Barbados mother says “I’ll breed ’em. YOU feed ’em!”

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by BFP reader Passin thru

Jacqueline Blunt is 40 years old and has five children (by how many different men we’re not told). She’s long-term unemployed and lives with her mother; who has served notice on Miss Blunt that she and her five children are out on the street as of Tuesday.

According to the newspaper article, Mother of 5 needs house Miss Blunt contributes nothing to household expenses and keeps such hours and personal habits that her long-suffering mother sought to impose an 8pm curfew on the 40 year old. That really says it all when an unemployed and unemployable mother can’t be bothered to tuck her children in each night. It’s not as if she’s out working or looking for work – she’s partying.

Miss Blunt is featured in The Nation newspaper looking for her next meal ticket. She doesn’t care whether the National Housing Corporation or some unsuspecting landlord continues her free ride as long as she doesn’t have to actually earn money to support her own children.

The sad truth is that this type of story is standard newspaper fare every month and explains much about why some matriarchal “families” live in perpetual poverty generation after generation. What values and life examples are being passed along to Miss Blunt’s children?

Barbados has an interest in curbing this destructive behaviour, for the country and for the sake of the children. This matriarchal subculture with unemployed mothers and no fathers contributes nothing positive to Barbados – unless you count as a positive the simple biological production of children with nothing further contributed.

The never-ending stories of Miss Blunt and other unemployable single mothers are the best arguments for the establishment of orphanages.

I accept that we as a society must look after the children of those parents who are incapable of supporting and raising children on their own. If we really want to help Miss Blunt’s children, the best thing we could do would be to place them in an orphanage and away from their irresponsible and unemployable mother. If we really want to help Miss Blunt and others like her, take away her children and allow her to sink or swim on her own: to perhaps become a responsible, self-supporting adult as she should have 20 years ago.

Only then will society have a chance to stop the perpetuation of the single-mother subculture that robs thousands of children of the chance to be raised with proper values and edifying habits and life skills.

Passin thru

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42 responses to “Barbados mother says “I’ll breed ’em. YOU feed ’em!”

  1. AOD

    To the author, if you have not read Our Civilization by Philip Atkinson ( web based text) do so, it’s freely available online. You may find the sections on matriarchal society enlightening. Matrist approach to society always produces these selfish types, she cares nothing about her community and is parasitic, her biological contributions cannot hope to be anything else but selfish like her. This is symptomatic of our decline as a civilization… liberal apologists in every western nation hate to hear the truth, and there is a lack of political will to deal with such problems. Rule of the selfish, self serving and self centred, thus a society becomes terminally ill.

  2. cg

    What about all the selfish, self serving, self centered politicians. Write a story about some of them.
    What are they doing about this terminally ill world we live in?

  3. Anonymous

    Just look at Brunt’s facial expression and you can tell she’s up to no good. Foolish woman who latch on to lazy irresponsible men who can only contribute sex. But we have to help the children.

  4. Just look at Brunt’s facial expression and you can see that she’s up to no good.Foolish woman who latches on to lazy irresponsible men who can only contribute sex. Let her tie her tubes. But the children must get all the help they need. Otherwise more Brunts coming.

  5. dumb and dumber

    people like Brunt are in every society..sociologists will put forward many theories but how we deal with the underlying issues is what is important here… and from time to time i have little hope in Barbados; just read the post by Angela Ifill on a related topic about the choice of women on their partner : a typical racist rant concealed in the usual oversized Bajan ego

  6. ac

    this problem won’t exist had it not for irresponsible men who use any port for a storm leaving behind a bedrock of mayhem and disater after impregnating the women for society to fix. Lets get at the root of the problem
    MEN! who have no thought or concern about anybody or anything expect their own sexual pleasure.

  7. Root of the problem

    “Lets get at the root of the problem MEN!”

    Got news for you ac. After five children with four differnet mens it is not the mens fault it is Jackie’s fault for not keeping her legs shut.


    i now convinced that ac is an ass. i shoulda pick it up from his drivel on the alexandra issue on BU

  9. ac

    The response from men is expected. the women open their legs and immaculate conception occurs Right! there is no role “ABSOLUTELY NONE”that men played in the conception RIGHT! ONLY the women are responsible RIGHT” i have always wondered what was the role men played in womans life . Thanks to the above 2 comments i have the answer answer ABSOLUTELY NONE! Jerks!


    now u go from one extreme to the next.

    not saying that society is perfect but guess who is easily left holding the proverbial bag during the making of a baby. knowing this, females shoulder slightly more responsibility in safeguarding who they let penetrate them. the bias of custody and almost everything domestic in this country is towards the woman in this country. doubt me? get in a physical fight with your common law or wife and let the law be called in. have u ever seen the female being carried away in handcuffs? this bias also works against them in what should be the equal responsibility in the production and care of a child.

