Barbados wants to know about the Organo Gold legal fight

A Caution to my fellow Barbadians

by Barbados Free Press reader “T.C.”

Many of you have lost your jobs or seen your hours cut back like I have. Money is scarce and you can see and feel how hard life is at this moment just by looking at your friends and neighbours.

Be very careful as you look for new opportunities because there are many predators who know of your desperation. They guarantee you a job in some far off place if you’ll send them money. They tell you a fortune awaits if you’ll send them money. They have knowledge of a system and they will share that knowledge if you’ll send them money.

I read the book “BLINK” by Malcolm Gladwell and I learned what I already knew: Our “snap judgements” are usually correct even if we can’t always put into words why we immediately thought as we did when we first saw something, met a new person or heard an idea.

What does your snap judgement and gut feeling tell you about Organo Gold?

Did you receive this TellBarbados email? (click photo for large)

Almost ten thousand people received the Tell Barbados marketing email about Organo Gold “Professional Independent Distributors Needed”. (click on photo at left for a large image) I was interested in making some money because I’m getting cut back on hours at work so I started looking into the Organo Gold coffee products and business on the internet. This is ‘healthy’ coffee that has or is supposed to have some health-promoting plant ingredients. That is the brand’s claim anyway. It is a multi-level marketing scheme, not that I’m saying that is a bad or good thing except everybody has seen friends try things like this and a few months later you never hear about it anymore. Some people can probably make good money selling anything, but that’s not me.

The Lawsuit

After a few hours on the internet I am no further ahead trying to discover if this is a proper opportunity or a scam. There is a lawsuit filed some time ago by one of the originators of the Organo Gold company named Jay Noland. He or someone taking his side put up a website where you can listen to long rather boring recordings of Jay Noland making accusations against his old partners still at Organo Gold.

Mr. Noland makes serious allegations about the company and says that Organo Gold changed the ingredients of the product without telling anyone.

Jay Noland Call #1

“Integrity has been breached in this company…

I regret to say these words to you tonight…

Based upon the advice of my attorney… I’ve had to file a lawsuit against the other founders of Organo Gold on the advice of my attorney after he sorted through all the evidence…”

Jay Noland Call #2

Jay Noland says that Doctor Bartell tested the product and found that it did not contain the same ingredients as was claimed by the company and was originally in the product.

… from the website:

What about Mr. Jay Noland himself?

I found the US Federal Trade Commission website that says Mr. Noland was at one time charged with operating a pyramid scheme:

Then I found a website warning about Organo Gold that says this:

Sad to say, one of my close friends came close to committing financial suicide by sipping the Organ Gold brand. I immediately took her into my office and began the desensitization process. OG seems to go after the ones with no common sense, big dreams and limited education. Those little meetings inside the cheap hotels and shopping mall business rooms seems reminiscent of the Peoples Temple gathering.

One guy took to the podium in a recent undercover investigation and begin talking about all the fantasticals of the compensation plan and the coffee itself. You could see the poor people with stars in their eyes hoop and holler as though they were being swayed by Jesus Christ himself. If Jim Jones was still alive he would be at a Organo Gold meeting and tainting the coffee with false hopes and dreams, thereby killing the masses bank accounts with auto ships, seminars, fees, other fees, travel fees, material fees, fees, fees, fees…..

… from the blog Don’t drink the coffee!

A Question for my fellow Barbadians

As I told you at the top of this letter, I read the book “BLINK” by Malcolm Gladwell and I learned what I already knew: Our “snap judgements” are usually correct even if we can’t always put into words why we thought as we did.

What does your snap judgement and gut feeling tell you about Organo Gold?

Here is the Organo Gold company website


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77 responses to “Barbados wants to know about the Organo Gold legal fight

  1. Newbie

    I would warn anyone to carry out due diligence when it comes to committing to any website that promises wealth with very little work as many of the MLM businesses claim. There are so many opportunities on the net that you quite honestly get confused (if you are new to it) trying to decide which ones are viable and which are not (hence take due care with your choice, if any). Some of these businesses do make lots of money but getting in on the act is not that easy. I personally would have to be totally happy with the product to try selling it to any one else. As this particular product appears to be questionable I would stay well clear of it.

  2. 142

    It is pretty obvious that some people cannot separate fact from fiction.
    If you search the internet carefully you will find lawsuits even against the President of the United States.
    Therefore it is nothing new or strange to read negative things about companies like Verizon, At&T, Coca Cola, Amway or any other large company.
    In the absence of factual information, negative opinions and innuendos flourish.
    I am glad that I pursue any opportunity with an open mind, ask question, get satisfactory answers and make a decision based on FACTS.
    It is amazing to see the low depths that people will sink to in order to pull down or degrade another human or attempt to undermine a legitimate business.

  3. 142

    The question is; “Is Barbados ready for the FACTS, or is Barbados just curious”?
    For the most part Barbados lives in blissful ignorance. And that is a big part of the problem for Barbados.

  4. 142

    It makes my blood pressure rise whenever I see people pontificate. When in fact they are way off in left field.
    I have found that unfortunately Barbados is FILL with misinformed, unschooled professors of negativity. For the most part the people that engage in such self deception are low or non achievers and they want to spew their toxic messages all over the place hoping to get attention. I am in Organo Gold and stand behind the product. If Tom, Dick or Harry has a quarrel, that is their business.
    I am focused on my business.

  5. BFP

    Hello 142,

    Bloggers pontificate, it’s true. It’s also true that we welcome more information. You sound like a Organo Gold person who’s making money. How much money can a person reasonably make and how many hours does it take? How long have you been in and when all expenses are said and done, what do you figure you’re making an hour of time invested?



