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Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association CEO: “worst crisis we have ever faced”

Alec Sanguinetti says tourists want more than beaches – they want history.

The director general and CEO of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association says the region has to address serious problems with competitiveness. And to do that, more consideration must be given to history.

“How competitive is the Caribbean product?”

Citing a $5 billion loss in tourism spend between 2000 and 2010 for the Caribbean, Alec Sanguinetti believes tourists are now looking for more than beaches and great weather. He told Guardian Business the cultural nuances that make various countries unique must take center stage.

“Travelers today are looking for an experience,” Sanguinetti said. “The beach is there. The people and the hospitality are there. We need to keep building on our attractions and culture, and not let our history disappear. ”

The comments come shortly after the formal announcement by Sanguinetti and local tourism officials that Caribbean Marketplace 2012 will take place in The Bahamas from January 22 to January 24.

While representatives from the Bahamas Hotel Association and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism trumpeted the arrival of the conference, Sanguinetti wished to “temper that” with what he considers a dose of reality.

He stressed that it’s not just dollars and cents that matter. “This is the worst crisis we have ever faced,” he told the crowd. “It is how we go up against it that is critical. If we continue the way we are, our numbers will continue to decrease. One of the reasons it is decreasing is less visitors and length of stay, combined with economic pressures. But there is another factor. How competitive is the Caribbean product? ”

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation porn weather forecast goes viral

Oh baby!!!  Oh Oh Oh OH OH BABY!!!

A YouTube video of a CBC Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation weather forecast has gone viral in the Caribbean racking up almost 60,000 views in a few days. YouTube shows a segment of the CBC’s January 10, 2012 Weather News unintentionally broadcasting “inappropriate audio” as the CBC so delicately refers to the error.

In a just released statement to the local press, the CBC says “appropriate action” has been taken after a breach in corporate policy caused the “unintentional airing of inappropriate audio.”

Donville Inniss, Minister of Health

At this time there is no word on whether the moans and other sounds originate from any of the porn videos associated with Barbados Minister of Health, Donville Inniss. Mr. Inniss is a porn industry business veteran. He was associated with the trademark for the Orgasm.com porn brand that is connected with websites such as OrgasmCash.com, OrgasmLive, Kinkfarm.com, TrickedByTrannies.com and many others.

In a way the CBC and the viewers got off lucky during the Weather Show error. At least the audio didn’t come from one of the bestiality human-animal porn videos associated with the Orgasm.com business and brand!

Well, I don’t think the CBC audio came from animal porn – but then I’m not an expert on that kind of thing like someone with years of experience in the porn business might be.


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