Barbados on Sunday: Diesel down, gasoline and LPG up

Diesel? Wait for that big fill-up!

Motorists will be paying slightly less for diesel and kerosene, but a bit more for gasoline in the coming days.

Effective midnight, Sunday, January 15, the retail price of diesel and kerosene will decrease, in keeping with the cost of oil on the international market.  As a consequence, diesel will now be retailed at $2.77 – a decrease of eight cents; while kerosene will cost $1.79 a litre, a saving of 11 cents. However, the price of gasoline will move from $3.07 to $3.09 per litre, an increase of a penny.

Meanwhile, consumers will also have to pay more for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The price of the 100-pound cylinder will go up by $4.11 and will now be retailed at $200.83; while the 25-pound cylinder and the 20-pound cylinder will now cost $55.31 and $44.20; an increase of $1.84 and $1.53, respectively.

The above release is from BGIS and is embargoed until Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 7pm… so don’t tell anyone until then. Okay?  🙂


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3 responses to “Barbados on Sunday: Diesel down, gasoline and LPG up

  1. Angela Ifill

    When Iran close the strait will BFP suggest we drill offshore? Or join the US in reopening the strait? There was a time when Barbados produced more than the US for it’s owner England.This was all done thanks to wind energy.
    Our last PM was sure we will find oil offshore.If you take him wrong you may find him right.

  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You forgot to mention that with that comes the merchants and their increases on food, failing not to mention the plenty of justification why they had to move the penny cost now associated with new increase on gas to a markup on their food prices too an additional 400% on the already 200% mark up that have them all smiling all the way to the bank. Notwithstanding that when consumers cry out you will get another lame ass bill shit reason that duties can be as high as 200% or as low as 5% and we have to take that or leave it since it ain’t their fault and they do not price gouge. Stay tune for chapter 5 of ‘Burdens and Bajans”. THe never ending saga!

  3. Yatinkiteasy

    Nov 2014 …new , “lower prices announced for Gasoline in Barbados… Bdos $3.57 per liter. Oil price less…. than $60 us per barrel …
    October 2012… New higher prices for gasoline announced in Barbados …. Bdos $3.44 per liter …..Oil Prices were over $100 per barrel .
    Why are we being so screwed ?
    This is what was reported on Nov 24 Nation News:
    “Government has a mechanism in place to adjust in a more timely fashion, whereby prices will be regulated by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, on the advice of the Division of Energy and Telecommunications.
    This Mechanisn is now in use and price changes will be more frequent , moving IP or down , in accordance with the imported price of petroleum products. ”
    Obviously their formula is not working to protect consumers. The same applies to the “Energy surcharge ” that BLP are allowed to charge based on the price of fuel.