  6. 224

    I sad that somone doesn’t do their own research, you can see that Jay Noland have created his own company just like a carbon copy of Organo Gold, sorry it did’t work out for Jay Noland, but everyone know he still getting paid from Organo Gold so if Organo Gold. I’m in Organo Gold and will remain in Organo Gold, the company is growing so fast that why thats why so many people are getting mad or making false claims against them, don’t miss the boat

  7. Seeker

    Hey BFP,

    It seems that 142, 224 & 202 seem to either be robots, or they don’t know the answers to your questions! All we want is a little transparency! You OG sales reps CAN provide that….can’t you? Hmmmm…

    Answer the questions! Don’t burn strawmen for our amusement! 😉

  8. Think Big

    In Organo GoldYou can make as much money as you want, if your motivated, committed and dedicated in creating wealth….it’s all up to you individual work ethics.

  9. John Gonsalves

    Very interesting article. I too have come across these “opportunities” and am impressed by the aggresive marketing of the OG company – so much so, that they are sending people to your blog to criticise you without answering your questions!
    For me, that says it all – it is a simple marketing scam. I am making this judgement on my own, without any real facts. It is simply based on:
    – no-one is out there telling their success stories, only their failures.
    – the company say it is “certified organic” but do not say who is certifying it, where it is produced and how they can continue producing so much to meet demand.
    – the “scientific benefits” are not backed up by any proven medical study. It is just rhetoric.
    – a pyramid scheme means that at the bottom there are litterally millions of little men trying to sell something, which now is really only designed to feed the pockets of the big men above. So these little men will scrape around in a congested market for a few hundred bucks, while the big men are sipping champagne!

    Anyway, that’s my view. I would love someone to come on here and tell me their success story.

    By the way, keep up the great blog. I love reading it.

  10. 103

    Looks like Jay was let go and now he is hurt..he loved the idea so much and got so emotional over it..he decided to launch a copycat of OG?? Seriously Jay

  11. 130

    and the answers for the questions made… i still can´t SEE them

  12. taste the coffee

    According to this website of all MLM earners you have some reps making $500-$800,0000 a week interesting

  13. ceasy

    The company is viable, and i have yet to meet a person who tried the coffee and didnt like it. It is indeed possible to make a lot of money in this business, but you have to work. OG is not trying to sell you something for nothing, if you want to make money you have to work hard.

  14. ceasy

    Also to respond to an earlier poster, its not a pyramid scheme, pyramid schemes are illegal. Your job is closer to a pyramid scheme. In Organo Gold, you can make more money than the person who sponsored you and you can accomplish this rather quickly, depending on how much time you have to devote to building your business. At your job you usually never make more money than your boss, who in turn never makes more money than his boss.

    After two months my family has experienced success in this business. Im not proclaiming phenomenal returns but 800 dollars a week isnt bad, for the time we put into it.

  15. 10

    Why did not Jay Noland says the same about Amway because their principles are not nearly the the same method use? Do you not have work hard to archive your goal in life? He sound as sour grapes speaking by his comments.

  16. 116

    The reality is clear people if you look at the history of the founders you should not be surprised that they will not provide open documentation as to what their annual revenues are in writing. The company is a fraud and their companies coffee is made by a manufacturer who private labels for 80 other companies that sell coffee. Within two years this company will be out of business and the founders will be onto the next scam. Ask yourself one question “Where is the scientific documentation to the claims that they make about their magic coffee”?

  17. Anonymous104

    Re. Jay Noland: Here is info. re. lawsuit: Noland v Oragano Gold Enterprises Inc.,, Date: 20120403, Docket: 5123785, 2012 BCSC 493. (ongoing lawsuit in British Columbia, Canada)
    Re. Dr. Kent Bartell: Here is info re.:, then ‘Court Dockets’, then ‘Search Dockets’, then under ‘Search by Party’ put in Kent Bartell. (note the corrected aka Kent ‘R’ Bartell. Hope this is helpful for you.

  18. TJ

    If you are reading this, do your research on the coffee industry in general and you will find why this company is extremely profitable and its independent distributors also in a position to independently create an extremely profitable home based business. Coffee is the worlds largest traded commodity next to oil. That means coffee is more profitable than diamonds, gold and platinum. Coffee has been consumed since 700 AD. More coffee is consumed daily than milk, juice, & soda COMBINED. Coffee is simply GOOD BUSINESS.

    Now you can go on and work at a local coffee shop at a set dollars per hour/week wage with customers limited to those who live, work or are visiting the area that shop is located in (and likely never have the opportunity to own the shop) OR you can own your own international coffee business where your income potential clearly exceeds that of the employee and your customer potential is instantly in the billions based on the global presence a website offers to the billions of coffee drinkers around the globe. In my opinion there is no comparison.

    What is the difference between the entrepreneur who chooses to invest millions of dollars, and millions of working hours in building a franchise whereby the investor is also one of thousands of others who also chose to open franchises thereby immediately putting money in the franchise giants (i.e. OWNERS , i.e ‘FOLKS ON TOP’) pockets with NO guarantee of a return on their investment (in fact, it is documented the average return on investment time period is between 5-8 years – that’s FIVE TO EIGHT YEARS BEFORE YOU BREAK EVEN AND POTENTIALLY BEGIN TO EARN A PROFIT $$$$), and the entrepreneur who chooses to invest a few hundred dollars in a direct sales company????

    We should really learn to lift one another up and encourage business ownership. While most respondents have (correctly) steered away from making income claims, what is clearly documented is the fact that the Direct Sales (MLM, Network Marketing) industry has and will create more millionaires than ANY OTHER INDUSTRY – PERIOD.

    Work hard for someone else dream (company) for 40 years while being treated like a dog the majority of the time, then retire on 40% of what you barely lived on the 1st 40 years or work like a dog for 2-5 years for yourself and your family’s dreams and create generational wealth… is there really a dilemma/debate here???

    Contact me for your freedom papers when you decide!!!

  19. Brian

    The “journalist” who wrote this article is an idiot. There is so much evidence that this business is Easy.. Simple..Coffee and available to anyone who has dreams, goals, aspirations and is willing to share the product and the opportunity. I am a very successful Independent Distributor for Organo Gold in Trinidad.

