Muslim yells “allahu akbar” as he shoots up The Pentagon. News media says motive unclear.

Let’s see here…

American Muslim puts on a facemask, drives along with Muslim prayers playing on the car stereo and shoots his 9mm pistol at US military facilities while yelling “allahu akbar”.

Why, whatever could be his motivation? What a mystery!

He was arrested as he was doing his sixth attack, this time at Arlington National Cemetery. Found in his possessions was a video he’d made to inspire his Jihadist brothers.

But the Washington Post is puzzled by his motivation, saying “Motive of shooter who targeted military sites is unclear”

Pamela Geller expresses what she thinks about the Washington Post, calling them the “enemedia”. Enemedia: an accurate term.

“Whether it’s Islamic honor killings or jihadists shooting up military bases screaming allahu akbar, the motive is always “unclear” to the enemedia.”



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23 responses to “Muslim yells “allahu akbar” as he shoots up The Pentagon. News media says motive unclear.

  1. Jack Bowman

    So your source is Pamela Geller?


    That’s definitely the tack to take, BFP. Doesn’t make you look like tools at all. Not at all. Total tool-freeness on the cognitive front.

    Consider it. Another source you might love. I love Orly.

    Jesus Christ on a bike. THIS is what I have to read every day? THIS? In Barbados?

  2. discredited

    Jack, BFP discredited itself a long time ago with the “sources” it uses to peddle its rhetoric about Moslems.

  3. discredited

    Ian Bourme, Sawh is not Muslim owned. I believe in being balanced but not misrepresenting the facts.

  4. Oh ok, my bad, but when I spoke with Mr Lakhi, I brought this up and he did not correct me

  5. Could motive not being clear is which faction or splinter is responsible? Is it also unclear which infraction the US would answer for this instance (which CNN did not even see fit to list as a Breaking News Alert) – each faction usually has their own tally,,, Thank Allah that most Caribbean Muslims are not so disjointed, praise be to His Glorious name that the most peaceful Islamics are on Barbados, insh’allah’u!

  6. St George's Dragon

    I agree with Ian Bourne on this.
    BFP, you really need to step back and look at your coverage of “The Muslim Threat”.
    For a Blog that espouses racial equality it’s outrageous.

  7. want dubbles fuh lunch

    Yo, Dragon..
    islam is a race???

    I thought islam was an insidious political system
    posing its oppressive-to-women-particularly religious content up front
    in order to take over what’s left of western civilization,now perceived to be in the autumn of its years!

  8. dumb and dumber

    @ St G Dragon… BFP can’t walk back.. demagogy is vogue these days, so the only option is to dumb down even more as .. get a bit more trafiic and laughs.On a point to note , on the anniversary of the holocaust, there will be a ball/dance orgainsed by the far right in Vienna celebrating their founding fathers including Hitler.. now what religion they may be

  9. Prejudice is prejudice regardless if race, sex, choice or belief; SGD is correct if mis-phrased

  10. discredited

    Vienna’s modern day Hitlers could never be Christians, Dumb and Dumber. Why you silly person. Just as the Norwegian gunman was Muslim. Christians are such peaceful people. Its all lies about the bombs, drones, rape, torture and that sort of stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  11. WTF?

    This terrorist shooting up the Pentagon was only doing as commanded in the Q’uaran. That is the truth and it cannot be denied.

    The ‘moderates’ who don’t shoot and kill are not doing as the Q’uaran says they should. Read the Q’uaran, know first hand what it says before you seek to sanitize and protect this deadly political ideology, legal system and religion: for Islam is all three.

  12. WTF?

    Isalm is not a race. stupes!

    Islam is not only a religion, it is a political and legal system of beliefs, values and laws. Those laws and beliefs as laid out in the Q’uaran authorize and order Muslims to use violence. Mohamed (PBUH) ordered violence and personally murdered people for turning from Islam or refusing to convert if they did not pay the tax levied upon monotheists (Christians, Jews). Polytheists were and are to be given no quarter: no tax will save their lives as the Q’uaran orders their deaths.

