Barbados Tourism spokesperson Rihanna Tweets she’s smoking marijuana

Press reports Rihanna looked ‘relaxed’… No kidding!

‘Got my kush rolled and glass full!’

Our multi-million dollar Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson just announced to the world that she’s smoking ganga in Hawaii where it’s not legal but the law looks the other way.

In a series of obviously “set-up candid” photos published in the Daily Mail, Bim’s wild child is smoking what appears to be a small cigar. At least it looks like a cigar and I don’t see any seeds popping when she downloads a lungful.  😉   (Cliverton here. I guess that tells you something ’bout me.)

If it looks like a small cigar, how do we know that Rihanna is smoking grass then? Easy… she told the world on Twitter!

So it’s all a big staged event. Rihanna “gets caught” smoking ‘erb and the world talks about her for 48 hours. Like whips, dwarf porn stars and private parts hanging out in the breeze it’s all planned for maximum shock value and maximum publicity.

Good for Rihanna. Hope she makes lots of money ’cause that’s obviously very important to the girl. I don’t have a daughter and I’ve ruined several daughters of other men myself so what do I care? Smoke away, baby. Make money and have a ball! None of my business.

Except… Rihanna represents Barbados Tourism Authority. She signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal to publicize Barbados Tourism. She’s a big name – maybe the biggest name – in music these days so the DLP Government decided they wanted a piece of the action.

Oh… did I mention that she’s also our Youth Ambassador? Presumably that means she’s a great example for our youth and to show the world what our youth is all about.

Barbados is holding a security conference next week because drugs are endemic in the region and closely linked with violence and other crimes… but the BTA spokesperson Rihanna says “Got my kush rolled…”

Does anybody else see a problem with this or am I the only person?

Am I a hypocrite? I don’t know… you tell me. Sure I’ve smoked a little ‘erb in my life and unlike President Clinton, I did inhale. Deeply. I may have even been supercharged a few times and if you don’t know what that is I congratulate you upon your good character. It also proves that you never met the girl we used to call ‘Wild Thing’ but that’s another story for another day.

That’s me. I also drink rum to excess and as I said before I’ve ruined more daughters than anyone else I know.

I am who I am… but then again, I’m not paid millions to be a public spokesperson for the Barbados Tourism Authority.

Tell you one thing: if Prime Minister Stuart wants to pay me the same money as Rihanna, I’ll quit all my bad habits right now and I guarantee that nobody will photograph me smoking dope when I’m supposed to be the BTA spokesperson.

Now where the ‘ell be that bottle of Mount Gay dark?


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12 responses to “Barbados Tourism spokesperson Rihanna Tweets she’s smoking marijuana

  1. Angela Ifill

    Interesting you finish your article mentioning Alcohol.Now today that is legal despite the grave documented damage it causes humankind.There was a time marijuana was legal; but wait a minute how we know she smoking “weed”.These pics were release the same day Rihanna’s new Armani ad came out and I suspect this is another advertising ploy by her strategist.Her releases after We found love aren’t really doing all that well by her standards and something must be done to remind people she is still there and get her fans to support her. Make her look like she is always being picked on for being herself and this is something her teenage fans will identify with.We are so manipulated by what we read and see in the media.Even BFP is guilty of trying to manipulate it’s readers to think and act in the way BFP feels they should act.

    I will ask everyone in a rush to comment on anything is try my approach that is if you think it wrong you may find it right and take it in with a grain of salt cause it can all be rubbish.

  2. FearPlay

    Yawn. BFP, is this another attempt to generate more hits? Good for you. There was a time when you wrote thought-provoking articles that generated genuine reader interest and response. What happened? Mount Gay got your tongue? Not to worry, we still love you and know that once an election date is announced you’ll be back to your old self.
    P. S. Have you been keeping out of the Alexandra issue deliberately?

  3. forreal

    Ok so what will the dope smoking image do to bring more of our target market to Barbados now?
    How do we “market this image” in promoting barbados?
    how will this fit with our destination image? (note: dope is illegal here)
    Will the BTA respond to this?
    Will the DLP government respond to this? (given her title)
    If David rice feels that this girl would do nothing to embarrass the Barbados then what do they deem to be unacceptable behavior or is nothing that she does unacceptable meaning everything that she does is acceptable?

  4. NYC/BGI

    Get over it Angela Rum is not a drug that will put you in jail etc. the pity here is the BTA is so misled thinking that Rihanna’ will generate the rush of tourist to BGI unless there is a well orchestration of a program that will have measures results. The person who is responsible for .Rihanna’ used to work for the BTA in NY and its just a pity that the BTA could not use that connection to develop a well designed program for the money they are paying her. Again the BTA does not know the world market place that will drive the tourism engine. .

  5. Fast news is bad news, get the FACTS first


  6. vexx as *****!!!!

    Despite all her fame and fortune, RiRi is a just a 23-year-old young woman looking to live and enjoy life. She has stated more than once that she isn’t, nor does she intend to be, anyone’s role model. I have NO problem with her smoking what ever she wants to, drinking what she wants to, or taking whoever she wants to bed.
    However, as long as she keeps the title of Ambassador, she should keep anything and everything that could land her in jail and thereby embarrass many in Barbados (there are some that would not be embarrassed by anything she does – obviously including Rice/Elcock/Sealy and others at the BTA, and those with power in government – to the privacy of confined spaces and/or closed doors!
    Oh, since she is adamant that she will not be a role model, she should also have the courage or decency to rescind her ambassadorship as like it or not, as long as she holds that title, there are codes of conduct and standards of behavior expected!!
    Again RiRi, live your life as you see fit and enjoy it to the max. You are not a parent and really don’t owe anything to anybody but yourself.

    But please give back the very prestigious and dignified title which was perhaps prematurely bestowed on you – or some one in government with some balls should step up and take it back from you!!
    It doesn’t have to be adversarial either. That honour could be easily replaced with another equally fitting award – just not a title that hundreds have worked entire lives to earn and carries a suffix – Her Excellency in front of it!!

    her resind hjthose at the do all the above My problem is

  7. RudeBoy

    How I get to hook up wit dis babe and she share the ganga wit me?
    Do I got come BIM or she stop my house on de way?

  8. 68

    She might want to chill with Hawaiian native Barry Obama, who’s a fellow of lover of the local “choom.”'s+Drug+Use

  9. MAX

    Nice ………….banana leaves lol

  10. Mervin

    Is it true that Rhianna has been hooking up with Chris Brown; a secret affair?

  11. Fed up of the stupid system.

    You lot should probably learn more about herb before getting in a tizzy. Though I understand why you would get upset, through lack of proper education you demonise a plant which has plenty of good in it. It’s sad that you don’t realise the true reason of how it got its bad rep. Of course after being taught differently all your life, you’re not going to see it any other way, shame. Is she harming anyone? I think this is great.

  12. Riam Daniel

    That tweet, is the first line of the song “Up All Night”, performed by Drake & Nicki Minaj. She dated Drake and is good friends with Nicki, subsequently giving her the space to tweet that perticular line. She didn’t “announce” it to the world.