    What people miss about this opportunity is that it’s not about only selling the coffee at all.. It’s about sharing the coffee as well as the opportunity and every time someone joins your team you get rewarded and so too everyone along that line of business. Get this… TO INFINITY….

    Even if they did not even personally enroll that new person.. The Compensation is fair, profitable and that’s what makes this the PERFECT opportunity. I have NEVER been involved in Direct Sales, but amazingly here at Organo Gold, everyone CAN Win and Everyone WILL win when they see the TRUE vision of the organization.. I would love to have this idiot in one of my presentations so that he can get the true FACTS and re-write this article with intelligence.

  20. Hina

    At the end of the day, just do your research talk to people from both sides of the fence and see if this business is viable. And honestly, if people didn’t make money out of OrganoGold nobody would be signing up.

  21. Hina

    And Brian, send me your details. I would love to get in touch with fellow OG members and make a choice.

  22. 22

    Am not from Barbados, but am also from the Caribbean. One mentioned that Organo Gold says it´s certified , but not by whom. This statement is false. Organo Gold mentions by whom it is certified. The success stories are also told and not the failures. No one in Organo Gold puts a gun to your head and says you must join. Our Caribbean people can be so narrow minded at times and this is what keeps us back from being successful. besides we keep bringing others down instead of following a good example. Every MLM company has their policies and their line of products. Everything we eat or drink in life can be hazardous to our health. Everything has pros and cons.

    How many of us do not consume Coca Cola daily and several times per day? How good is it for our health? Yet because Organo Gold brought out a healthier product line, people choose to condemn it. I joined Organo Gold a few months ago. The history is told and never was this man Jay Nolan’s name mentioned as a founder of the company. The company also tells you where the Ganoderma is being grown and who produces it for them.

    And another thing as far as I know Organo Gold has not officially open it’s doors in Barbados or any of the Caribbean islands as a matter of fact, so my advice to our island people would be check out who is involving you in Organo Gold and see if your country/island is officially on Organo Gold’s map. I checked today and Barbados sure is not listed. Before you condemn the company do your research properly and if you feel that it is not something you would do then keep your degrading comments to yourself and move on and look for another company that fits your fancy. Live and let live people.

  23. Um, that link on the pyramis scheme on Jay Noland is not the same Jay Noland of Serenigy, formally Organo Gold.

    And as for Serenigy, the company formulated by Jay Noland, it is NOT a Carbon copy of Organo gold, which regardless of what disagreement Jay had with Organo I completely wish nothing but success to.

    Serenigy in fact in its first year even GOT OFFICIAL USDA approval from Atlas BIOSCIENCE at andtheir number you can call is 520-495-0400 on. The 120 s. Houghton Rd ste #138 ,pmb 304. Tuscan, az 85748 office, under Serenigy Global, as of Nov 2nd, 2011, and in fact has already LEGALLY DOCUMENTED the first stages of penetrating 42 and growing countries, including endorsement by Danny Glover who has taken no money from SG for his endorsement and support of our NUTRICUTICAL products.

    Serenigy is as LEGIT as they come, and make NO PROMISES of income because in America THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW which even any legal firm, which I had review before I even joined Serenigy because I loved the taste of their products, and what the products did for my alergies and ashma COINCIDENTALLY since legally in America I can not make health claims either which is why you will not find DIRECT income result based testimonials.

    Also, again, Organo is focused on Coffee, Serenigy is focused on the diversity of 100% certified nano Ganoderma with the ability to mass produce the herb in Miami Fl thru PATENTED nano technology that allows them to mass produce a variety of products that can be scaled to over 100million units of products a day or more, which is the other reason Ib went with their opportunity because I KNOW where the products come from, and the value of being able to mass produce at a scale that makes competition laughable because of how many different markets Serenigy can tap into.

    As for Organo, do your research, they import their product in mass numbers into warehouse spread thru out America and at least 4 other countries I know of.

    I also have several firneds & family members in Organo whom are making over $500 extra a month after all their expenses, and for them that means bills are paid on time, they are buiilding their BUSINESSES at their pace, and no, your not gonna get get rich in either overnight.

    Also, I have posted a link to my FB page which I openly submit for your review.

    P.S. I did accept notifications to new posts on this board so I will gladly respond to any and all posts within a timely 48 hr timeframe 🙂

  24. erick ruiz

    Yet Organo Gold still remains and we are hosting our 2nd international convention september. I have not heard Jay Noland anymore. Organo Gold is on way to make 400 million in revenue this year and it is only 4 years old.

  25. 70

    Be careful what you spend money otherwise you lose money

  26. Wilfred de Gannes

    I was introduced to OG by my trusted Business Lawyer, who invited me to attend 2 no. seminars in all. I was given the opportunity to also sample complimentary OG coffee products at the seminars and was very impressed of their stated claims. Soon after, I was asked a couple times to become a Seller by signing up. I decided to wait until my Lawyer got his OG supply after he paid over US$1,000 to become an “authorised seller.” Very recently, I decided to buy 3 no. boxes (55 individual packets)for my Chinese girlfriend in the People Republic of China, who was recovering from a serious illness (Pneumonia). I ordered the Black Ice Tea, Cafe Latte and the Cafe Mocha and decided to once again try some of the OG products, before sending them off with FedEx Express to her. Unfortunately and to my utter disappointment my OG teas and coffees did not “work” like the free samples I consumed at the introductory seminars, which I first attended. Therefore, I safely conclude that there is a serious Quality issue with the amount of Gandoderma utilized and I am glad I delayed/never became an “Authorized OG Seller” like my Lawyer, who took over 8 weeks to receive his 1st supply after paying. In conclusion, I feel OG is a big scam/trick, whatever you want to call it, as they fool you initially then send you sub-standard products, which do not work. I stongly suggest to anyone NOT to waste your precious money in joining this falsehood, especially if you have Consciousness about their “false” benefits, including health.