    These truths about what is ordered in the Q’uaran are not up for debate, at least not in Islam. The Western apologists can debate subtle meanings and delude themselves all they want because you can look to Islamic societies to see the results of Islam. Saudi Arabia. Pakistan. Indonesia. Iran. Egypt. Afghanistan. Syria.

    These countries and others are the crop that the seed of Islam grows.

    There are many “moderate” or “nominal” or “former” Muslims who keep quiet because to question Islam is to invite death and disaster. There are many moderate Muslims as I am sure that BFP is aware, but there is no “moderate” Islam.

  13. Dessalines

    BFP. Please think twice before you start throwing around ‘labels’. You never mention the religious belief of all your other offenders – like the Christian Liat pilot caught smuggling drugs or the Christian boys who burnt that shopping center killing the 6 women – or even the christian norwegian man whose bloody rampage took some 70 lives.

  14. Green Monkey

    It’s just so hard to grasp what could possibly motivate this action by another “uncivilized” Muslim against a benign, human friendly institution like the Pentagon.

    Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time

    by Roqayah Chamseddine on January 31, 2012

    Orwellian-style agitprop; this best describes the latest article written by James Joyner for The Atlantic on the Haditha massacre, which refers to the event in which 24 unarmed Iraqi men, women and children were killed by a group of United States Marines in 2005 in the city of Haditha, in the western Iraqi province of Al Anbar.

    Roster of Deaths and injuries of Iraqi’s in Haditha, as provided by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ):


    The Marine Corps dropped all charges against Sgt. Sanick P. De la Cruz, Captain Lucas McConnell, Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, LCpl. Stephen Tatum and Capt. Randy Stone; all charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani were dismissed by the military judge “citing unlawful command influence” and he was allowed to retire without loss of rank. 1st Lt. Andrew Grayson was acquitted of all charges stemming from the massacre after being charged with deleting photos of the deceased Iraqis in order to obstruct the investigation.

    And in a final blow to the victims of the Haditha massacre, The United States military court determined, as of last week, that the last US Marine to be tried for his involvement in the Haditha massacre would serve not a single day in prison, instead Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich will receive only a demotion to the rank of private for his role in the killing of 24 innocent Iraqi’s.

    During the trial Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz admitted that he urinated on the skull of one of the dead Iraqis and went on to testify that Marine Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich shot the passengers of the car himself from close range: “Sergeant Wuterich approached me and told me if anyone asks, the Iraqis were running away from the car and the Iraqi army shot them.”

    In a prepared statement, Wuterich insisted, “in a resonant, calm voice after witness testimony, that he was only doing his duty”:

    “The truth is, I don’t believe anyone in my squad behaved in any way that was dishonorable or contrary to the highest ideals that we all live by as marines.”

    More at:

  15. West Side Davie

    Green Monkey I agree with you that the USA has done terrible things and US soldiers have run wild in every war. Where we disagree is that you always attribute violent muslim behaviour as a reaction to US or Israeli actions, whereas the violent Muslims themselves attribute their violence to their religion that authorizes and orders violence. Islam is quite clear that violence is a proper tool to discipline wives, prevent adherents from leaving Islam, and to prevent the dissemination of other religions. That is where we disagree.

  16. West Side Davie

    Dessalines, the LIAT drug smuggler did not attribute his actions to his Christian religion. Neither did the men who set the Trendz shop on fire. The Norwegian wasn’t a Christian and did not claim to be, nor would any Christian support him.

    Violent Muslims, however, always have massive public support throughout Islam. Whether they murder their daughters for honour or fly airplanes and kill thousands, there are always plenty of other Muslims cheering them on.

  17. robert ross

    @ everyone

    yes, and that is why a Christian priest suggested on Faith FM last evening that the time had come to move beyond religions and explore ‘religiousness’ free from all the shackles which bind and delude us in its name. The programme is to be repeated on Thursday at 5.0pm.

  18. Green Monkey

    I agree with you that the USA has done terrible things and US soldiers have run wild in every war.