  11. Anonymous

    How can ‘men’ be the problem, you mean to tell me that after having the first two children, and probably not getting any support, that this stupid woman gonna go and get breed again? and again, and again. She shoulda shut she damn legs. If men were the problem then every woman (except lesbians) would be breed with six and eight children and begging for hand outs. stupse

  12. ac

    the key words here are “STUPID” and BREED !
    STUPID WOMAN gets BREED by FIVE MEN! anonymous does it get any clearer!

  13. Joy Davilar

    The real issue is – why is the Nation even carrying this story!!!!? Gosh I’m 40 and these stories been showcasing since I was there over 20yrs ago! Get a life Ms. Blunt, no one is here to pick up the pieces that you let fall all over the floor, and note to you – YOU ARE OWED – NOTHING! Save the drama for your mama (who obviously don’t want it) and get on with your life!

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  15. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    There are many of these people in Barbados. They are the contributors of the generation of trouble makers if state intervention does not come to rescue the offspring from calamity. These people have no values or srcuples and speak the language of profanity with precision and skill. Notwithstanding that they blame society for everything from A to Z. Now I know that some sympathy should be extended to this plight in light of the children and so judging this situation on the basis of the report and mother’s facial expression seems a bit wrong. But I got to tell ya that her expression tells the story and leaves alot to be desired. I would stand clear of her in a flash particularly if I were a man.

  16. what will they think of next

    Not too far from where I live is a woman who has eight children from six different fathers and she is only thirty five years. she has made it clear to everyone who would listen that she has no intention of working, the government has to support her.
    Her first daughter is now on the path her mother has blazed she too is unemployed and just gave birth to her second child, she eighteen years old.

  17. Lou B

    Obviously as we know this is a long and tierd story within most western countries. We all know someone like Ms Blunt! But I think we need to be careful not to tar all with the same brush. What the article fails to mention in The Nation is that Ms Blunt has learning\mental health difficulties. This opens up another question as to what men where taking advantage of her and was she properly advised on family planning by those responsible for her…!!?? Perhaps the mother who is now putting her out could have done more in educating her daughter who perhaps did not have the full capacity of understanding due to her learning\mental health difficulties!? What kind of resources and support are there for young adults in Barbados with learning difficulties and their families? Not much from my understanding…….

  18. Junior

    Hey ac,
    Ever heard this saying ?
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Blunt is the right name for she cause, she in sharp atall.

  19. no one cares

    Wow i am flabergasted – hope i spell that right- that women cannot keep their legs shut and will let any horny person with penis in hand to have sex with them. Then they expect the government to help raise the resulting bastards. I am all for compulsary neutering of these women if they want hand outs from the government. they make stray cat and dogs do it why not people if they are not mental able to handle children and produce well productive citizens. Oh sorry that would be infringing on their “reproductive rights” under some UN convention right? Ok borrow $$ from the UN to feed them then.

  20. MAX

    I am so proud to read that most who have commented DO NOT have pity for the 40 year old. However the children must be helped else they would fall upon the same ‘curse’ that their mum fell upon.

    I total agree with AOD who made the point that its a lack of political will to deal with such. No one want to speak firm on issue such as these … embark on some life skills programs, do more work with our young men etc.. however we find it easier to allocate money to give to mothers with children of delinquent fathers.

  21. ac

    What you have detailed would not have even be thought of in some of these dim wit brains. but then again some of them here are men who have a vendetta against women.I totally agree with your comments

  22. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    AC and Lou B

    Her mental challenges did not stop her from spreading her knees. Learning disability or no learning disability she learn how to sit on her back. If she knows how to have sex she gotta know how to put the ”safety on before the gun goes into the holster?” If she knows how the sex she gotta know how protect her self from unwanted pregnacies. So AC keep ya darn insults about peoples comments to yourself ya friggin nit wit.

  23. ac

    @Sunny shine
    You are one insensitive S..o..b imagine you defending men who take advantage of mentally challenge people, you should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  24. Junior

    As long as there are bleeding hearts such as ac, the Blunts in the world will never starve to death.

  25. Social decay

    Aaah.. the unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children of unwanted children
    -unto the fifteenth and sixteenth generation of unwanted kids!

    Makes for seriously nice and civil citizens!