  27. 226

    Sorry for that, but that is just an opinion. I got my order in a week. My upline told me the date my order would come and it came. I am happy with my product and the business works as you work. If nothing else, just sell your supply and make your money back. But…it works for me. Im doing well so far.

  28. Vance alexander

    I have been taking this product for three years now and have only been sick once since. My cold sores I used to get all the time no longer appear. The coffee is better tasting to me than any other product out there. I did my Gano research experienced some amazing results joined the business made some good friends and now enjoy some health and wealth benefits. It may not be for everyone but is sure is for me:) Vance A

  29. 17

    I have hadawesome health results on Organo Gold coffee so I became a distributor my customers are seeing and feeling amazing results

    Satisfied Organo Gold member

  30. W. Thompson

    I started my OG business when OG was just a 6 mos old company, and have never looked back. I am a business professional who nearly lost it all in this economy, was on food stamps, and now enjoy the #1 lifestyle in the world. I personally have seen where we grow the 100% certified organic ganoderma, and I have been paid every single week for the past 3.5 years, and never missed a paycheck. I drive a mercedes benz that was given to me by OG, and to all of you that have accused or made up information, this is truly a company that will hit a billion dollars in sales in the next couple years, and while you complain about your course in life, and complain about something you know nothing about, a lot of us are just feeling a lot better, helping thousands of others to do the same, and are just getting rich. If this is what scammed feels like, it feels really good. Wake up and smell the coffee. GO OG!!!!! Thank you Mr. Chua, Mr. Morand, and Mr. Buggs.

  31. R. F.

    What about Mr . Noland, Mr. Thompson? No thank you to him? I you been with the OG since 6months, you must know of Mr. Noland. What is the true story about him? Is he over reacting? Also, why on the box of OG coffee I have sitting next to me does it not say Certified Organic by either usda or international. If you could please explain. I am a brand new distributor, and I would like to know the truth before continuing with this business. Thank you

  32. 138

    I Totally Agree Mr. Thompson, THE REST OF SCEPTICS, Just Continue to Follow The Lead of People That are Just as or Even Helpless than You are at the Moment. Just Because You Claimed to Read Malcom Gladwell’s Book Does Not Qualify you To Give Advice To Any1 Especially If You Had No Prior Intelligible Experience In Any Company. I do not Care if It Was Amway or Ardyss. See You At THE TOP and NOT FROM THE TOP. For The People That Are Smart Enough To Drop The Victim Mentality and Work at Winning at Life. Grown Into The Person You Need to Be and Then You Will Attract The Income You Desire. We call This Social Proof. Here is A Nugget, Use It To Get Your Mind Right:

  33. it easy it coffee take it!

  34. everybody just criticize for all the bad things happening in their miserable life to others, see yourself clearly in the mirror, do you have some positive contribution to the people, yes maybe there is bad people everywhere, even in the traditional business. just like in mlm, there is bad person and also a good person who just want to help average people to change their life for the better.

  35. 211

    My gut tells me that if there is a lawsuit of this magnitude, there is probably some truth to it. There is too much at stake for anyone to not have any evidence backing up the allegations. I am sure that anyone can argue both sides of the evidence that is being presented, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there is evidence. It is very similar to religion where there is a book and 100 different interpretations of the same verse. It doesn’t make one person right or wrong, but it does open the door for controversy. So, you believe what you will based on your gut, followed by your investigation, but the most important thing for you to succeed is your faith in that Company and the Leaders! If you have it, you can sell it, if you don’t, you will move to a company where your faith resides! For me personally, there has been too much doubt created for me to support OG, but I will not criticize someone who believes in them because that belief brings them health and wealth!

  36. Mary

    People don’t fall into the trap. This company makes money by using people, brainwashing and misleading you.. There is no such thing as getting rich overnight. If you go to these meetings do not take your credit card or checkbook. They will pressure you to give them money. I almost got screwed by them. After reading 22 complains, I got out of this membership fast!!!
    This is a typical pyramid !!!! They sweet talk you like crazy and make you feel like you should be honored to meet these falks ,so called rich distributers. Don’t fall for that! They want your money and want to to recruit everybody in your family and they push you to do it. Then once you sign up, they keep on pushing you to upgrade your kit. In other words they will milk you till you dry. Bastards !

  37. Lifetime opportunity for all the people of Australia to become a part of Organo Gold Coffee as distributors. Increase your earning and standard of living with Organo Gold Australia.

  38. Anonymous

    Q’s and A’s:
    Is Jay Noland someone we should trust our time and money with? … no
    Is SereniGy the new Organo Gold?… yes
    Is SereniGy better than Organo Gold?… no
    Is SereniGy worth the time and effort one puts into it?… no
    Is Primerica any better than Organo Gold?… no
    Are these pyramid schemes legal? … yes
    Are MLM’s considered to be pyramid schemes? … yes
    Can people make a profit from any of these MLMs? … yes
    Are MLMs financially stable?… no
    Can people make a career out of MLMs?…. not likely

  39. Anonymous

    Simple Question, How is revenue Generated ? 100% from selling coffee or 100% from bringing in New members and pyramid levels, or is it 50-50, if the answer is most the revenue is coming from members signing up, it should be illegal, completely banned.

  40. Anonymous

    hello Organo Gold Coffee as distributors. Increase your earning and standard of living with Organo Gold Australia

  41. Jennie Baker

    Run for the hills! Organo gold is an illegal MLM pyramid scheme where you will be losing money while you sell a product with serious side effects to the unsuspecting public! Only losers and the lonely jump on board this Jim Jones cult-train

  42. Jorge

    Lo único que se es que todo nuevo miembro que se vincula adquiere su membresia invirtiendo en producto y esa es la única forma de ingresar, o sea, para mi la renta proviene 100% de la venta del café y el ingreso se hace por voluntad propia, ¡claro! cuando se tiene visión y disciplina para trabajar y luchar para hacer realidad los propios sueños y no se sufre de incapacidad para crecer y querer seguir siendo un esclavo del sistema tradicional,

  43. Jorge

    Solo los incapaces critican y sufren con el éxito de los demás
    Organo Gold es solo para talentos y gente soñadora con deseos de triunfar y ayudar a otras personas.

