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Barbados Health Minister admits hospital lacks inventory control of medical equipment, assets

Another one of those “don’t know whether to laugh or cry” stories about our illustrious DLP leadership.

by Nevermind Kurt

Health Minister Donville Inniss (photo above) just let the cat out of the bag: after four years of DLP government and 14 years of BLP government, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital still has no computerized inventory system for assets – including super expensive medical equipment. Un-freaking-believable!

Minister Inniss was giving one of the DLP’s famous “this is what we’re gonna do” speeches and that is laugh or cry time right there. After four years he should be giving a “This is what we’ve done” speech – but with the election fast approaching it’s the same old story as Ministers again try to portray that words, ideas and promises are real action.

“There will also be the development of an equipment inventory…”

After four years in power the DLP have suddenly realized that no one has a clue about what assets and medical equipment we have, and the assets’ location, condition and actual value. You will note that the Minister’s speech about this is all in the future tense, as in “We’re going to start to develop this inventory system.”

Have a read for yourself…

The Health Minister further revealed that there will also be the development of an equipment inventory of the medical equipment by the Information Systems Department and other authorities for the evaluation, monitoring and management of all health technology in the polyclinics.

“This Assets Management Electronic Database containing all essential information on each medical device will be kept and used for accountability and transparency for all of our equipment,” Inniss added.

Assets Management 101 for DLP Government Dummies

Hospital assets management has gone way beyond barcodes!

It is the height of incompetence and negligence that our government and health system and hospital administrators have not had a computerized assets inventory system in place for the past ten years – or three years.

What would it take? I know nothing about hospital assets management, but at the company I used to work for they have little silver “can’t remove” stickers with barcodes on every piece of equipment. Twice a year someone comes through with a barcode reader plugged into a laptop and zap! The list is made. If a piece of equipment is transferred to another division it’s a change in the database. If particular items are prone to going missing, or certain divisions lose too much equipment it shows up as a pattern. Easy.

I’ll bet there are many canned solutions out there. Just a minute, I’ll check…

Yup. I Googled “hospital asset management system” and there are 12 million hits, with hundreds of software systems for sale. Some track the assets automatically by radio tag like shoplifting stickers.

What would it take to list and evaluate the top five hospital assets management systems? Two months? Six months, tops? Good lord, this is 2012! Why haven’t we had this since 2000? Any damn fool knows that inventory management systems in business pay for themselves. I learned that one day when I didn’t fall asleep in business class.

Donville Inniss promises “I will no longer accept mediocrity.”

At least Inniss is honest enough to admit that for the past four years he and his DLP government have been accepting – and delivering – mediocrity.

Further Reading

Here is the news article from the Barbados Advocate that our story is based upon. We’re forced to reprint it in its entirety because the Barbados Advocate has a history of destroying its own archives and changing news stories without keeping copies of old versions.

Please go to the Barbados Advocate to read the story, and only continue reading here if the BA story is missing…

Better health records


By Tanya Lightbourne

The age-old challenge of missing patients’ notes and delays in obtaining medical reports in the public health care system must no longer persist, says Minister of Health, Donville Inniss.

“This is 2012 and we must get real! We have been talking about it for far too long,” he stressed during the handing over ceremony of new medical equipment to Warrens Polyclinic on Friday. Continue reading


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Junior Campbell: Too much Afro-centric or Euro-centric education causes racism

I am a Pan Africanist secondly: I am a Pan Humanist first

“Blacks can be as exploitative and abusive of their own people and other as any other racial group can be of their own people.

This is why the influence of my afrocentrism on my politics – when I dare to call my activism such – is secondary. I am a Pan Africanist secondly: I am a Pan Humanist first.”

Junior Campbell writes Diane Abbott no Obama at AllVoices

Junior Campbell’s latest column at AllVoices is sure to make some racist folks angry – no matter the colour of their skin. Racists like Liz Thompson, Owen Arthur, Gline Clarke, Roosevelt O. King and Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell won’t like it at all. Bob Verdun might have a problem with it too, along with Rihanna’s classmates who bullied her for being “white”.

Not to forget the despicable human beings at Barbados Underground who called murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “white trash” and refer to Bajans of Chinese and Indian heritage as “rat-catchers and mango-sellers”.

Race is always just below the surface in Barbados

As we’ve said before, in Barbados race is just below the surface on everything. You can’t blame us for that, we come by it honestly. Have a look at our history long ago and more recently and you’ll see that in Barbados race has had social and economic impact upon individuals for hundreds of years.

The questions and issues about race didn’t just disappear with our independence in 1966 ya know!

Just over a year ago Prime Minister David Thompson died and everybody with the exception of a ranting Owen Arthur paid appropriate tribute to the late PM and his family.

That was all very nice, but the BLP tended to forget that during the 2007-2008 election campaign the BLP supporters said that Thompson couldn’t be trusted because he was too white and born in England. The BLP mouthpieces warned that “whites” were voting for the DLP. Horrors!!! Even the newspapers made sly references to Thompson’s mixed race.

This is Barbados where even on a live TV debate we heard Government Minister Liz Thompson say that a “Caucasian male” had no right to complain about government actions.

Yup. Race is always just below the surface ’bout hey.

Junior Campbell’s latest is well worth your time, and whether you agree or not, he’ll make you think.

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