Misuse of Barbados Government property for DLP political fundraising?

The DLP Democratic Labour Party Barbados (UK) is holding a function on January 28, 2012 at Pembroke House, 9 Roehampton Gate, London SW15 5JR. The price of admission is 20 pounds.

An anonymous source forwarded us a copy of an email sent to Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, asking the PM “Misuse of government property, is this legal???????”

DLP function using Government resources? Click photo for large.

We’ve been unable to determine if Pembroke House, 9 Roehampton Gate, London  is a Barbados government property, but if it is then the event should be moved or cancelled. It is unethical to use government facilities for a political party function. Most countries have rules against this type of thing, but alas, Barbados has no rules at all when it comes to elections financing, conflicts of interest or the use of government facilities for party politics.

Above is the photo of Pembroke House taken from Google – at least we think it’s #9 Roehampton Gate.

The sidebar contains the function notice sent out by the DLP Barbados (UK). Click on the photo for the large version.

How about it, readers… does anyone know if Pembroke House is a Barbados Government property?

Here is the email originally sent to Prime Minister Stuart and others.

We’ve removed the email addresses and date & time it was sent…

From: ‪<‬?????‪_bajan@‬??????‪.com>‬
Date: Jan ?, 2012 at ??????
Subject: Misuse of government property
To: fstuart@???,
CC: mmcclean@???, cburnette@???

Dear Prime Minister,

Misuse of government property, is this legal???????


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11 responses to “Misuse of Barbados Government property for DLP political fundraising?

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    You can easily check the owner by logging on to the uk land registry website and pay £3 to find out the legal owner of any uk proprrty

  2. Johnny Walker Green

    I don’t think that Barbados Free Press will be signing onto the UK Land Registry and providing their credit card numbers anytime soon! Besides, who owns the house might be different from who leases it.

  3. Scrupie

    Thiking aloud and just call to mind that the constituency councils look like the same arrangement . Same blue and yellow outfits . Admission an expenses paid by barbadian tax people for blue partying.

  4. 32535834/24346-C66

    Willing to bet the BLP nevverrrrr did anything like this.
    not in their time -oh no.


  5. jrjrjrjr

    Easy to go to the local council offices and check the council tax payer – regardless of who owns the property. Free too.

  6. Newbie

    We are worried about transparency regarding the use of a property in England when we can’t even get Transparency Legislation here in Barbados. HOME DRUMS BEAT FIRST or something to that effect.

  7. jrjrjrjr

    This property was last sold 7/2/97 for £410,000 .Estimated current value is £ 1,439,929

  8. Opportunity to make $


    Thanks for the transparency!

    Unfortunately, some politician is now thinking of how to sell the house and collect some fees.

  9. Jrjrjrjr

    C’est la vie I guess

  10. Graydon F.

    This house is the home of a Barbados diplomat I heard.

  11. jrjrjrjr