  44. Anonymous

    1st – why wouldn’t someone push you to upgrade your kit which has the highest bonus potential for you?
    2nd – Ganoderma has virtually no side effects but you WILL experience changes in your body while the herb eradicates the toxins from your body. Do your due diligence or just continue taking the prescribed meds with the side effects including death. Never heard of anyone dying from Ganoderma.
    3rd – nothing in Organo Gold speaks of getting rich overnight. The system clearly speaks of giving 18 months of COMMITTMENT to the entire system (not pieces) so last time I checked, 18 months does not equal overnight.
    4th – if you are looking for someone to constantly be on your back telling your every move and looking over your shoulder, GET A JOB! We coach and mentor not direct, manage and supervise.

  45. dontyouwishyouknew

    I was in OG when Jay Noland was booted… and was one of the ones that left with him based on who I THOUGHT he was.

    Being booted out of, not one, but two companies that you were either co-founder or CEO… is not an accident.

    What I would love is… for someone to produce the documentation that proves he REALLY filed a lawsuit against OG.

    Can anyone do that??? I haven’t found anything.

  46. HummingBird

    OG im happy with, feel good, and know what i need to do to make money, but no pushing sales, i dont care if i make sales, i just care that my family and friends get healthy…and i have lots of friends! 🙂 if all i get is returning customers, than so be it, i follow the Universal Law, guided by Intuition, so i found my purpose and its to help people in any way i can, even if i dont make a cent.. Thank you OG for helping me help others 🙂

  47. In any successful business there will be people who wants to sabotage your success and that’s why you see so many attention about OG.
    I Personally join OG just about 5 weeks or so not only I have earned strong income the gain in personal development is huge. Some will say anyone can self educated himself but why there is no other company out there teaching you how you can be financially independent and provide you with the tools to be really free? At OG you have both.
    For those who are still questioning what type of certification we have just go to

  48. C. Williams

    I recently joined OG, as a bronze member and received my coffee within a week. The coffee cost me $17 per box I sold it to friends and family for $35 per box made my money; have talked to other friends about it. I am not into the pyramid part of the business but I want to become a distributor and buy the product and sell it. I was not a coffee drinker before I tried Organo Gold. Whatever is in the coffee relaxes me, I sleep well, my skin looks good. I actually want to quit my job next year and go into Organo Gold full time. I have lived and worked in Canada for almost 23 years and realize that I need to take care of myself and not wait for someone else to do it for me. Every business is a pyramid, every household is a pyramid. There is someone at the top who makes the decisions and you follow. In a household, how often do we see the man of the house cleaning the yard, tying out the goats, washing the clothes, baking the bread, ironing the clothes while his children lie in bed, sits around watching television or out driving around with their friends? When money comes into the home, again the father or parents controls how it is spent. The profits that come into any company are always distributed from the top down with the people at the bottom who are doing the menial and most of the work getting the least pay.

    With OG, even if you do not bring anyone into the business and you buy coffee and sell it while registering this as a company there are so many expenses that you can claim against this business which now becomes a tax benefit for you. A percentage of your cell/ telephone bill, internet bill, hydro (electricity), travel (gas) or bus fares, cost of business cards, cost of food when you meet with people to demonstrate the product. Even a room in your home can be claimed as office space against this business; any remains / maintenance done to that room can be claimed as a business expense. If the room is used for other purposes such as a TV room then you may not be allow to claim the full amount on that room. Business supplies such a a stapler, paper, toner for your printer, can all be claimed as business expenses. You can decide to pay a family member for helping you to promote and distribute the product. I think you can even pay yourself a salary and claim it against the business. All these claims can actually result in you paying little or no taxes at all. I don’t know about Barbados, this is North America there are opportunities for OG. So you invest $1200 or $1400 as long as you receive your product you’ve lost nothing. I am a 54 year old Caribbean woman and in life sometimes you just have to jump. It’s like going to the Casino or the races or just playing a cricket match, you hope you win this time and if you don’t you get up and you ask God to show you the next opportunity.

    As long as you are alive you have to keep trying.

  49. I have been in the OrganoGold program for about eight months. We have had several phone-a-thons where you contact friends and family and sell your product to them at retail price. Your profit is retail-commission. Obviously family members and close friends are making the purchases to support you in your endeavors. The fortune is in the follow up. You will need to check with them to see if they like it, and if they do in about 3 weeks they will order more. If you have call center experience and are capable of performing relationship based sales you can sit down and clear $600.00 in about five hours. That is not going to happen every day because once you exhaust your contact list then you will obviously only be able to get your re-orders. Then after you get your re-orders from the people who actually enjoy the product on a regular basis you need to ask them for referrals. Eventually you can share the profitability aspect with people you know after you have actually done something worth talking about and see if they would like to share in the opportunity. If you suck at sales it’s going to have a learning curve. If you have no desire to get better then you may want to try underwater basket weaving.
    You get out what you put in. People who complain need not participate. Actively recruiting participants will ultimately result in an unstable pyramid. We are only looking for people with the business acumen to understand that you are not feeding into an invisible monster. If you cannot handle the heat then get out of the kitchen. In any functioning business, my particular career being insurance–you must absolutely understand that the organization you work for has a structure where the highest paid are on top and then the proverbial sh*t rolls down hill from there. If you cannot handle the fact that you are making other people a lot of money then perhaps you should move to an island and grown your own corn for dinner. If everyone had a crappy attitude MLM could not exist, big business could not exist, and this country could not function.