    And again I say unto thee, Barbados goeth the way of JAMAICA -not Trinidad

  26. Tie her tubes!


  27. Leeann

    I’ve read all the comments and with the exception of a few, all the others are from simple minded people who believe in blaming others for their mistakes. Although I don’t condone “free sex”, which is very dangerous in this day and age of Aids; Why hasn’t Miss Blunt ever thought of using a contraceptive. Yes, you can put the children in an orphanage, but would that solve the problem? As for Matriarchal households, their are many women who choose to give birth because they wanted to become Mothers, and have done well in raising their children. This is certainly not the case here, obviously there is an underlying cause for this woman’s behaviour. Her statement “I’ll breed them you feed them” says it all.

  28. Pat Harris

    If she had any sense, she would have known that she could get AIDS from these men using no protection, she does not need any help, help the children who were not asked to be here from this selfish woman, she must be from up in the country somewhere, she has no sense at all…

  29. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Where is my defense of men? Men will be men and if women are still foolish in this century to believe some of the nonsense they pose as Bullshit love then that is their foolish business. Women need to investigate before they allow the men to seriously eat at their ”plates” and viceversa. I reallly wonder how mental is she. But regarding you and your folly and your ignorance this time around does not warrant me to call you the Jackass that I feel and know you are so I will not say anything insulting towards you.

  30. ac


    You can take the floor it is all yours the more you spew your horse s..t the more Dumber and dumber you sound i really got no time for ignoramus like yourself. don’t expect a further respond from me.

  31. What I want to know is how a person who declares that other people are “dim-witted”, and has the gall to call another poster an ‘ignoramus’, seems unable to spell correctly… or use proper tense.

    re: “Further respond”; “mentally challenge people” etc.

  32. Closer to the point, ‘ac’ seems to have a distinct agenda… one rooted in stratifying blame to the side of men. Apparently (these) men only have one thing in mind: and that is using women “their own sexual pleasure.” Both sexes ‘use’ the other for sexual gratification. Numerous people, of both sexes, prefer ties-free sexual relations. This, like ac’s position, has no bearing on this discussion. This discussion relates to the perpetuation of ignorance, and the denial of personal accountability.

    To transpose a personal thought: If I were to catch an STD once, I would stop (or modify) the behaviour(s) that brought about said condition. Me catching the STD in the first place would have been my fault (arguably), even though another party participated in the act. Ergo, for my personal well-being, I would act to circumvent its recurrence. Applying this thought process onto this discussion: Blunt got impregnated once. Nothing was done to prevent a second, third, fourth, or fifth repetition of this state. Straight to the point: Either blunt finds being pregnant, without a child father or job a desirable state of being, or she truly does not care one way or another.

    Either way, she does not count herself accountable in anyway. Everyone else around her is however. The state, a family… each must now (her mind) pay for the upkeep of children for which she is not responsible… as she (in her mind, and as supported by ac) is a victim (of, in ac’s vernacular, selfish sex-crazed men).

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  33. 225

    What about the father/s of these children? Why are we only blaming Ms. Blunt?

  34. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You should ask AC about the fathers. He already indicated that they took advantage of this so called mentally challenge woman who in turn stated in her mentally challenged state.” I breed em you tek care a dem…” She is a mental case!!!

  35. Tareddy

    I’m sure most women on this post like nuff sex, its just that alot of ya’ll are BARREN unlike ms Blunt

  36. 72

    Tareddy, people like you incapacitate society with your slothful behavior and demonizing immorality. To subscribe the nonsense you have offered to this post, speaks volumes to your lack of conventional morality, and places you at the head of the “Idiot’s Table.” As for Ms Blunt, there is help for her, if she wants that help, hers though ignorant, and immoral is still salvageable. Perhaps, at some phase in Ms Blunt’s life, some unspeakable deed has altered her way of thinking, thus rendering her into this state of Salaciouness. As I have perused this blog, I have not come across any comments that would suggest any untriths about Ms Blunt, but you Tareddy, you are indeed, an abysmal “Simple Minded Darkie.”

  37. Proud parent

    Tareddy, you are mentally challenged just like Ms. Blunt because some of us do not lay down and breed, breed for any and everybody does not make us barren, I have one grown son who father never disowned him but never supported him and from day one I said if all my children cannot be for one man I am not getting another and I protected myself, ow my son is the same way, he has a child and said he does not want to be like his father and not support his child, and he make sure that child has even if he does not have money in his pocket, and I back him a 100%.

  38. BFP

    Reblogged this on Barbados Free Press and commented:

    “Government is shortly to ask Parliament for a supplementary, around $100 000, to ease the distress of mothers who trek daily to the courts for child maintenance only to be disappointed because a special account was overdrawn.

