A suggestion about the Alexandra School crisis

by Michele Robertson

I have been reading of the controversy regarding the Principal and teachers of the Alexandra School and the Ministry of Education.  I cannot understand why the people are not looking for a solution but seem to be divided along political lines. From reading the Nation newspaper online for the past three weeks I get the feeling that Mr Jeffrey Broomes is being backed by the Minister of Education, Mr Ronold Jones and the Democratic Labour Party .

There also seems to be inflexibility by some of the teachers at the Alexandria School. That inflexibility has been causing some educational problems for the students. I would suggest a possible solution to ensure that the students at Alexandra school do not suffer any longer.

I think that the powers that be can arrive at a solution along the following lines:

1.    The Principal be put on temporary leave for two weeks.
2.    The striking teachers are put on temporary leave for 2 weeks.
3.    Senior retired teachers like Mr Perry and teachers at other secondary schools give their time to Alexandra Secondary School to teach the classes affected by the dilemma.

That would give:

1. The student’s continuing education
2. A cooling off period for the striking teachers and the Principal
3. The Government, not the Minister of Education the chance to come up with a final solution.
I hope that these ideas could be considered by all of the parties involve and a solution reached.

Michele Robertson
Surrey, UK


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14 responses to “A suggestion about the Alexandra School crisis

  1. Laughing

    Respectfully Ms. Robertson, you suggestions are valid but maybe now a week or two, too late. This situation is one which clearly defies sound logic and now after yesterday good taste.
    After yesterday, I also think it is showing where our society is heading. The people we as parents charge with assisting us to teach sound values, respect of authority etc, are now clearly in breach of these life requirements themselves.
    I wail for our society, which I fear, although we may have less crime and appear more ordered than other places, is still on a perpetual spiral down the drain.

  2. Beefcake

    The real problem in the whole debacle is Mary Redman – she is the one that needs to be gotten rid of. Then, hopefully, people willing to compromise and listen to each other will work on a solution.

  3. Angela Ifill

    I believe they all need a massage; well except the students as they are under 18.

  4. Laughing

    Do tell Angela….

  5. Britty Brat

    @ Beefcake

    Well Said!!! Mary Redman IS the problem. She appears to be looking for a personal legacy. If this turns out in the (arrogant) teacher’s favour, then all Civil Servants can refuse to work and call in the unions; BOTTOM LINE. If an MTW workers was on his hoe propping and cooling off at 10 in the morning, those kind of people call him lazy. Mary Redman is selfish and pompous.

  6. rastaman

    @britty brat: Reminds me also of M/s Maureen Holder,the know it all political analyst.

  7. Newbie

    This saga appears to have a history that seems to be overlooked. If the Union was warning for three years or more that they would take industrial action in the absence of a resolution then the authorities have to bear full responsibility for the present situation. Remember Mr Broomes also tried to have the matter resolved by the appropriate authority. (BTW) do not join a Union in Barbados as it will cost you your job anyway (You joined a Union?, I guess you won’t be working there much longer, said by a Labour office representative in response to a complaint) five union members fired from one location without just cause and the union (BWU) have done nothing, I am somewhat surprise that they support the BSTU. I have to commend M. Redman for at least trying to do the job that she has undertaken. Mary Redman does not stand alone in the decisions of a whole Union. I also agree that the principles in Barbados are in a downward spiral. Lock someone up for smoking weed but no one pays if millions of dollars go missing.

  8. MAX

    The Ministry or the Govern may have the solutions but the Union have one demand. Mr. Broomes must go. That would set a bad precedent for Industrial Relations.

    Businesses and other entities beware. If the Union’s demand is granted several bouts for Industrial unrest will occur causing more hardship for the country. Are we prepared for this?

    The best people in this issue to take a stance are the STUDENTS… Long time we have not had a student’s protest here in Barbados. Its about time students rise and let their voices be heard…. Mary Jeff Ronald and backers would have new respect for the youth.

    The Students can bring this matter to a close.

  9. Just want to know

    The students do not want Mr. Broomes to be separated from the school. The teacher who was told to do a job and did not do it should have been taken out of the school a long time ago. I had a relative who went to that school, and he pointed out all the teachers that did not teach his class, and if he went to ask a question was rebuffed, It is a blessing that his parents were able to send him for extra classes, so he can get through his CXC”s. This has gone on too long and Mary Redman need early retirement from Lodge School, because for two weeks now she has not been teaching her classes as well, she need separation as well. Mr Broomes has full marks for his resolve in managing The Alexander School.

  10. mike

    Let it be known,that I am firmly behind Jeff Broomes,but you see that aborted meeting ? why are people against Ms .Redman ? As far as I am concerned,she is perfectly CORRECT !Mr.Jones knew the day before,that she WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ATTENDING the meeting.,and ALL of Bdos saw how he reacted.As far as I am concerned,he was just looking for a red herring for him to pass it on to the PM.He MUST take full blame for what happened.Now,why were Mr.Broome,his representaTIVES,and the BASSP invited ?Is the BASSP a registered Trade Union ? The BWU is backing the BSTU,why were they not invited ?If Mr.Broomes was invited,the Teachers should have been invited too.Is it true that more than one representative of the NUPW was invited,when only one from the BSTU was invited ?.In other words that meeting, most likely could have been seen by Ms.Redman as one that could have been so designed as to ‘steam rolled ‘ her. As I see it,clearly,she could not have objected if a REPRESENTATIVE from the NUPW was present.Again,I am not sure if Mr.Maloney along with others from the NUPW were invited,but anyone could have seen that that the majority of the members of that meeting were biased towards Mr.Broome,and I back her when she requested the CPO to be also present

  11. ac

    it takes a “Doggie:{penis} to make a child! Who are these men walking around impregnating these women for there sexual pleasure.maybe we need to find them and csatrate them.then society won.t have this problem. let’s get at the root and cause of the problem. MEN!

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Miss Robertson I totally agree with your suggestions, anyone who seeks to compromise the educational advancement of our nations children because of personal problems, should be made to pay. Is this what our great nation is coming too?

  13. E Leon

    It is interesting how we speak about an educated Barbadian society yet I see people like yourselves (those who criticise the union) and make judgements and conclusions without all the facts. To be analytical, get the facts first. For example., M Redman is the President, the face of the Union, therefore the fight is not hers, but the UNION. Decisions mae are those of the UNION. Come on people, use the education given to you free of cost. For more analysis consider this: Have read the report on the school? Are you aware that there are also problems between Mr Broomes and the Board of Management, office staff and even the Deputy Head? THAT SHOULD SAY SOMETHING!!!

  14. SH

    I strongly believe good leaders make bold decision,even if that leader has to sacrifice him or herself for the good of the organisations that they represent, blame as usual is easy to pass around, but for the sake of the school and the student Jeff Broomes should do the honorable thing and go and leave with his pride intact. Jeff Broomes is a good man but he’s not bigger than the school or the whole teaching force, right or wrong Mr Broomes should go as only the students are suffering!