  50. Ngiyaphila

    Please don’t touch the stuff. I took a chance, based on the word of a friend who was ‘in the know’ – after just 2 coffees and 1 green tea, I had such a reaction that if I were not medically trained I could have died. My daughter had just one of the coffees (supposedly a ‘health’ coffee that is meant to be okay in pregnancy) and she was rushed to hospital – it brought on, in a previously vitally healthy female, symptoms similar to pre-eclampsia. I have been, after originally running for up to 10kms a day, barely able to walk a few hundred metres any more. Embarrassingly that is shocking for a health professional who teaches nutrition and healthy lifestyle! They have told me I am the first person in 5 years to report such a reaction but similar stories are all over the ‘net. So far, in my own network who all joined the week I did, there have been 6 reactions ranging from palpitations to collapse needing hospitalisation (symptoms similar to a severe asthma attack in someone who was not asthmatic). Steer clear of it – the ‘coffee’ tastes like sour stew and floor sweepings and the company will have you running round and round in circles trying to simply get the poison taken back to them! This all happened in early June and yesterday (July 26) they finally organised a courier to collect, after suggesting I pay to have it sent back and they would pay me back for any unopened boxes – yet they advise you straight away to open all your boxes and hand out samples to get orders! Besides about 1/4 of my initial ‘kit’ was not even in the box. If anyone else here knows of anyone who has had a bad reaction to this rubbishplease check with facebook – we are setting up a page we initially had to share the ‘good’ news haha. – we want to get as many numbers as possible as it looks like they just ignore the fact they are making people sick (and broke) – it’s cost my daughter and I around 6 weeks’ income so far…

  51. Anonymous

    John Gonsalves: funny how you so loosly throw out the word “SCAM”. When you sign up, you get that amount of coffee, therefore, you are an idiot and scam is out, if you don’t ever sell a box or recruit anyone, you don’t make money, just like if you were hired as a outside sales representative for a company and you don’t go and sell anything, you get fired, is that company now considered a SCAM in your book?.:

    Jennie Baker: Are you a complete dunce? Do you even know the definition of illegal pyramid scheme? How is your 2 jobs, living on welfare trying to pay for your 5 kids working out for you?

    And for the one who posted that the company will not be around for 2 years, ummmm…….according to records the company did over $300,000,000 last year, how’s that comment working out for ya?? I am not even a distributor, but love to see how people talk shit about a company they dont research, (and BLOGS are NOT research). MLM has had a few crooks just like corporate america (i.e. Exxon, AIG, HOME DEPOT, FANNY MAE and FREDDY MAC) Seriously guys, wake up!

  52. Anthony

    First of all, i must tell you, that Organo Gold is 100% legit, it is your decision to get all the negative opinions, I’ve seen the results and testimonials about many people. (close friends too) when i first heard of OG i did not know anything about it, and i just went to a meeting, and i really liked the whole concept of OG. you need to be open minded if you want to be successful in life or perhaps a millionaire. Good luck and if you would like to join in Organo Gold : email me:

    See you soon!


    Hmmm, seven principles of accurate thinking from the Napoleon Hill Foundation “THINK AND GROW RICH”…….Alert yourself immediately to someone speaking ill of someone of something…..It is filled with bias…….Search the Organization for yourself BAJANS…….Organo Gold is a great product line……I am a Registered Nurse and I am using the thing and sharing it with patients who want to try it out of their own free will and they are getting great benefits that conventional pharmaceutical drugs could not have done……SEARCH FOR YOURSELF AND YOU BE THE JUDGE……


    Go to this link and tell me what you think about Mr. Jay Noland…..Then go search out Holton Buggs, Bernardo Chau, Shane Morand…..Tell me who is genuine and who is not…….FREE WILL PEOLPLE.


    Another link to this true altruistic individual (Jay Noland) who is trying unsuccessfully to destroy the reputation of a reputable organization……SEARCH FOR INFORMATION FOR YOURSELF ABOUT ORGANO GOLD AND THEN BE THE JUDGE OF THE MATTER, not blindly on one or two or three or four individuals….

  56. I have been involved in Organo Gold for approximately 15 months and I have experienced ups and downs. I realize and admit that the down periods came when I stopped following the simple system. I have people tracking me down when they run out of the product. The majority of my customers have some type of great testimonies as to something the product has done for them. We can’t make medical claims because we are not a medical company and as stated we can’t make income claims as it misleads from the stand point of saying to people that to earn a certain type of income all you have to do is sign up when it actually requires work. I do know people personally who have been a part of multimillion dollar franchises only to lose everything from half million dollar homes to their spouses do to the economy but are now enjoying incomes that baffle lending institutions when the make purchases. I can only say that when I say I need an extra five hundred dollars etc…. I can immediately use OG as a means of obtaining the amount needed effortlessly. OG is like AA, it works if you work it.

  57. Jason Walker

    Organo Gold, a product nice to taste; as for the health claims, I very much doubt it does what it says on the box. Even if the product did deliver on all the health claims, but that’s not the problem with this product – it’s coffee, it tastes ok, it passes.

    The problem with this product is the way is purchased and sold. The “business model” stinks – plain and simple!

    MLM – stay away from all Multi-Level Marketing schemes, whether its plastic containers, skin products, drinks, food, cooking utensils telecommunications…, whatever!!! Just say no!

  58. Organo Gold is now 5 YEARS OLD SCAM I THINK NOT.

  59. I will just put this as simple for all the og ‘haters’ and i quote.

    A ferris wheel ride everyone wants to go for a ride, 5% of them will throw up another 5% will have spinning headaches ,10% will say they will never ever go on another ride again .when you add that up its a mere 20% ,do you think that 20% represent of bad experience represent the ferris wheel , if you are stupid enough to believe that then what of the other 80% that enjoys the ride?