    The move comes against the backdrop of angry cries by frustrated women earlier this month that some had not received the child support for September, while others claimed they had not received any payments since July. Some called for a return to the cash payment system instead of the current cheque mechanism.”
    … October 30, 2014 Nation News Child Money
    Barbados makes single motherhood a viable career choice and then we wonder why we have so many young women, girls really, popping ’em out like Marcia does grill fish, peas & rice, and beer at Oistins.
    Half the time it’s a guess to name the father… make that fathers. Plural.
    This free ride, this “guvment look after everyting” is coming to an end, as it must.
    The cupboard is bare, and as BFP’s Shona said back in 2006…
    “empowers young uneducated women to perpetuate further generations of young unwed mothers and young men who lack the steady hand of a father.

    The current trend towards making unwed motherhood a societally sponsored career choice marginalizes the role of fathers and men in general – and can do no long-term good.”

  39. robert ross

    There are many Ms Blunt’s in BIM. Equally (as ac says) there are many men only obsessive about the power of their dicks. The failings of Adam, however, don’t expunge the failings of Eve and it’s Eve we’re scrutinizing here. What is it about Eve which causes her to wrap the fig leaf round her mouth?

  40. MoneyBrain

    The reality is that there is a large and growing group of NON CONTRIBUTORS which I refer to LAZYASSES in Bim and the Western World! These types are being ENCOURAGED by vote seeking Politicians that use BS excuses for STEALING HardWorking peeps $$$$$$$$$$$$ and giving those monenies to said LazyAsses.

    Blame also lies with parents who have not insisted that there children behave correctly in terms of education and career enhancement. The “boys on the Block”, many of whom are actually very grown adults probably over the age of fifty by now have not been DISCIPLINED by parents or Govt authorities.These fellas should be rounded up by the authorities and placed in the Military and/ or some program to help them with finding a purpose/ career in life.

    This does not tend to happen in the Oriental part of the World. One key reason why the Easterners are going to cut our collective backsides! The attitude of the West and their Pols will ruin our part of the world because money will be very tight especially in countries with large demographic population shifts to older peeps taking retirement and health support from govt. Most Western Govts will NOT be able to continue supporting LAZYASSES since they are already BANKRUPT ie DeadEconomies walking for a lil longer.

    There is a major social REVOLUTION coming and the Pols will have NO Choice but adapt because HardWorking peeps are NOT going to pay 75% +TAX! The current Bloody CORRUPT Pols will run into the Sunset with their ILL Gotten LOOT without trying to develop a proper Strategic Plan for solving the nonsense that exist in Western Society.

    CONNING the stupid public into Buying Utopia will not be fun anymore!
    LazyAsses will soon receive their due!

  41. Isitworthit?

    Everyday society continues to implode due to some INTELLIGENT persons solution on how to fix the island’s social ills. Let John, and all DEM/BLP trick Paul, and poor Paul has got to pay for all. Everyone wants to live the good life, but at someone else’s expense. Why should my taxes go to taking care of societies ills, when all necessary items are left to fall to ruin or in bad need of repairs. The time has come when all have to take accountability and look out for the health and prosperity of BIM. Our leaders have to be held accountable for the current state of our affairs. They make decisions and control the enforcement of the same decisions. Let everyone become responsible if at all possible and we the taxpayers decide how to deal with the rest.

  42. Anonymous

    The statement “I breed dem you take care of them” was said by Ms Blunt to her mother or to the child authorities in Barbados? If perchance it was to her mother, could she have been blaming her mother for making her prostitute herself from young in order to assist in financially maintaining the home and having begun to do so, encountered men who may have promised her a glorious life from that kind of operation, only to find out that she was left holding the “fool” card each time around?

    If the statement was made to the government of Barbados, then we would have to question her mental health. Was she on drugs for a long time?

    During the times that she sought “love” in the arms of those fathers, was there an inner comfort that she had derived in those moments of pleasure then? Which she had not received from her father whom she may have gone in search of unconsciously?

    What would happen if any of her children ran afoul of the law and a report had to be written on the background of that child – its up-bringing and the values and subsystems that were within the family? Would the report writers present the child as one whose background in relation to his/her mother’s lifestyle, had nothing to do with his or her antisocial behaviour?

    If that mother was unable to instill values and boundaries in that child by reason of her mental or intellectual state, should the authorities cross it out of the report? No wonder why our youth are sent around in circles to institutions where persons are not fully equipped to assist them or the family unit and eventually they take up abode at HMP. We will still be feeding them when they enter that institution!!!