mean stupidity.

  12. Charlie Aspen

    Obviously Keith Richard Otway Allen is CONNECTED ( SO MUCH FOR bAJAN JUSTICE)

  13. Junior

    Things tight for right now. Better to collect US$125,000 from him than got him living off tax payers for several years.
    Differently many more fines should be handed out and less custodial sentences to help reduce costs and allow the treasury to recover.

  14. skinnin cuffins

    This has happened before! I clearly remember a case, a few years back, whereby a pilot and a Barbadian male were arrested outside the airport after the pilot had just handed over a package containing drugs to the bajan. At trial, both were only fined. At lease the justice system in Barbados was consistent in its punishment in these cases.

  15. 206

    that information is not correct that pilot did 2 years in prison, persons who comments need to get the facts and not post assumptions or hear say she say he say