  60. Anonymous

    I want to know where does it come from? How much ganoderms there is per sachet? I bought some red tea from a friend, but the box said its produced in china while I thought I was buying red tea from Africa… I really can’t find honest information online, and will not buy anymore from my friend because it seems it really isn’t organic… it is very misleading, I believed I was buying high quality tea, but it seems I’m not… we have the right to know as consumers

  61. Tea made with the rooibos plant turns red due to red pigment in its stems and leaves. The rooibos shrub belongs to the legume family of plants and is native to South Africa. “Bush teas” are common throughout Africa and are frequently used as substitutes for common tea. Red bush tea has been popular in South Africa for decades. One reason for the popularity of this tea is its almost total lack of physiologically active compounds. Consequently, red bush tea is selected as a fragrant, non-stimulating beverage. Rooibos is a flavorful, caffeine-free alternative to tea for those seeking to eliminate caffeine intake. With the many amazing health benefits surfacing, red tea has far surpassed its role as an alternative beverage. Organo Gold continues to sell the finest rooibos tea you’ll find, now an organic product. Red Tea Ingredients: Organic Red Tea, Cordyceps Militaris, Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Serving Size: 1 sachet (0.07 oz / 2.0g), Calories: 5, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0.5g, Protein: 0g 25 Sachets/Packets per box

  62. Allan

    I have read comments from both sides of the fence. The fact that the amount of ganoderma is not listed on the label, and the fact that one of the ingredients is actually sodium aluminum sulfate…..sends up red flags immediately. If you really are concerned about your health and the health of others, just purchase the ganoderma mushroom extract itself and pass on the coffee. Since the last ingrediante listed is ganoderma, that means it is the smallest in quantity, yet it is not listed in mg. (milligrams). Now, if you are not really that concerned about health, but are more concerned about making it rich, and putting on the “bling”, then by all means, go for it. Everyone right now is screwing each other for a buck, so we should all just join is and screw each other as well. The main way to make money in Gano Excel, or Gano Gold (or the nexr new name) is to get people to sign up, then lock them into a very expensive “autoship” program. The only people that actually buy Gano Gold are members/ associates, not the general public, That means the company is “self-consuming”. Paychecks are generated by signing people up, and the autoship program. I for one, do not want to have a garage full of product (autoship), that If I tried to actually consume would probably put me in the morgue. New member are told to “give away” free samples to the public. Free to whom? Members pay for the coffee and then give it away.

    I found that Gano Gold (used to called Gano Excel), was warned by the FDA of the United States to change the labeling of the product. This is when Bernardo Chua lived in California:

    Mr. Bernardo T. Chua
    Gano Excel U.S.A. Inc.
    4981 Irwindale Ave., Suite 800
    Irwindale, CA 92260

    This letter can be found if you do a detailed Google search. Also found these ongoing investigations:

    Well, that’s it. Do your own due diligence, and investigate before you drop a wad of cash into some distributors lap. For me, I’ll just stick to good ole freshly ground coffee…..that costs less!


  63. I have seen MLM called many different things, things like “Hidden Snowball System”, or “Pyrimid”, the fact is it is Multy Level Marketing, or Network Marketing. A Scam is where you get nothing in return for your money. I joined OG some 8 weeks ago. I made an initial payment of 170 pounds sterling. The payment was for my backoffice including my website, and product. The product retail value is 214 pounds sterling, now tell me where I have been ripped off? I have already developed a customer base, and no one has died yet from drinking the coffee; including me!

    My sponsor has been building his business, and his income fluctuates between 35.000 and 50.000 Euros per month. I am struggling to find the part where the business doesn’t work. I think it would be fair to say that all the negative about this opportunity, or any other for that matter, is due to a lack of information! Network Marketing turns over $165 Billion per year, something in there is working………

  64. By the way, if anyone makes any promises about a particular income in MLM they should get informed, as you only get paid in any MLM company from your own efforts in building your own network!

  65. TY

    Can some body email me with full details?

  66. Allan

    Hello John Irvine. Just for your information, I am not “anti-MLM”, quite the contrary. I believe that the MLM business model is very effective and has made many people very wealthy. What disturbs me about Gano Gold or Gano Excel, is the “hype”. I have been to several OG (Organo Gold) meetings and the hype is unbelievable (literally!).
    OG presenters claiming that Organo Gold prevents cancer, improves this, reduces that……I can’t remember the whole list of things that this expensive coffee is supposed to do. If you look at the ingredients, the number one ingredient is sugar, then preservatives, then aluminum silicate (yummy!), then ganoderma mushroom.
    Independent coffee tasters have rated Organo Gold as trash. The coffee raters stated that the only people that would find Organo Gold “delicious” would be people that have never had a good cup of coffee.

    Here is the link for the Organo Gold taste test. It is really quite funny!

    The tester is Jason Coffee (yes that’s his name), and he LOVES coffee. So he started a website that rates all coffees. He tests all of the Organo Gold products……watch the videos, they are funny!

    Ok, so now back the hype. Watch out for religious overtones. Some meetings start quoting the Bible, and they have testimonies from people that say things like, “the Holy Spirit brought me to Organo Gold”.

    Bottom line is this: If you want to make yourself rich peddling a single product, a product that has questionable and unproven health benefits, and unhealthy ingredients, well then, go for it. Just be aware that Organo Gold is being investigated for false claims, and almost non-existent customer service problems.

    The Better Business Bureau gives Organo Gold a C+……which is not exactly inspiring.

    But hey, even though Organo Gold is involved in lawsuits and investigations, and the product is overpriced and not at all healthy for you……don’t worry! You can be rich, rich, rich!

    Here is another review of Organo Gold by a well-known investigative website,

    Ok, that’s it. Just remember, try to look through the hype. Don’t make an emotional decision. Investigate, do you due diligence, and then decide if you want to drink the CoolAid 🙂


  67. Anonymous

    No pos waw!!!!

