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Barbados Youth Ambassador Rihanna Tweets: “Foot out dat bitch, ride dat shit like a skateboard!!!”

Why yes, Rihanna is our Ambassador for Youth and Culture and our official Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson. Why do you ask?

Our BTA paid her big bucks. We Bajans don’t care how low it goes as long as Rihanna says “Barbados” at least every once for every time she says “Shit, Fuck, Cunt, Bitch”. (Dear readers: Are you offended because we published Rihanna’s words, or because she said them?)

And this is supposed to promote Barbados as an upscale tourism destination in what way?

Your Barbados Tourism Authority: out of ideas, out of results and still sucking money like performance measurement and return on investment don’t exist.

“Foot out dat bitch, ride dat shit like a skateboard!!! Thank u to my G’z at RocNation baby!” Riri tweeted…

… from AceShowBiz.com Rihanna Receives a Black Wrangler From Roc Nation


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