    And most don’t know the half of it:

    Where we disagree is that you always attribute violent muslim behaviour as a reaction to US or Israeli actions, whereas the violent Muslims themselves attribute their violence to their religion that authorizes and orders violence.

    Maybe their have always been a radical Muslims movement intent on using violence and terror to convert the world to their faith. However, it seems only in the last 25 or 30 years that this movement has received encouragement and grown to the extent that it has become a problem for us in the West. Sometimes to get a better perspective on things, it does help to put yourself in the other man’s shoes. Just imagine if China had been exercising the same degree of influence and coercion on the Americas over the last 75 years or so as the US has been doing in the Middle East.

    Suppose China over the last 75 years had been:

    Installing and deposing tin pot tyrants in the countries of the Western Atlantic as they saw fit, and actively working against the formation of democratic oppositions to absolute monarchies or dictators who were friendly to China.

    Destroyed a nascent democracy by installing a notorious torturer as a sock puppet dictator because the previous democratically elected PM had been working to ensure that some of the profits from the sale of the country’s resources went to improve the lot of the people instead of just enhancing the bottom line of a mega corporation owned and controlled by an important Chinese partner. (As the CIA and MI6 did in Iran in 1953 to protect the excessive profits of the British owned Anglo Iranian Oil Company, the forerunner of BP),

    Persuaded one of their own sock puppet rulers in the region to start a major war against another country which China felt was getting too uppity for its own good after it overthrew the US installed dictator and therefore needed to be taught a lesson. Said war ended up costing hundreds of thousands of lives. (As the US and the West encouraged and helped arm their, at the time, sock puppet Saddam to invade and start a long and bloody war with Iran).

    Seeking out radical and violent groups and organizations to fund, support and arm as it suited China’s purpose for the ulterior motive of carrying out a hidden war against China’s own enemy. (As the US did with the Mujaheddin movement in Afghanistan, using them to conduct a war against the USSR – to give the USSR its “own Vietnam” in the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor at the time. Google the phrase: “jihad schoolbook scandal”).

    Supporting without question and funding with massive amounts of foreign aid the one country in the region known to be China’s particular ally which had only come into existence within the last 60 years and was populated mainly by a powerful and influential ethnic minority which also formed a powerful and influential lobby within China This support was offered up unconditionally no matter how unnecessarily illegal, cruel and violent other countries saw the actions of this particular Chinese ally.

    Starting wars and invasions of countries in the Americas from half way around the world in China on cooked up evidence of wrongdoing and again causing death, destruction and the creation of millions of refugees, (As was the case with the US war on Iraq, and see the brasscheck TV link above).

    You think today’s gun loving American, patriots wouldn’t be striking back at their Chinese overlords, using whatever tools they could find to do so and finding support and encouragement for their actions from the compatriots?

  19. Green Monkey

    That anonymous poster requesting a follow up on a missing post, was me Green Monkey. Sorry I recently cleared my browser cache and forgot to fill in my handle before I posted.


    Green-monkey you want to know what could possibly motivate this Muslim extremist to take such action. Well, Green-monkey have you thought about insanity, couple with a distorted worldview could be at the root of his actions? Who really knows the mental state of this individual at that given moment?

  21. Dessalines

    @ West Side Davie

    Quote:”Dessalines, the LIAT drug smuggler did not attribute his actions to his Christian religion. Neither did the men who set the Trendz shop on fire. The Norwegian wasn’t a Christian and did not claim to be, nor would any Christian support him”
    That is my point exactly. BFP headlines read “Muslim yells ……”. The thought never occurred to them that the headline should read “Deranged man yells…….” The fact that this man and others like him adhere to a particular religious faith does not mean they are acting on behalf of their religion. The same goes for Bishop Eddy Long, Jim Jones, Tim McVeigh Ratko Mladić and David Koresh. History is saddled with men who further their personal political or financial ambitions cloaked in ‘divine right’ or ‘messages from god”.
    FYI – The Norwegian Brevik – in his manifesto he wrote about a Christian movement akin to Al Qaeda and viewed himself as a member of the Knights Templar (Christian crusader for the uninitiated). and advocated for a ‘monocultural Christian Europe’.