  68. Mark Anthony

    I have been purchasing the product from organo gold for 8 months now and have encountered 2 main problems.

    1) the deliveries have often not arrived or they have tried to deliver the product (according to them) when I am not home. The delivery people have NEVER left me one single note to let me know I have missed a delivery. When I call they said it’s because I was not there and it’s my responsibility to be home. I guess I should quit work so I can stay home for a once a month delivery. I asked if they can simply leave me a note so I know and they said it’s not their job to do that.

    I have additionally requested an alternative like any delivery driver can do is to simply deliver it to the local post office. Oh no, they can’t do that they say as no delivery company does that with orders less than $500.

    I have had ebay orders of $2 dropped at the local post office so that blows that theory out of the water. When I told them this they were silent… Come on people you at organo gold in customer service are in customer service… remember that..

    Talk about customer service being upside down.

    2) The last order did not arrive and I forgot about it until almost a month went by and my wife asked me if we received out order.

    I called organo gold and they said it was delivered and signed for.

    After they looked into it apparently the delivery driver left the box at the front door of my unit block hence in their notes it was delivered.

    I never received it.

    I called and although the customer support are trying their best over the phone the authorities do not give any leeway at all.

    I had to push and push and push to get their error rectified.

    Finally they buckled to their dumb decision and sent me the order at their expense. I specifically requested they not send me another shipment this month.

    2 days later my credit card was charged for another $92 for another order.

    I called and they said they said it is to late to cancel the new order.

    I told them I mentioned that I did not want this order as I would be doubling up this month and to simply send it the month after…

    Are these companies a bunch of stupid robots?

    They would not allow it even though I called within an hour of my card being charged.

    I would not recommend an auto-sip with this company. I like the product even though it is at a high price but I’ve had enough and I’m sick of my problems with this company falling on deaf ears.

    I am not saying they are a bad company but like any large organisation they have paperwork that stitches you up so you can’t win… The big guy shitting on the little guy yet again.

    Good luck with your own experience but from today I have cancelled everything with organo gold.

    If anyone would like to contact me personally please feel welcome to do so by emailing me at and I will make time for you.

  69. Guys. It’s a business. It’s coffee. It’s an opportunity for thousands of people to own their own business, sell a different brand of product to people who already consume another brand. Starbucks does it every day and nobody questions their integrity even though you have to take a second mortgage on your home to order a Venti size coffee! OG is an opportunity to help yourself and others buy into a POTENTIAL for a successful business. There are NO guarantees. I’m an OG rep and I am not yet successful. I only give the business about 2 hours a week. Does that mean OG is not legit? If I don’t show up to my full time “JOB” should I expect to get paid? OG gave me the products I bought. The told me that I have to treat this business as a business. They told me I have to work hard just like in any business opportunity and I will be successful. Isn’t that the American dream? Hard work = Success? They told me that they don’t make any health claims, but instead tell me to Google the word ganoderma to get more information on the POTENTIAL benefits. This world is too full of nay-sayers that either invest but never work or prefer to work rather than invest. As for the allegations of false health claims: shame on those Reps who didn’t do their research and don’t follow the company code of conduct. NO nutriceutical should be making health claims. I don’t care if it’s Avon or Amway, Herbalife or OG. Doctors and the FDA say don’t believe in anything that isn’t prescribed by your doctor??? Are you serious? THEY ARE DOCTORS!!!!! Of course they are going to say that! Side effects? Are you kidding me? Have you listened to a prescription drug commercial? They sell a pill for arthritis and they offer a grocery list of potential side effects ranging from cancer to heart attack! Stop blasting companies and people just because you don’t have the drive to be an entrepreneur. It’s ok if you don’t. It’s normal. If everyone were like minded we’d all be business owners and there would be no consumers! Let me have my dream! I will continue to be an OG rep because I believe that this business has opportunity for ME……it’s ok if you don’t think it’s for you. I respect your opinion. Respect mine please.

  70. Keg

    I’ve tasted the coffee and teas and don’t like them at all. They leave an awful residual after taste in my mouth. How can I sell what I don’t buy into? People I know have been trying to get me involved for a long time but my gut has said to decline. One guy has gotten his whole church to support and then moved on to people of another church for more business. Something just doesn’t sit well to me…..props to those who are making it though.

  71. Everything isn’t for everyone. Many work in jobs representing services, products and ideologies that are not their own. But we understand what it means to go to a JOB and clock in and out and get a pay cheque, pay some bills, save a little, spend a little and work for the next cheque. We have off shore companies that shut down and leave people without a job. Some of us are not willing to sign away our lives to the rat race. Having big dreams is mutually exclusive from being educated. Many persons in my success team are highly educated, as am I. There are many MLMs. Research them all before you sign up for any. Choose what suits you and what feeds your dream. I chose Organo Gold because the product is simple and the structure is simple. Either people like the products or they don’t. It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee.

  72. Mr. Chua

    Sure, its coffee….but it’s shitty coffee. Anyone that thinks that Orgasmic Gold coffee tastes good is either in denial, or delusional.

  73. ihavefreecoffee

    Lived on pain killers for 15 yrs from a car accident and was waiting for a knee replacement for 10 yrs and now drink OG two cups a day and no longer take one pill! coincidence?? I could give a rats ass, I am finally pain free first time in over 15 yrs! In 15 months with the company I have made it possible for my husband to leave a six figure job and we no longer wake up to an alarm clock and we get to drive around in 2 brand new Mercedes paid for by the company! There are so many amazing companies out there find the one that has a system that works for you!

  74. NEil

    Who said Organo Gold was not going to be around for 2 years? Almost 7 years and still counting. They did over a billion dollars in sale in 2014. They are certified by GMP, Kosher,muslim community,USDA organic, eco certified etc. They are now conducting businesses in 44 countries. Check this out to see the top earners in the whole Network Marketing companies